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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The eighth house in a Vedic astrology chart- the bog where even the elephants flounder Part-II

Continuation of the previous Blog.......

Results of the eighth lord in different houses

Eighth lord in Lagna: Heavy debts and lack of money. Misfortune dogs his every step. If eighth lord is weak and placed in the 6, 8, 12 house in Navansha, the problem is greatly reduced. If the eighth lord is extremely afflicted the person will suffer bodily complaints such as disease and disfiguration. Wittingly or unwittingly one becomes the target of superior officials as well as the government.

Eighth lord in second house: Eighth lord in the second house with second lord brings in troubles of every nature. It gives eye and dental problems. One eats unhealthy, tasteless and putrid food. The domestic life is full of discontent and quarrels. There is no mutual understanding between him and his wife leading to separation. If longevity is good, there is serious illness. If the eighth lord is in sixth, eighth or twelfth from Lagna in the Navansh Kundli, the intensity is greatly reduced.

Eighth lord in third house: eighth lord in third causes ear problems and deaf ness may result. There is misunderstanding with siblings. There are fears and mental anguish. There are imaginary problems and hallucinations. Debts mount up and become problematical. If another malefic planets joins the eighth lord, the suffering becomes unbearable. If the eighth lord combines with the sixth or 12th lord in third, benefic results may result. There may be a windfall through a bestseller or through a sibling.

Eighth lord in the fourth house: If the eighth lord joins the fourth house, there is no mental peace. Domestic bickering, and financial problems increase. There are huge problems connected to real estate and vehicles. The live stock and pets suffer and die. A malefic planet joining this combination may force him to seek his fortunes abroad where he may face even more problems. Reverses in profession and displeasure of superior officials is also likely.

Eighth lord in the fifth house: Eighth lord in fifth house gives troubles connected to children. They may commit a crime and invite situations where the reputation of the native is threatened. Children may fall sick and suffer. If the affliction to the fifth lord is heavy, the child may die soon after birth or he may cause much grief due to an incurable disease or mental retardation. The native may develop misunderstanding with his father. There is also ill health. There may be nervous break down or mental aberration. The placement of the eighth lord in the sixth, eighth or tenth house in Navamsa chart greatly reduces the problems. A conjunction of the eighth and fifth lord will cause similar problems.

Eighth lord in sixth house: If the eighth lord joins the sixth house a Raj Yoga results. Material affluence, fame and acquisition of desired objects take place. Since sixth house is the house of disease, ill health is also usually there. Affliction to the eighth lord results in loss of wealth through litigation and theft. If the eighth lord is strong, he overcomes his troubles, emerges victorious after defeating all opponents.

Eighth lord in seventh house: This placement curtails longevity. Wife suffers ill health. Affliction to the eighth lord results in sickness to the native. He may be forced to go abroad where he meets with problems. If both lords are strong he will travel to foreign countries on diplomatic assignments.

Eighth lord in the eighth house: If the eighth lord is strongly placed in the eighth house, the native lives long and enjoys happiness. He acquires lands, conveyance, power and status through good Karma done in past lives. A weak lord will not give good results but will not cause any real trouble either. The father of the native dies or passes through some crisis. Affliction to eighth lord causes failure in one’s undertakings; he adopts shortcuts leading to losses. 

Eighth lord in ninth house: If the eighth lord is placed in the ninth house with malefic planets, the parental property is lost. Misunderstandings with father arise. If Sun is afflicted, the father may die during the period of the ninth lord. If the eighth lord is conjoined with benefic planets he gets his father’s property and the relations with father are harmonious. A weak ninth lord causes hardship and miseries. The presence of the eighth lord in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house in the Navamsa chart reduces the extent of bad results.

Eighth lord in tenth: The native has a slow progress. There are obstacles. His merits go unnoticed. He may come to use deceit and unrighteous methods to attain his ends. One may suffer poverty. If the second lord is afflicted and involved, the reputation suffers because of involvement in huge debts and inability to pay them back. The eighth lord placed in 6, 8, 12 houses in Navamsa chart greatly reduces the problem. Eighth lord in tenth may give an unexpected legacy on account of the death of elders or superiors.

Eighth lord in the eleventh house: Eighth lord in eleventh with the eleventh lord causes trouble to old friends. Elder brother passes through a bad time, relations with him are strained or he may cause much anguish by his unscrupulous actions. Business suffers and debts result. If benefic planets influence this combination, there are troubles but the person gets help from friends and elder brother.

Eighth lord in twelfth: A Rajyoga, if benefics join the eighth lord, unfavorable results are likely. Treachery of friends results in many problems and grief. Losses and unexpected expenses are likely. If eighth lord is in twelfth and 12 lord is placed in the trine or quadrant, the native will gain in spirituality. Some post of authority with all the attendant benefits will be thrust upon him. He may head a Monastery or Ashram. If afflicted by malefic planets he will do vicious acts like rape, counterfeiting currency covertly.

To be continued.......


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