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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Astrology of Travel Abroad and Migration - Is it a Boon or a Curse?

Expectation of resources drives migration in men and beasts
Expectation of resources drives migration in men and beasts
To the human mind, the distant pastures always appear greener. Most of us therefore hanker after far away destinations. Since independence,the westernized and educated elite have tried to migrate to the west where they think the utopia exists. Whether they find what they seek and whether they are able to adjust to foreign lifestyle, customs and mores is totally another thing.
                In this article we shall astrologically examine the factors that determine movement of a person from the place of birth to another country.
The fourth house in a birth chart signifies the house, home and hearth of an individual. The eighth house signifies journey overseas. The ninth house rules over the good fortune due to past life Karma, the tenth house indicates success in profession and the twelfth house signifies the foreign land, foreign people, foreign culture etc. Influence and afflictions of these houses and house lords tell the story of how a person will fare in life. A relationship formed between the twelfth house of foreigners and the other house mentioned above gives a pointer to travel abroad and permanent settlement there.
                   The eighth house represents travel overseas. Placement of the eighth lord in the twelfth house indicates travel abroad and settlement there. The placement of the ninth house lord in the twelfth house indicates that one would travel abroad and may settle there for a while. Same is true of the fourth house and its lord. A Yoga between fourth house, its lord and twelfth house and its lord indicates a permanent stay in a foreign country. Placement of the tenth lord in the twelfth house usually indicates success in a faraway place. Lagna Lord in the twelfth house gives identical results.
The real possibilities of foreign settlement are best gleaned from the birth chart. If you wish to settle abroad you might want to have your chart examined by an expert astrologer.
                 Most people when they consider migration to another country, only look at the glitzy life style that they have seen in movies. The reality abroad is often very different. Very few people are able to adapt it in their life style. This is the reason why most Indians end up forming small "Little India" groups and socialize amongst themselves. This is good as far as it goes but there are other factors that they can not reconcile themselves to. The difference between parent child relationship in India and in the west are huge and glaring. The average age at which girls and boys become sexually active in US is twelve years and less. Very few Indian parents can live comfortably with that. The complete freedom that an average American kid desires and gets is unthinkable in Indian context. Migration is a weighty resolve and must be thought through before implementation. It often is not a boon that it appeared to be.

Rajiv Sethi
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