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Comprehensive Gemstones Report For Just Rs.2500

Refundable comprehensive Gemstones report for just Rs. 2500.00

Get a detailed report about the strength of the planets in your chart. Find out how the planets that rule over health, happiness, wealth and professional success are placed in your Horoscope. If these planets are weak, they need to be strengthened by wearing the appropriate gemstone.

This report is based on the precise strength of each planet. It also takes into consideration the ratio of the desirable/undesirable results associated with each planet. This measurement is based on a mathematical model devised by Sage Parashar thousands of year ago. Let us assume that you have Leo ascendant. The report will tell you the exact strength of Ascendant lord Sun. It will also tell you how much is this strength as a percentage of the minimum required. Finally it will tell you exactly how Sun will behave by giving the ratio of the desirable/undesirable results for Sun. Based on this knowledge, it becomes easy to know whether it is advisable to wear Sun’s representative gem Ruby or not. This is done for all nine planets giving you a very balanced view of what gemstones you need and their priority. In case you buy the gems from me this money will be refunded.

Finally the report gives you the price of each gemstone with or without the ring it will be set in. If you like the price you can buy it from me or you can buy it from any place of your choice. I give a certificate of purity from the Gemological Institute of India. If you wish I can get you the GIA - Gemological Institute of America – certificate as well but extra charges (approximately $75.00) will be added to the bill.

Order it now and get a clear picture of what gemstones to wear. Once you have this information it becomes easy to plan a purchase.
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Please call 9899589211 for payment details and fixing appointment.

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