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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Narendra Modi's future in 2016 and 2017. Part-II

In the last blog we examined Narendra Modi's future in 2016 and 2017 based on his birth chart. In this Blog we shall examine his oath taking chart as the PM of India and see what is revealed for years 2016 and 2017.

According to this horoscope,Narendra Modi is running the Maha Dasha of Lagna Lord Venus until end of the present term. Let us explore this Dasha.
Venus is placed in the seventh house in Aries along with Ketu. Venus aspects Lagna where her own Rashi Libra is situated and makes it very strong. Venus is strong in Shadbal and highly beneficial. Her placement in the seventh house of public relations indicates that public support to the government will be unflinching. In the Navansh chart, Venus is placed in the eleventh house with exalted Sun and indicates that the government will gain the support of the governing system or the bureaucracy. It also means that the bureaucratic means of bypassing the parliament logjam will be successful. Sun is the lord of the third house of communication. His placement in the house of gain points to very effective use of media in reaching out to people.
In the Dashamsha chart also, Venus is connected to exalted Sun in the tenth house. The government will rule justly and without any partiality. 
The first Antar Dasha is of Venus herself and runs until 6/4/2016. This is a good period to start the new term. Despite the politically charged and vitiated atmosphere, significant headway will be made in making India strong and prosperous. 
The next Dasha is of Sun and shall run from 6/4/2016 to1/4/2017. Sun becomes the eleventh lord in the chart and is placed in the 8th house. This placement is deceptive because Sun is exalted in Navansh as well as Dashamsh charts. The Isht/Kasht ratio of Sun is 50.68/9.32. This period will be quite productive though full of turmoil (Sun is after all placed in the eighth house). The combined opposition will block every move of the government to carry out its policies. Sun represents the government and is exalted in Navansha.Despite opposition the government will be successful in its attempts to carry its will forward. 
Elections in UP
The elections will most likely be fought in the Venus-Moon period. Moon becomes the lord of the tenth house and is placed in the seventh house where she makes a beautiful Yoga with Lagna Lord Venus and Yog Karak Saturn. Combative Mars aspects its Mool Trikon Rashi from the twelfth house and makes it powerful. This power gives extra energy to Moon. In Shadbal, Moon gets 118% of the minimum required strength. The Isht/Kasht ratio of Moon is 31.36/28.64. Moon is mildly powerful.
In the Moon chart however, things are much better. Here the tenth lord Saturn is placed powerfully in the seventh house. The lord of the fourth house Moon which represents the masses is placed in the ascendant with Lagna Lord Mars. BJP/NDA should be able to give a tough fight to Samajwadi Party and wrest a significant victory.
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