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Astro Chat

Astro Chat Rs. Rs.6100 for sixty minutes.

Instant gratification! The quickest and painless way to know your future!!

Now just for Rs.6100 talk to a real professional! Get accurate Astrology predictions and your personalized horoscope.

This is great value for money! You can ask any number of questions for the duration of the reading

There are some critical times when you have to have the answers to your questions right away. It is at such occasions that Vedic astrology really scores over other systems of prediction. There are two ways of answering a query. One is the horary chart which is based on the date, time and place of the question asked. The other is the birth horoscope of the person asking the question. Used in tandem, these methods give a very accurate picture of what is going on, how long will it last and whether it will be favorable or not.

After our chat session, you will have a list of actions you can perform to attain your objective. Please fill in all the details below and send these to me at or

Date of birth:
Time of birth:
Place of birth:
Time of asking question:
Place of asking question:

Please call 9899589211 for payment details and fixing appointment.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Rajiv,

    I hope this email finds you. I realize we are in a Mercury Retrograde and communication has been a little difficult (on my end) :-)
    I hope all is well. I wanted to touch base and let you know how things were going. All I can say is MUCH BETTER! I completed my 40 day mantra disciplines. I will admit I have not had the chance to complete the fire ceremony at the Hindu temple as of yet. (should still do the fire ceremony?)
    However, the good news is that things have definitely shifted for the better. Starting with the tension between my sister and I has subsided and we are back to normal. I received unexpected money and even more importantly "peace of mind". For the first time in one year and half. I am not worried, anxious, fearful or depressed. I am not rich yet but I am on my way. :-) I am finally able to think more clearly and I have finally moved on from the past which was keeping me stuck. The mantra disciplines have had to help because nothing else was working. I found it hard to get up in the morning and basically was just "tired" of the way my life was going. I do believe the Lakshmi mantra helped A LOT I am aware that Abundance is not all about money and I have definitely been receiving abundance in all forms. Although money is important! The unexpected money I received is helping so much and it came right after I completed my Lakshmi discipline. A family member who recently came into a financial blessing offered me a gift. She told me no need to pay back because of all the help I had given her five years ago. It was a complete surprise and a life saver.

    There is an opportunity I have known about for about six months with great potential to help me earn a great income however I did not have the funds to make it happen... now I DO!! .I just KNOW it will work for me. I feel it in my spirit. Remembering to follow my intuition as you suggested. Looking forward to getting started (after mercury turns direct) :-)

    My little minor health issue has cleared up as well. I also continued to work with Gayatri, Saturn, Rahu, Moon and Sun as you had suggested some time ago. I know they all worked!! Thank you for your help, support and suggestions I finally...finally...finally feel that my life is heading in a positive direction. Baby steps! Hopefully soon I will be booking my ticket to India. :-)


    Virginia, US


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