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Client's Feedback

Some comments from my visitor's book and email feed-back. Only the names of the clients who gave their permission are given in full. Rest have been mentioned by their initials only.

I am so pleased it is you that I found to provide my gem stone information. I had no idea I would receive a half hour consultation when I completed my online order. What a wonderful surprise and so funny because I kept telling you all I wanted was an email with the gem stone data and that a consultation was not necessary…."I'm happy"… "my life is wonderful"…"I don't have any questions". I can't thank you enough for gently encouraging me to take advantage of the 30 minute consultation that was included in the fee. It is uplifting and validating to hear information that is so accurate from the past and so encouraging for the future. The remedies you provided are an unexpected bonus. I had no idea such information existed. I am so enamored with your kindness, wisdom and knowledge that I feel as if I have known you forever. You are a truly generous and patient man and I am grateful that technology made it possible for me to find you.
I look forward to many future consultations.
Dani Aalfs
Phoenix, Arizona

Hello Rajiv,
I hope this email finds you. I realize we are in a Mercury Retrograde and communication has been a little difficult (on my end) :-)
I hope all is well. I wanted to touch base and let you know how things were going. All I can say is MUCH BETTER! I completed my 40 day mantra disciplines. I will admit I have not had the chance to complete the fire ceremony at the Hindu temple as of yet. (should still do the fire ceremony?)
However, the good news is that things have definitely shifted for the better. Starting with the tension between my sister and I has subsided and we are back to normal. I received unexpected money and even more importantly "peace of mind". For the first time in one year and half. I am not worried, anxious, fearful or depressed. I am not rich yet but I am on my way. :-) I am finally able to think more clearly and I have finally moved on from the past which was keeping me stuck. The mantra disciplines have had to help because nothing else was working. I found it hard to get up in the morning and basically was just "tired" of the way my life was going. I do believe the Lakshmi mantra helped A LOT I am aware that Abundance is not all about money and I have definitely been receiving abundance in all forms. Although money is important! The unexpected money I received is helping so much and it came right after I completed my Lakshmi discipline. A family member who recently came into a financial blessing offered me a gift. She told me no need to pay back because of all the help I had given her five years ago. It was a complete surprise and a life saver.
There is an opportunity I have known about for about six months with great potential to help me earn a great income however I did not have the funds to make it happen... now I DO!! .I just KNOW it will work for me. I feel it in my spirit. Remembering to follow my intuition as you suggested. Looking forward to getting started (after mercury turns direct) :-)
My little minor health issue has cleared up as well. I also continued to work with Gayatri, Saturn, Rahu, Moon and Sun as you had suggested some time ago. I know they all worked!! Thank you for your help, support and suggestions I finally...finally...finally feel that my life is heading in a positive direction. Baby steps! Hopefully soon I will be booking my ticket to India. :-)


Virginia, US

I happened to visit Rajiv Sethi's articles on vedic astrology, I was amazed with articles and depth of analysis. I did contact him for my personal horoscope analysis. I was very impressed with his work on vedic astrology. His analysis was very accurate. I did speak to him on phone for further advice and remedies. Overall, I would say he is one of the top vedic astrologer for birth chart analysis with excellent approach to overcome problems. I strongly recommend his services.

You can publish with initials.

Colo-rectal surgeon Australia

Hi All,
Before I talk about Rajiv Sethi Ji, I want to talk about myself. I have been very fond of Astrology since my young age say 16 years.
Reason being that that this profession/art/science or whatever you may call has been in existence for may be more 5000+ years. I really don't know but Vedic astrology still exists. So I used to think that there should be at least some thing true about this.
Reason behind this was being a young man, I wanted to know what profession I shall be taking and my general future because of insecurities coming out of mind and heart, which many of us have.
I had started showing my chart to many astrology pundits and Maha pundits since then. I don't want give their details, the number would be 20+ I guess from time to time till date including celebrity Astrologers.
Summarizing the details of which only 8 could do so far the correct reading :-

Study area Astrologers from past Rajiv Sethi

Looks 0 1 Rajiv Ji never saw me but pretty accurate
Health 2 1 But very close of how the health is and how it will be
Money 2 (Only 1 very close) 1 Pretty accurate.
Parental Relation 1 1 Very True predictions
Relation with wife 2 1 Very True predictions
Career 2 1 Very True predictions
Thinking/Mind 0 1 Very True predictions
Personality 1 1 Very True predictions
Kids 2 1 Very True predictions
Future/ past predictions 2 1 Very true predictions
Relations with siblings 0 1 Excellent predictions
Extended Family/In-laws 0 1 Excellent predictions
Summary 15 Points (for 8 Astrologers) 12(for Rajiv Sethi Ji)
Again please note that only 8 of the 20+ astrologers have been true in one or may be two areas. But if you see the reading from Rajiv Sethi Ji it's like writing my own biography. Every person knows his or her good/bad. But being so precise and picking details was so excellent.
Basically he really knows how to read charts very well. With details in his report based on planetary positions, he would explain how planets negatively placed in your chart get nullified and give you support/power/positive results indirectly. Which only few astrologers I guess understand.
The best I have met so far and I guess my research so far.
Sukirti Kakkar (SK) (Australia)

I cant tell you how great your reading made me feel! You are awesome in every sense of the word. I plan on following your advice and instructions to a T. Looking forward to a long and fruitful connection with you.
Bridgette M. Hogan
"poetry is my claim to fame, what's yours?"

Hello Mr Rajiv Sethi,

You may not recall me but I have sought your consultancy around 2000-2004 time-frame when you were associated with the Times of India. You have helped me immensely in my career front. I have had rough career since 2000, when I entered USA and struggling even now. Hence, planning to say good bye to this land forever in 2014.

However, I would like to know if I will get any job until then so that I can keep myself busy. It is hard for me to wait for 2014.

I needed your advise, as I know only you can be so precise. I have asked the other astrologers in the panel of TOI but they are not as great in predictions.

I have visited your website and found that you charge 150$ for a question. By any chance can you help me at another price ? Long back you had charged me 35 USD in US for ask a question.

I wish I had a good job to afford such fees without having you mailed like this.

Can you please suggest me if there is an alternate and affordable rate for people like us ?

Bay area CA USA

Dear Mr Sethi
Hope all is well. I would like to take the pleasure of telling any one who wants a reading with you not to hesitate at all. You are most accurate with the readings and I was especially impressed with the readings you did for my kids. When it came to my husbands and my reading, again you were 100 percent accurate. What I like about astrology readings are you are straight to the point and you give simple remedial measures which I am seeing is already working. So if any one wants to know what their future holds or if you are going through a financial crisis then please let Mr Sethi do your reading. Before I forget please get a copy of his E book on Saturn, it explains every thing you need to know. To Mr Sethi A very big thank you!

Mrs Raghubeer 
Durban South Africa

Pranam and thank you so much sir. I really, really appreciate your help.
Never before have I seen any prediction being so accurate, you are exactly right regarding the uterus; there is a cyst problem.

Thank you very much for the consultation, Sir. It was an enlightening session and, although the news about the child issue was a bit difficult for us, it was nevertheless something that we would have had to know sooner or later.

Rajiv sir, It was a fantastic session. I truly appreciate your knowledge, and thank you for your time and patient hearing given.
Vipin Kaushik

Dear Raj ~ I haven't quite explained to you how deeply precious the
knowledge that you sent regarding my chart and my insomnia was to us!!! I
have been so sick from not sleeping that I was unable to eat, move without assistance. My husband wa...s able to take the mantra sound files that you recorded and looped them in an mp3 format so I could listen to them on my iPod shuffle. I'm better now but still suffering/ perhaps more afraid than anything.
You had mentioned before that if I wore a white gold ring with 1/2 caret diamond which touches the skin when worn would alleviate some of the harsher attributes of Venus. I have no idea how to find a ring like that not to
mention having the money to have one made. Do you know a Jyotish jeweler in India who could make one for me at a reasonable price? As you know, function is by far more important than form when it comes to Jyotish Jewlery.

I consider you to be a very dear friend and times like today, I wish you
were still here where we could sit over coffee and talk about astrology.
You have been a genuine Boon to me and my family!
Namaste ~
Deborah Ogden

As per your advice I did chant seven Malas in bath tub and then use that water for bathing
I can see significant change in my skin. This is a miracle for me.
Thanks a lot!!!
Do I have do this again or one time is enough?
I keep chanting the Mantra
Thanks a lot again!

Gargi - Bangalore

I came across Mr. Rajivji Sethi's blog, while I was browsing the internet. I was amazed to read the articles about Vedic astrology particularly the remedial measures –stotras and stutis for various planets. Last week I contacted him for analysis of my birth chart. He provided a very detailed and informative analysis. And after talking to him over the phone I was very impressed with his knowledge, accuracy in reading and explaining my birth chart details with remedies. I must say that he is a great astrologer & his approach is professional.
G G – Doha Qatar

I have received Mr. Rajiv Sethi's services for the past year or so and have found him to be an accurate and insightful Vedic astrologer of the highest order. His analyses and explanations are lucid and precise without being weighed down by too much overly technical jargon, and they are often sprinkled with humor. Like the best teachers, he is able to convey difficult concepts to lay people through the skillful use of metaphors and anecdotes. Moreover, for the problem areas of one's chart, he always provides an array of different astrological remedies that the client can choose from according to their preference and available resources. I highly recommend his services.
Daniel Kim

The report and conversation I received from Rajiv, was uplifting, inspiring, and very very accurate, he is a gifted genuine astrologer.
A man truly sent from the heavens, who can offer accurate and comprehensive guidance
I would score this service based on 1-10, as a definite 15.He advised me on all areas of my life, and offered concise explanations why and when I can expect result. I am a harsh critic as a user of services, but would without question, highly recommend this experienced and accurate astrologer, to all those seeking advice in their lives. You will not be disappointed.
M. Humphries

I am writing in reference to Rajiv Sethi because I am a repeat and satisfied customer. I found his readings to be accurate, in-depth, and very professional. He gave me valuable information so I could make the right choices in some very important matters in my life.
Rajiv's readings were thoughtfully written and I believe he does a lot more than foretell the future by the arrangement of stars; he helped me to see the meaning and logic of some difficult situations. I highly recommend Rajiv's services as an expert Astrologer; he is sincere and cares about his work, and most of all, he cares about his clients.
Anita Griffin

I have received Mr. Rajiv Sethi's services for the past year or so and have found him to be an accurate and insightful Vedic astrologer of the highest order. His analyses and explanations are lucid and precise without being weighed down by too much overly technical jargon, and they are often sprinkled with humor. Like the best teachers, he is able to convey difficult concepts to lay people through the skillful use of metaphors and anecdotes. Moreover, for the problem areas of one's chart, he always provides an array of different astrological remedies that the client can choose from according to their preference and available resources. I highly recommend his services. 
Daniel Kim

Hi Rajiv Ji,
Talking to you on skype today was a very blessful journey for me. I cannot imagine that without asking any questions from you,
you detailed my problem and it was 100 percent correct. You have explained everything so rightly. I was surprised........I am very much impressed and glad that i contacted you. I am going to follow your remedies and will get back to you with my results for sure.

Warm regds

Raj ~ We can't thank you enough for our compatibility analysis!!! Though it's tough to see it on paper, it confirms many thoughts I've had regarding our peculiar union. Over 6 rough years of marriage, however, we've created common ground and are very attached to one another. In a nutshell, we have many more questions to come and I think we need to have a Yearly Report for 2010.
I consider finding you a boon! I appreciate your time and energy more than I can express! This is, of course, all very emotional for us and desperately needed!
I'm so glad you became my FaceBook friend! :)
Looking forward to the "second or third best" Muhurta time for taking our house.
Debi Ogden

Thank you very much for sparing your valuable time for a telephonic consultation today (8 Sep, 11:00 ~ 11:30). I would like to convey my sincere gratitude for the patient, detailed explanation and well meaning advise provided by your good self. I shall initiate all remedial measures as per your guidance immediately. The only deviation would be that owing to my present situation, I shall be opting for yantras in lieu of the more expensive rings (for Rahu & Guru) for the time being. Trust this will help to some extent.

Rajiv Sethi has been my advisor for seven years now. His guidance through the practice of vedic astrology has presented the awareness necessary for me to make better decisions and reach my most important life goals and intentions. In times of great difficulty, he has been able to give me proper counsel and remedial measures to either alter, shift or transform my choices to have a positive outcome. At the very minimum, he has saved me from making terrible mistakes either in love, business or personal choices. At best, he has helped me to become a better friend, healer and partner on a spiritual path. Through his careful calculations I have the absolute certainty about my life partner and I am able to apply the wisdom into my expectations of my relationship. Additionally, he has given me keen insight into how to nurture and mature this mutually fulfilling deep love relationship.
Over the passed seven years I have cultivated my talents and harnessed my energies to manifest a great job in an otherwise terrible economy.

Fortunately, I have listened to the advice of Raj, several times each time and am in the optimal position of my life. I am happy, healthy, successful in love and grateful to the core of my being.
If you want to know the truth and have a comfortable exchange with a kind, thoughtful and sincere astrologist
I would highly recommend Rajiv as I have for the past 7 years to each and every person I know.
Shanon Von Burns

WooooooooW Rajiv!!!! I am BLOWN AWAY!!!! thank you so much for giving me so much insight of where i'm standing. The description could not be more accurate!!. Sometimes you don't ever get to know yourself completely… I have a lot of hope that things would change for the better. I'm definetly going to trust, let go, and let GOD… thank you for letting me know

Dear Rajiv, You can use my initials ASR or my name Anna in Sweden, rather than a full name. I am very happy with the politeness and quick replies which gives me confidence in you as a professional. But apart from being very to the point and in my opinion you have been extremely accurate and also understanding the wholeness of veda i.e. it is not merely one of the oldest recorded wisdoms including astrology, but includes remedies and views of life as well which you are able to forward on top of a correct, brief, no fuss, to the point reading. I am grateful, thank you Rajiv Seth.
Anna - Stockholm

Dear Rajiv ji, I received my offer today from Chicago (change of location from Houston) - on 20th August. The accuracy of your predictions baffle me. Just wanted to keep you informed. Thank you for your email below and hope all is well at your end.
Vivek Garg

Hello Mr. Rajiv, I greately appreciate your detail response on my queries.
P. Pandya

I had contacted you in 1999 before you migrated to US. At that time I was being harassed from 2nd May 1999 by mischievous implication in criminal conspiracy by rival business house. The case took 5 years to settle in Apr 2004 and was dismissed as false. The prime complainant himself was assassinated in Nov 2002.
This was as predicted by you. You had said 'These allegations will fall off like dry leaves from a tree….
You may feel nothing is happening but end will be good' I have faith in your prediction. 

Col. V.C Khare (rtd)

Amazingly accurate insight and complete, clear answers to all my questions! Thank you, I will definitely be back! Thank you for your time today. I appreciate all the work you put into the chart and the support you are willing to give. Have a beautiful day!
I cannot believe how accurate my reading was. From my Personality, Education, Financial Situation, to my Relationships, Health and Profession. Spot on. I now have a positive outlook on life and thank you for giving me guidance. I will be recommending you to others.


I had a reading done by Raj and I was more than satisfied with it. He delicately unlocked the mystery behind the ancient science of astrology; he was able to unfold the mystery of my life as well. He excited a part of my soul and awakened my inner being.
I am a beliver in this form of Art.
Anna Fortenberry

Wow I must say vedic astrology is really something, I love it!! it was about 90-95% accurate.
I really loved it. I already put your website on my status. 


Excellent, very clear, accurate and powerful. Inspiring to have Mantras to assist connection to God & spirituality. Thank you. God bless you.
Maria Cairo

Excellent, clear, concise information. I am excited to continue my spiritual growth and meditation. I will rate you right up there at 12.Shary Keimach

Wow, everything was right on! I now know where to start and where things will go if I do my part right.Andrea Michele

Thank you, I have prayed for this. It helped me so much.Belen Ceniceros.

This is the best thing I have ever done for myself.Barbara

Very valuable information. I feel I have direction in my journey. I want to study more astrology. Very inspiring and lots of truth. What a gift to myself!Reyna Byler

Awesome reading! very fun, very helpful. I liked your willingness to go any direction of my questions. Rating 10.Crystal Dwyer

I absolutely loved my session with Raj, I will be back.Cynthia

Answered so many unanswerable questions. I feel more confident already.

Excellent session! Great positive info!
M. M.

Excellent grade = 12 (out of 1-10)

Excellent session! Great positive info!

You are the best!
Excellent! Will recommend you!

Very Positive experience. It all rang true!

Awesome! Great Guidance and Insight!

Thank you! You were so right about so much!Mary

Wow, it was so accurate almost to the hour. I will be back.

+10+ So much sensitivity! I look forward to what is next!

It was spiritually very uplifting and 100 percent correct. Very delightful!!! A perfect 10!!!

Enjoyed the advice given!

Excellent reading. Correctful insight. Will recommend to others.

Thank you so much for the awesome reading!

Answered many of my questions! Thank you!

This was very insightful! thanks for your advice!

Very thorough, very good!


Very satisfying and very comfortable and you gave the answers that I needed.

Fascinating on accuracy of detail. Presentation excellent! Amazing!

You are amazingly accurate! thank you!

Awesome reading! Very fun - very helpful! I liked your willingness to go in the direction of my questions.

Excellent reading. Very much who I am!

Answered so many unanswered questions. I feel more confident already!

Very Insightful and helpful. Was great information! Thank you!
M.K. of MN

Enjoyed the feedback. Explained a lot of my situation - gave me loads of encouragement!

An eye Opener and good insight into life possibilities / personalities.
P.K. of India

Wonderful session. I will look forward to meditating and growing!

Thank you so much for honest reading and spiritual guidance.

Great insight. Looking forward to the new changes! Very helpful!

This is the best thing I have done for myself!

Very valuable information! I feel I have a direction in my journey. I want to study more Astrology. Very inspiring and lots of truth. What a gift to myself!

Thank you, I have prayed for this. It will help me so much!

Awesome - very concise, comfortable and friendly.

Very much in integrity. very detailed.

Thank you for your guidance!

Awesome! Hope the "homework" works! :) thanks!

Harmonius peaceful. Very happy and content with reading.

Happy, have had this so this so young so I can make my life the best if can be! Thanks!

Very interesting. Very informative. Gained much insight into my life!

Had everything right and was very interactive. Gave me a way of changing my life!

Very clear - straight forward reading - very much information!

Very informative and useful information.

Excellent - very clear, accurate and powerful. Inspiring to have mantras and clarity to assist the connection to God and Spirituality. thank you!

Very good a rating of 10! This answered questions that got me on track… to open my mind to myself alone as to who I am.

Wow, Everything was right on! I now know where to start and where things will go if I do my part right!

Excellent. Clear. Precise, accurate, sensitive.

Excellent, clear, concise information. I am excited to continue my spiritual path of navigation. Thank you Raj! (rated a 12 out of 1-10) I can't wait to share this with my husband! Blessings to you!

I am very grateful to have been placed here to meet Raj.

Thank you very much! Great work and insights!

Thank you for your prayers, time and wisdom. Your words were /will be useful to me and family.

Excellent session! Very detailed and I am fascinated at the dates of past and present to future.

Fantastic! Very thought provoking. Thank you very much!

Insightful, enlightening. It was good to hear someone else confirm those things that I already saw in myself.
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