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Thursday, May 5, 2016

How effective is Daily horoscope?

For astrology buffs getting daily predictions becomes an addictive practice. The million dollar question is, whether like all addictions; does it have any real value?

Vedic astrology which is without any doubt the most ancient method of prediction and goes back atleast twelve thousand years – if not more – gives very accurate predictions on yearly, monthly, weekly and daily basis.

Broadly speaking, a person’s horoscope is made using the date, place and time of birth. This data is used to fix the placement of planets in a chart. It is just like pointing a camera at the sky and taking a snap shot of all stars and planets.

If we really did take a snapshot it will bring in a great deal of superfluous data which we don’t need. After all we need the position of only nine planets. It is for this reason that a chart has twelve houses and nine planets in Vedic astrology.

When we want to fix a point on the earth, we need the longitude and latitude of that place as accurately as possible. When we want to fix a point in time we use Dasha or period of the planet in operation and along with it we use the position of the transiting planets.

Let us understand this with an analogy. If I simply say that I am in my home, I am not giving complete information about myself. If I also provide the place in the home occupied by me, I am clarifying my position a lot more. My place in bed room, dining room, living room, toilet or my small garden gives an accurate assessment of my activities and frame of mind.

By using the placement of the planet in the birth chart in tandem with the current position of the same planets in the sky very accurate predictions are made. Daily horoscope is not a biggie for Vedic astrology.

In an individual chart it is very possible to find what to expect on a daily basis because we have the exact data of Dasha and Transit. In an article published in a magazine it is impossible to provide any true information. In absence of an accurate birth chart only generalizations can be made. These may be sweet sounding but are definitely inaccurate.

Ninety percent of predictions made in press or media are based on solar horoscope signs, which firmly put them in the realm of pure fiction. It is for this reason that they resemble white candy floss. There is too much volume, very little substance.

Honestly speaking, daily horoscope also called ‘Horoscope For Today’ should provide real and quality content and not fictitious assumptions. Alas it is done every day and will continue to do.

Vedic astrology is a combination of science and art and in the hands of an expert a very reliable method of prediction. It gives not only the general trends operating in a person’s life but also gives exact date and time to start something new.

If you are planning to start a business, considering relocation, getting married or something equally momentous, do give it a chance.

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