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Monday, February 8, 2016

Happiness Through Yoga!

After remaining dormant for a long time, Hatha Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in the world especially in the west. Its main attraction is as an alternative to strenuous and intensive exercises. Millions of us now practice it. Few realize that its origin lies in the Hindu or Vedic philosophy which is the only scientific way of attaining self realization within a life time.Vedic philosophy mentions the existence of two more bodies within our physical body. These are called astral body, and the causal body.

Causal or ideational body is the blueprint of the human body in the thought form. It is made up of five electricities and is the dream idea of the creation that surrounds us. Each of the five electricities pertains to one of the five senses and is different in nature from each other. It is because of the different nature of these electricities that our brain is not confused by the impulses coming from different senses. When we eat a mango the inputs of smell, taste, texture and color are registered as distinct sensations. There is no confusion in the brain about any of them. If each sense was sending the same electric impulse, our brain will have a hard time deciphering this information. At present our technology can sense and measure only electrons so we know only one type of electricity which is the flow of electrons through a conducting medium like a copper wire . Four more electric currents already exist but our technology is unable to sense and measure these just as the viruses have always existed but were unknown before the invention of the electron microscope. According to Vedic philosophy the subtle differentiation of these electricities will be discovered in the near future.

Sooksham Sharira (Astral body) is electromagnetic in nature and is composed of fifteen segments or attributes. It also has the mind and intelligence. Five of these attributes are related to five organs of senses, five more are related to the five organs of actions and the last five to the five objects of the senses. The thought or dream form of the causal body assumes a more distinct form at this intermediate stage. These attributes of organs of senses, action and objects of senses (Gyanaindriya, Karmendriya and Tanmatra) are the skeletal system around which the three dimensional world takes shape. This is as true of the earth as that of the most distant galaxy.

Our physical body envelopes the astral body, which in turn surrounds the causal body. Our soul which is a spark of God resides with in the causal body. There are thus three casings or layers of causal, astral and physical body on the soul. As a matter of fact the soul is imprisoned there and the whole concept of Moksha and emancipation revolves around the freedom of spirit or soul from first astral and then causal body.

This scheme of things can be explained by the following example. Lets us say that I want to build the house of my dreams and I have unlimited money at my disposal to do so. Now, I know exactly what I want. I want five bed rooms, a large living room, five bath rooms, a big kitchen, a swimming pool, a porch, a large garden and so on. I picture the house in my mind and when I have visualized every detail I go to an architect to put my dream house on paper. He constructs everything - on paper. The building, the wiring, the plumbing is all there. Every detail is worked out. Everything I wanted in my house now exists – on paper. I am now ready to build. At this stage I take the blue print to the builder and ask him to convert the blue print to reality. The builder takes six months and a large sum of my money. At long last my dream house is a reality.

To be continued.....
Rajiv Sethi

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