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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Love prospects for Libra Ascendant

Libra is a remarkable Ascendant in as much as that two most malefic planets Saturn and Mars become favorable. Saturn, because he becomes a Yog Karak and Mars because he rules over the seventh house which is a Kendra house and so becomes neutral.

The seventh house rules over the male female relationships and if the house and its lord are strong, there is happiness in relationships and marriage.

If Mars is placed powerfully in the chart, the person will be wealthy and powerful. His partner/s will also be long lived and powerful. This happens because for Libra Ascendant, Mars becomes the lord of the second house of wealth and power. The partner will be powerful because Mars becomes the eighth lord for the seventh house and so represents longevity.

Mars in the fourth house will create a powerful Ruchak Yog and bestow all sorts of benefits for both people. To the native he will give fine houses, luxury vehicles, and happiness. For the partner he will bring pinnacle of success as the Yog will be forming in the tenth house from the seventh.

If Venus is well placed and well associated, it is a double boon for the Libra males. On one hand she makes them healthy, attractive and prosperous, and on the other hand she gives a healthy sex life which is the bedrock of a happy marriage.

For the females, even though Jupiter owns two bad houses – third and sixth – his results are not bad at all. Jupiter in the third or sixth house will give good results. The husband will be wealthy, charitable and able to produce male children. This is important as the fifth lord Saturn is a neutral planet.

All people born under Libra will benefit hugely through the propitiation of Venus, Mars and Saturn. A solitaire of atleast half carat worn in a silver ring on the middle finger of the right hand will prove highly beneficial.

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