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Friday, April 1, 2016

Love prospects for Scorpio ascendant

The seventh house rules over relationships and marriage in a birth chart. The strength and tendency of the seventh lord decides to a great extent the extent of happiness available to a person.

The Rashi (sign) falling in the seventh house in the case of Scorpio ascendant is Taurus which is ruled by Venus. If Venus is strong and favorable, the partners will be attractive, sexy and elegant. This happens because Venus is a planet of beauty, refinement, elegance and sophistication.

Venus becomes exalted in Pisces and if placed in the fifth house gives excellent results. The person gets married early. The partner in such a case is from an affluent and well to do family. The spouse is mature and an asset to the native. Since Venus is a female planet and placed in the house of children, her tendency will be to give predominantly female issues.

Venus should not be placed in her Neech sign, nor should she be influenced by Rahu or Ketu. Weakness of Venus will deny children. If severely afflicted, the issues to the wife will be through adulterous conduct.

Venus placed in the twelfth house will give adulterous conduct on the part of native as the seventh house of relationships and the twelfth house of sexual activity are both rules by Venus and the Mool Trikon Rashi (primary sign) falls in the twelfth house.

For male Scorpio, Venus becomes the Karak or significator of wife. The fact that Venus becomes the seventh house lord and Karak simultaneously means that any malefic effect on Venus will have deleterious effects on the health of the wife.

For females, Jupiter becomes the Karak for husband and male children. A strong Jupiter will give excellent results pertaining to husband and sons. In addition to this since Jupiter is the lord of second and fifth houses, he will bring a good deal of wealth and a strong ability to give sound advice to their husbands. Exalted Jupiter will lift both male and female Scorpios from a humdrum existence to prominence. Jupiter owns the second house which is the eighth from the seventh and gives a healthy and long life to the wife.

Scorpio born will benefit from propitiation of Mars, Venus and Jupiter.A five carat blood red coral in a silver ring on the ring finger of the right hand will prove very beneficial. Jupiter can be boosted by wearing a five carat Yellow Sapphire in a gold ring on the index finger of the right hand.

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