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Ask A single Question – Rs.2100
Professional astrology predictions….
No birth details? No problem. Get a comprehensive answer through Prashna or Question Chart!

If you don't know your birth details, you can still ask a question based on the horoscope made for the date, time and place of your question. Please send these details when the question popped up in your mind. A horoscope is then made for the time and place provided by you. That horoscope gives answers to what ever you have in mind. The predictions are valid for a year. If you wish, your free horoscope will be mailed to you. For best results it is suggested that you ask a precise question. Instead of asking what is in store for me in the coming year, ask what is my professional status going to be, how is my love horoscope or will I be able to buy a house, car, boat etc… More precise your question, the better answer you get.

The answer to your question is comprehensive and gives all details connected to it. It also gives a time frame in which your desire is likely to be fulfilled. If the answer to your question is in the negative, that too will become known to you.

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Please call 9899589211 for payment details and fixing appointment.

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