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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Love prospects for Aquarius Ascendant

The seventh house in a horoscope relates to male female relationships. The strength of the seventh house and seventh lord reveal a lot of information about love prospects of an individual. The green portion of the horoscope given here is the seventh house which is occupied by Simha Rashi (Leo).

Leo people are kingly, ambitious, avaricious, warm hearted, cheerful, optimist and purposeful individuals. They like art, literature and music. There is a desire for order and clarity which leads them to have clean and spotless surroundings. They are stable, not easily dissuaded, serious, powerful and an expert tactician. They are a loyal friend and display qualities of alertness, and fearlessness. Wealth comes easily through business or agriculture. The lovers and partners of Aquarius Ascendant will generally display the qualities mentioned above.
If Sun is strong, the partners will be successful and somewhat inflexible. Sun placed in the seventh house will be very helpful. Strong Mercury will make the life partner really wealthy. Mercury placed in the fifth or eighth house will be financially very beneficial. Such a placement of Mercury will also give long life to the Aquarius Ascendant. It will also promote the affairs of the children

For males Venus becomes the Karak for marital happiness. Venus placed in the fourth house will prove highly beneficial. Its effects in the ninth house will be somewhat subdued. Should Venus be placed in the second house in the chart the married life will be happy and luxurious.

For female Aquarians, Jupiter becomes the Karak for husband and male children. Jupiter placed in the second or eleventh house will give excellent results in every way.

Aquarians should wear royal blue sapphire, Yellow Sapphire and diamond for best results.

What is written above is applicable to female charts as well.

In the next Blog Love prospects for Pisces ascendant.

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