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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The eighth house in a Vedic astrology chart- the bog where even the elephants flounder

The eighth house resembles a bog
The eighth house in a Vedic horoscope represents death, dishonor, adventures, foreign travels, sea voyages, scrotum, destruction and longevity. Losses, accidents, death, legacy, wills, insurance policy, money of spouse or business partner and profession of friends also fall under the domain of the eighth house. Drowning, suicide, natural or unnatural death, miseries, misfortunes, worries, privation, delay, dejection, disappointment, defeat, blame, ill repute, wrong actions and theft are also represented by the eighth house. In addition to this, journey abroad, sea and river crossing, fighting enemies, gratuity, fire, debt, difficulties in journey, corruption, fear from the enemies, hill, lost property, evil and clandestine deeds are all seen from the eighth house.
The eighth house along with fourth and twelfth house is the house of Moksh or freedom from the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.In many ways it resemples a bog where evn elephants lose their way.
The sixth, eighth and twelfth houses in a horoscope are called Duhsthanas or the houses where the placement of a planet usually gives adverse results. The lords of these three houses also act like malefics and create hindrances in the smooth functioning of the house where they are placed or which they influence by aspect, conjunction or exchange etc. 

Exchange Yoga forming with the eighth lord
An exchange yoga with the lord of the eighth house is especially bad as it completely negates the potential of the house which makes the Yoga. For example in a horoscope with Virgo Ascendant, the eleventh house is occupied by Cancer. If Moon goes to the eighth house and Mars to the eleventh, it constitutes an exchange Yoga which will make it very difficult for the person to earn money. Mars becomes the lord of the eighth and third lord (which is the eighth from eighth) and becomes especially bad because of his ownership of two houses which cause obstacles in making money. Such a Mars in eleventh will bring earnings to a grinding halt. If other Dhan Yogas are missing, one faces poverty for sure. At the same time placement of Moon in the eighth house will also achieve the same result. This is however an extreme case. The mere placement of Mars in the eleventh will also be detrimental to earnings though the results will be less severe. Even if Moon is strong in Paksh Bal and placed with a powerful benefic like Mercury, Venus or Jupiter, the earnings will remain restricted.
Transit of Mars through Aries and Cancer and will cause financial and health related issues for such an individual. He will also suffer from weak shoulder joint.
Incidentally an exchange Yog of the eighth and eleventh lords will be bad for the elder brother if any. Either there will be no elder brother or there will be unhappiness caused by him.

How do different planets fare in the eighth house?
The house lords of all houses except third, sixth eighth and twelfth house usually give unfavourable results. Some planets however do give good results in the eighth house. Let us examine each planet’s placement in the eighth house.
Sun in eighth house: One is active and has a sacrificing nature, respects the priestly class, is sickly, talkative, sexy, resides in foreign lands, and has defective eyesight in the tenth year.
Moon in eighth house: If Moon is in a malefic sign or with malefic planets, this placement causes early death or Balarisht. If full Moon is in the sign of Jupiter, Venus or Mercury, the cause of death will be disease like bronchitis. The person is very intelligent and will have vehicles. One should be wary of watery places. One may be separated from relations because of his wife.
Mars in eighth house: If debilitated, one’s death may be due to drowning. If placed in Jupiter Rashis, he has comfortable life. Hands and feet have a bluish hue. Suffers from diseases, is short lived, suffers from urinary disease, rheumatism, shooting pains etc. This placement of Jupiter renders married life unhappy.
Mercury in eighth house: Gives a person a very truthful nature, one has an attractive face and charming appearance, and destroys enemies. Usually Mercury gives good longevity. One is honoured with titles in the 35th year, and is famous and strong. This placement gives real estate as well as easy access to whatever he desires. Somewhat low vitality is likely. Afflicted Mercury gives low moral values and the native will destroy himself through sexual passions. Phlegmatic and wind disorders are also likely. (Kaf and Vaat disorders)
Jupiter in eighth house: Makes one Interested in pilgrimage and holy trips. One is clean hearted but of an unstable mind. Usually poor and physically weak, he may have no wife but is always interested in Yoga. If Jupiter is in his own or exalted sign, the native is long lived, free from diseases and a saintly person. He is learned and well versed in Shastras. He will be short lived and do undesirable activities if malefics join Jupiter. If Jupiter becomes the eighth lord, has benefic association, and is posited in eighth he will be long lived. If the eighth lord is weak the life will be short. Afflicted ninth lord will give illicit relations with widows after the 17th year. The position of Jupiter in eighth is not good. Base acts, poverty and ailments will be there. Jupiter loses all his Karakatwa (significations) here like high values, morals, good health, money and social respect. In a female chart this position of Jupiter is very bad. She is discarded by her husband, be devoid of virtue, faces distress and has poor health. She will have stout hands and legs.
Venus in eighth house: Becomes interested in religion, has eyes spaced wide, is long lived and is fond of consuming meat. This placement gives wealth, long life and real estate. He is usually very happy and gets unexpected legacies. In the male chart, the placement of the karaka for marriage in a secret house gives secret relationships with other women. Disease and humiliations on account of women are also likely.
Saturn in eighth house: Suffers from eye disease. Low or mean person will kill him or be the cause of his death. One may suffer because of theft. He is unclean, suffers from hemorrhoids, is poor and cruel and is intimate with low class women. One is also likely to suffer from sores in anus, intestines etc. One can have cancer if Saturn has the same degree as the Lagna lord. If eighth lord has bad position, conjunction or aspect, he will be short lived. If own house or exalted Saturn in the eighth house gives a full span of life.
Rahu in eighth house: One is always sick and involved in sins. He is narrow minded and adulterous. In addition to this he is fearless, a thief, discontented, coward, wealthy and detached. He is prone to rheumatism. Generally lives up to 32 years. Position, conjunction or aspect of benefic planets will give 45 years. Strong eighth lord in Cancer increase the life span to 60 years. 
Ketu in the 8th house: Suffers from hemorrhoids, danger from vehicles, difficulties in getting wealth, Ketu in Scorpio, Virgo, Aries, Taurus and Gemini gives wealth. Possibility of injury from a weapon exists throughout life. 

To be continued.... 

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