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Monday, February 22, 2016

Can Arvind Kejriwal become the prime minister of India?

Arvind Kejriwal used the Anna wave brilliantly to capture the seat of CM in Delhi.
 He then resigned to fight against Narendra Modi for the Lok Sabha seat from Varanasi. He was soundly defeated by a margin of Three hundred thousand votes. He then fought another battle for the CM ship of Delhi in 2015 and won sixty seven out of seventy seats in the assembly elections.
He currently rules over Delhi as its chief minister. In this Blog we shall examine his horoscope in detail to see if he is the horse for the course or just a flash in the pan. Horoscope details have been taken from popular Blogs on the internet. I take no responsibility for the veracity of the birth details.

The birth Lagna is Taurus which makes him stubborn, ambitious and proud. The mind is sharp and personality magnetic. Arvind is authoritarian and loves to rule. Personally, there is a great appetite for good food. He loves the comfort of his home. Krittika the Nakshatra under which he was born makes him a very intelligent person. This also makes him fickle minded and he changes his views and utterances frequently. One of the biggest problem with Krittika born is their tendency to flit like a butterfly from one idea to another. Goals change every so often and actions are taken without due forethought. Boredom with the work in hand becomes their main enemy. They dislike even a little encroachment on their ego and freedom.

Any relationship that impinges on their ego will not last long. 
When examining a politician's chart, it is always a good idea to examine the Lagna, second, fourth and tenth houses. The Lagna because it gives an idea of the person's character and determination. The second house because it pertains to the ruling power, the fourth because it rules over masses and the tenth because it the house of king and governance. Let us examine all these house sequentially.

Lagna is fairly powerful with a Bhavbal of 470 units. Lagna lord Venus is also fairly strong with 120% of the minimum required strength. Venus is however not very beneficial; its Isht/Kasht phal ratio being 13.93/46.07. This points towards some lingering health issue.

The second house
The second house has a Bhavbal of 446 units and is adequately strong. Second lord Mercury is however weak in Shadbal and gets only 90% of the required strength. Mercury is slightly beneficial but unable to give full results because of its weakness. The other house that Mercury rules is fifth and pertains to children, speculation and ability to give sound advice. Arvind will sustain losses in stock market, will have less than complete happiness from children and will drop the ball when when it comes to advising others. The mind is sharp and brilliant but Rahu in eleventh and Ketu in the fifth are completely unhelpful. Incidentally it also puts a question mark on Arvind's financial situation. It is nowhere as good as it appears to be.

The Karak for second house is Jupiter. He rules over eighth and eleventh houses and his placement in the fourth house is a cause of worry. Jupiter barely makes the grade and does not support the quest for high office. As the eighth lord placed in the fourth house he causes domestic bickering, and financial problems. There are problems connected to real estate and vehicles. The live stock and pets suffer and die.

The fourth house
The fourth house represents the masses and their support. A strong fourth lord helps with the support of the common man. Fourth house is very strong and ensures the support of general public. Fourth house lord Sun is also powerful and beneficial. The Dasha-Bhukti running during the run up to his first election was Jupiter-Venus-Saturn. It was the tenuous nature of the three planets involved that gave him a fractured mandate. The period immediately following it was Jupiter-Venus-Mercury. Mercury as said above is weak and led to his resignation on 14/02/2014.

He fought against Modi in April 2014 and was trounced soundly by a margin of 3.37 Lakh votes. This too was in the closing phase of Jupiter-Venus-Mercury period.

He fought his second election for Delhi assembly elections 7/2/2015 and won handsomely. The period running at that time was Jupiter-Sun-Ketu. As mentioned above, Sun and fourth house are both strong and beneficial. This gave him a total victory. Congress and the BJP were routed in the polls.

The tenth house
The tenth house is the bug bear of this chart as it is very weak with just 363 units. Its lord Saturn is Neech and placed in the twelfth house. Saturn attains Neechbhang but his presence in the 12th house is not good at all. Some people might point to the Vargottam nature of Saturn but still does not allow a rise to a preeminent position on the national scene.

Arvind has a powerful chart for a middle level player. There are however serious question marks over attainment of top position of the PM of India. The current period operating in his chart is Jupiter-Moon until 5/8/2016 and then Jupiter-Mars until 7/7/2017. Things will be rosy in the Moon sub period but serious problems will be faced in the Jupiter-Mars period. Bad health or injury is not ruled out.

Relations with media and public are likely to be affected. From 25/1/2017 to 18/3/2017 and then from 25/10/2017 to 27/12/2017 is a very vexing time for Arvind Kejriwal. Jupiter-Rahu Bhukti runs during this phase and will induce him to make very bad and emotional decisions which will prove costly in terms of public support and adulation.The events that happen during these phases will decide his political future.

Rajiv Sethi
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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Can Rahul Gandhi ever become the PM of India?

Rahul Gandhi for past few years has been the proverbial honey drop around which most of the media keeps buzzing. Some do it because they are paid to, some others because they are curious and then there are others who want to understand the reality of the man. Here is an astrological analysis of the man, his capability and the range of his flight to success.
The following chart is based on an Indian express report filed by Khaled Ahmed. Here is an excerpt. "Holy Family Hospital, which is celebrating its diamond jubilee, has meticulously maintained medical records in its yellowing registers. Started in 1953 by missionaries, the hospital has witnessed the births of Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi. Both have been identified as “baby Sonia Gandhi” in hospital records. Sonia Gandhi, then 23 years old, gave birth to Rahul on 19.6.1970 at 2.28 pm."

At the outset I would like to list the good points of the chart.
Lagna and Jupiter are Vargottam
Mars and Venus fall in Pushkar Navansha, though Mars is combust. These are powerful factors that help him a great deal.
The tenth house, its lord and Karak (Significator)
The tenth house contains Cancer. It has a Bhav Bal of 583 units, and its lord Moon is placed in the third house which happens to be the sixth from it. In the Navansha chart, Moon goes to the seventh house. Moon is pretty strong with full Pakshbal and slightly beneficial. The Lagna, the third house and tenth house are connected by the placement of their lords. The tenth lord is placed in the third house where he gives the following results as given in classics."The native travels frequently on journeys connected to profession. The siblings will be very helpful." In the Navamsa chart, Moon is placed in the seventh house which happens to be the fifth from where it is placed in the Birth chart. Jupiter aspects Moon and makes a Gaj Kesri Yog. This is a positive feature that helps with the ruling powers.The 64th Navamsa from Moon happens to be Cancer. Rahu traverses it from 8/9/2017 to 27/10/2017. This would prove to be a vexing period for Rahul Gandhi. He should be on his guard against injury and scandals. From birth Moon, this transit will take place over the 8th house.
Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Sun are the Karak planets of the tenth house. We shall mainly consider Sun as it the natural Karak for the King, Kingship and governance.
Sun is very powerful and beneficial and placed in the ninth house. As the eleventh lord he bestows a large paternal fortune and good fortune in life. He gives houses, vehicles and every conceivable luxury. It makes one a truth lover and spiritual. The strong placement of Sun is a good prop in his quest for becoming the PM of India.
The second house, its lord and Karak.
The second house rules over speech, food, ruling powers and extent of academic achievements. The second house gets 362 units of strength and is decidedly weak. Second lord Mars is not strong and weak in the Isht/Kasht ratio. Neech Saturn and Rahu both aspect Mars making it mostly unhelpful.
Mars rules over speech as well and this explains why Rahul is a bad orator and prone to fumble for words. Mercury, which represents intellect, eloquence and problem solving ability is also unfavorable and responsible for the gaffes that he often makes. It also explains his poor academic record. A life devoid of a steady and fruitful relationship/ marriage is also revealed by the adverse Mars.
Planet Jupiter is the Karak for the second house and has 130% of the required strength. Jupiter is Vargottam strong and beneficial. He takes up the slack created by weak Mars to some extent.
Rahul Gandhi is basically a nice and kind person and not given to cheating at the personal level. His chart however does not have the power to elevate him to a kingship. His inability to analyze complex situations and communicate with the masses are the main stumbling blocks. The fifth house of giving sound advice to his subordinates is vitiated by the presence of Rahu and a Neech lord Saturn. It is not for him to make a team and lead it to victory. He will never become the PM of India.
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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Narendra Modi's future in 2016 and 2017. Part-II

In the last blog we examined Narendra Modi's future in 2016 and 2017 based on his birth chart. In this Blog we shall examine his oath taking chart as the PM of India and see what is revealed for years 2016 and 2017.

According to this horoscope,Narendra Modi is running the Maha Dasha of Lagna Lord Venus until end of the present term. Let us explore this Dasha.
Venus is placed in the seventh house in Aries along with Ketu. Venus aspects Lagna where her own Rashi Libra is situated and makes it very strong. Venus is strong in Shadbal and highly beneficial. Her placement in the seventh house of public relations indicates that public support to the government will be unflinching. In the Navansh chart, Venus is placed in the eleventh house with exalted Sun and indicates that the government will gain the support of the governing system or the bureaucracy. It also means that the bureaucratic means of bypassing the parliament logjam will be successful. Sun is the lord of the third house of communication. His placement in the house of gain points to very effective use of media in reaching out to people.
In the Dashamsha chart also, Venus is connected to exalted Sun in the tenth house. The government will rule justly and without any partiality. 
The first Antar Dasha is of Venus herself and runs until 6/4/2016. This is a good period to start the new term. Despite the politically charged and vitiated atmosphere, significant headway will be made in making India strong and prosperous. 
The next Dasha is of Sun and shall run from 6/4/2016 to1/4/2017. Sun becomes the eleventh lord in the chart and is placed in the 8th house. This placement is deceptive because Sun is exalted in Navansh as well as Dashamsh charts. The Isht/Kasht ratio of Sun is 50.68/9.32. This period will be quite productive though full of turmoil (Sun is after all placed in the eighth house). The combined opposition will block every move of the government to carry out its policies. Sun represents the government and is exalted in Navansha.Despite opposition the government will be successful in its attempts to carry its will forward. 
Elections in UP
The elections will most likely be fought in the Venus-Moon period. Moon becomes the lord of the tenth house and is placed in the seventh house where she makes a beautiful Yoga with Lagna Lord Venus and Yog Karak Saturn. Combative Mars aspects its Mool Trikon Rashi from the twelfth house and makes it powerful. This power gives extra energy to Moon. In Shadbal, Moon gets 118% of the minimum required strength. The Isht/Kasht ratio of Moon is 31.36/28.64. Moon is mildly powerful.
In the Moon chart however, things are much better. Here the tenth lord Saturn is placed powerfully in the seventh house. The lord of the fourth house Moon which represents the masses is placed in the ascendant with Lagna Lord Mars. BJP/NDA should be able to give a tough fight to Samajwadi Party and wrest a significant victory.
Rajiv Sethi
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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Narendra Modi’s horoscope in Year 2016 and 2017 - Part I

Undoubtedly, Narendra Modi is the most popular prime minister that India has seen since independence. His popularity ratings in the media and internet hover around 74%. What is remarkable is that the loss of Delhi and Bihar state assembly elections has not dented his image as a highly capable and honest man.              To ascertain how 2016 will treat Narendra Modi we shall examine his birth chart and the oath taking ceremony charts. Let us take the birth chart first. A majority of competent astrologers take his birth details as 17/09/1950 at 11.00 in Mehsana Gujarat. The following chart results from this data. The year is taken to be of 360 days as enjoined by Maharishi Parashar.

Moon has a Shadbal of 100.09% and is fairly strong. She is how ever placed in her Neech Rashi Scorpio and is also weak in Pakshbal. Moon gets the Neechbhang as she is in a Kendra with her depositor. The problem of low Pakshbal remains. The ratio of the desirable/undesirable results for Moon is 12.34/47.66. Vimshopak Bal for Moon is 13. Moon is also the ninth lord placed in Lagna and as such suggests that the individual will be a self-made and become successful through his own efforts. Since the ninth lord combines with the Lagna lord in Lagna, Mr. Modi has been fortunate with power, riches and happiness.
Saturn becomes the fourth lord and is nicely placed in the tenth house with seventh lord Venus. Retrograde Jupiter aspects both Venus and Saturn. The depositor of Saturn – Sun is placed in the eleventh house with exalted eleventh lord Mercury.
Saturn is strong with Shad Bal of 130%. His ratio of the desirable/undesirable results is 22.11/37.89. His Vimshopak Bal is 10. As the fourth lord placed in tenth house Saturn denotes political success. This placement of Saturn destroys enemies and makes him famous. The Antardasha of Saturn ends on 11/10/2016.
In the Panchdha Grah Maitri chart, Saturn is friendly to Moon and Moon is neutral towards Saturn. This means that the results will not be unfavorable.
Rahu aspects the tenth lord Sun and eleventh lord Mercury from fifth house. Every time a Bhukti of Rahu or Sun operates there will be a determined effort by the opposition to undermine his authority. The aspect of strong and beneficial Jupiter however will not allow a major headache. The placement of fourth lord representing the masses in the tenth house ensures that the people in India will keep supporting him in elections. Mercury is powerful and extremely beneficial.
The Dashamash Chart 
 In the Dashamsh chart The Lagna lord is placed in Lagna itself. Even though Mars is placed in his Neech sign Cancer he remains a Yog Karak for this Lagna according to Parashar. The tenth lord in the Dashamsh Kundli is Mars and placed strongly in Lagna in Janma chart. This shows success through dedication and a strong desire to follow the right path. This also shows a steady and smooth success. The presence of the fourth lord Venus governing common man, comfort and happiness in one’s work is placed in the seventh house of associates and public relations. Modi’s popularity amongst masses will remain high. Moon-Saturn and Moon-Mercury Dashas will prove to be very beneficial.

Despite all the smoke and mirror effects generated by the combined opposition, and their determined efforts to stall the forward march of Narendra Modi, he will remain unconquered. The apple cart may wobble a bit but will not be upset. The third lord Saturn in the tenth house indicates brilliant use of the media to take the wind out of the sails of the combined opposition.

UP assembly elections
Assembly elections in UP in 2017 fall in Moon-Mercury period in Narendra Modis chart. Let us take a close look at Mercury as well. Mercury is 100% strong in Shadbal and ratio of his Isht and Kasht Phal is 57.37/2.63. Mercury is thus an unalloyed benefic in his chart. Vimshopak Bal of Mercury is 18 in his chart. Mercury is exalted and conjunct with tenth lord Sun. It is certain that his results will be sparkling in terms of political dividends.
BJP/NDA will be quite successful in grabbing enough seats to make their own government. BSP may be wiped out. SP will certainly see serious attrition of its power and cadre.
                        The year 2016 is bad for the middle eastern Muslim countries. Widespread unrest and bloodshed is more than likely. This is a long drawn out struggle which may spill over into 2017 and beyond. At the end of it, Saudi Arab, Bahrain, Egypt and Qatar will be left without a viable economy and without a vestige of strength to influence the middle eastern politics. The sun is about to set on these countries.This is the content of a separate blog by itself and will be dealt at a later date. These developments will affect how the Indian voter votes in a big way. The intransigence of certain very vocal but otherwise ineffective Muslim leaders will be decimated.
Summing up, 2016 will prove to be a year of consolidation for Narendra Modi. 2017 will be the year to expand on the foundation already buit up. The pace of his reforms may be hastened by the outcome of the bloodshedding and mayhem in Middle east. Decimation of Saudi power will usher a new era of peace in this hapless part of the world.
In the next Blog we will examine how the Oath taking ceremony horoscope impinges on the chart we have discussed above.

Rajiv Sethi

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How does astrology work?

Inspired by Swami Sri Yukteshwar Ji.

Besides our flesh and bones body that we see everyday, Vedic philosophy mentions the existence of two more bodies within our physical body. These are called astral body, and the causal body.

Causal or ideational body is the blueprint of the human body in the thought form. It is made up of five electricities and is the dream idea of the creation that surrounds us. Each of the five electricities pertains to one of the five senses and is different in nature from each other. It is because of the different nature of these electricities that our brain is not confused by the impulses coming from different senses. When we eat a mango the inputs of smell, taste, texture and color are registered as distinct sensations. There is no confusion in the brain about any of them. If each sense was sending the same electric impulse, our brain will have a hard time deciphering this information. At present our technology can sense and measure only electrons so we know only one type of electricity which is the flow of electrons through a conducting medium like a copper wire. Four more electric currents already exist but our technology is unable to sense and measure these just as the viruses have always existed but were unknown before the invention of the electron microscope. According to Vedic philosophy the subtle differentiation of these electricities will be discovered in the near future. Sooksham Sharira (Astral body) is electromagnetic in nature and is composed of fifteen segments or attributes. It also has the mind and intelligence. Five of these attributes are related to five organs of senses, five more are related to the five organs of actions and the last five to the five objects of the senses. The thought or dream form of the causal body assumes a more distinct form at this intermediate stage.

These attributes of organs of senses, action and objects of senses (Gyanaindriya, Karmendriya and Tanmatra) are the skeletal system around which the three dimensional world takes shape. This is as true of the earth as that of the most distant galaxy.

Our physical body envelopes the astral body, which in turn surrounds the causal body. Our soul which is a spark of Param Bramha resides with in the causal body. There are thus three casings or layers of causal, astral and physical body on the soul. As a matter of fact the soul is imprisoned there and the whole concept of Moksha and emancipation revolves around the freedom of spirit or soul from first astral and then causal body.

This scheme of things can be explained by the following example. Lets us say that I want to build the house of my dreams and I have unlimited money at my disposal to do so. Now, I know exactly what I want. I want five bed rooms, a large living room, five bath rooms, a big kitchen, a swimming pool, a porch, a large garden and so on. I picture the house in my mind and when I have visualized every detail I go to an architect to put my dream house on paper. He constructs everything – on paper. The building, the wiring, the plumbing is all there. Every detail is worked out. Everything I wanted in my house now exists – on paper. I am now ready to build. At this stage I take the blue print to the builder and ask him to convert the blue print to reality. The builder takes six months and a large sum of my money. At long last my dream house is a reality.

The house took shape in three distinct stages. In the first stage it existed only as a thought pattern. An electrical impulse in the brain is all what it was. The consciousness of house existed but it could not be felt by the five senses. This was the causal body stage of my home.

In the second stage my house consciousness took a more visible shape. Everything I wanted was constructed on a sheet of paper. The house existed but not in the physical form. It was in an intermediate stage. This was the astral body stage of my house.

Finally in the third stage, the builder converted the blue print to reality and I had a home that I could see, touch and feel. This was the physical body stage of my home.

This whole creation is a dream of Param Brahma or universal spirit. There is nothing real to it. What appears to be tangible to our senses is in reality a frozen form of energy, which is held in place by the will of Param Brahma. Scientists have a problem with this conception as their intellect can only operate with in the three dimensional world and can not accept the existence of anything which cannot be measured and reproduced. It is only now in the post Einstein and the quantum physics era where neither measurement nor reproduction of an experiment is possible that the modern scientist is dimly grasping the existence of a divine intelligence.

The physical world is essentially inert matter. The life force and movement that we see all around us comes from the astral world. This is as true of the dancing electrons as of a singing bird. The subtle forces of the astral world which animate our world themselves draw energy from the still finer forces of the causal or ideational world. These fine and subtle forces are the vibratory thought emanating from the consciousness of Param Brahm. We know it more popularly as Aum.

The whole of the creation is totally dependent upon the life forces emanating from the causal and astral bodies. The physical body is created and sustained by the astral body which supplies the life current called Prana to the fertilized egg, nourishes it and makes it grow into an embryo and eventually into a human being. Without the nourishing energy coming from the astral body and without the intelligence of the causal body telling the cell when to subdivide and how, the living creatures will not sustain life.

At the time of death only the gross body which is a heavy overcoat of flesh and bones dies. The soul-causal body-astral body combination being pure energy is indestructible and goes to the astral world only to be born again and again.

This combination is like a computer hard disk drive and records every thought and deed performed by us in this life. Our brain acts like a computer chip and sends a continuous stream of data pertaining to our actions to this hard disk of our astral body. This record is not destroyed at death because it’s electromagnetic in nature. This sum total of our record becomes the script for our next incarnation and plays out as we take birth and grow. Astrology is a science, which decodes this script and is therefore able to predict future.

Put very simply it’s like a movie recorded on a DVD. The beginning, the middle and the end are all present in the DVD but become active only when it’s placed in a player. The three dimensional world is then akin to a player which simply plays what we wrote for ourselves in our past lives.

In a DVD the future of a story can be known by fast-forwarding it. Astrology also fast forwards using precise tools and lets us know what is going to happen to us.

To predict future an astrologer uses Vedic astrology to cast a horoscope and then examines the twelve houses and the planets populating these. Each planets has something to say about the future. It is much like a jigsaw puzzle. Combining everything, a composite picture of a person's past present and future emerges.

Since our future is based on our past actions, it can be modified by our present actions and this gives rise to very interesting possibilities. By adopting certain measures we can lessen the impact of our negative action in the past. These measures work principally by generating vibratory energy through repetitious chanting of a mantra. The energy thus radiated erases the script at the point where a past Karma is likely to cause trouble. A major accident can be reduced to a small one. A huge financial loss can be limited to the loss of a few hundred dollars. The vibratory structure of the creation is modified by deliberately produced vibrations. The ancient sages have left a treasure trove of mantras to achieve every end that a person can think of.

Thus not only Vedic astrology predictions tell us what is in store for us, it also shows us a way out of our problems. There is no other predictive science in the world that comes even close to it. 

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Monday, February 15, 2016

The astrology of cancer Part – II

Continuation of the previous Blog

It has been seen in 60% charts of cancer patients that Saturn and Mars were in mutual aspect . In most of these charts, the signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces along with Libra were afflicted by malefics. Of these Libra and Scorpio which are the signs of debilitation of Sun and Moon were especially involved. It seems that affliction of these two signs somehow triggers growth of Cancer.

In a majority of cases, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were in a Yoga through aspect, conjunction and placement in each other’s sign. Jupiter represents glandular growth and spread and the influence of Mars and Saturn on him causes abnormal growth of certain type of cells.

Sun is the father of the solar system. The Neech placement of Sun in Libra, and further afflicted by placement in Trik houses (6, 8, 12) was found responsible for cancer. The union of Neech Sun with Trik Lords, Mars and Saturn played a leading role.

In 100% of the cases, union of Saturn, Rahu, Mars or Ketu through placement or aspect on the eighth and ninth Navamsa which happens to be Capricorn and Aquarius was the cause of cancer.
The Rog Saham in all charts was afflicted by Malefic planets.


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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Vedic astrology and cancer Part - I

What is cancer?
Cancer is a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body. This growth may manifest as a lump or tumor. In all types of cancer, some of the body's cells begin to divide without stopping and spread into surrounding tissues. Cancer can start almost anywhere in the human body, which is made up of trillions of cells.

Cancer according to Ayurved
In Ayurved, cancer is known as Karkat and is believed to be caused by an unnatural life style. Increased use of processed foods and food preservatives is a leading cause of Cancer. Excessive load on the digestive system is also responsible to a great extent in the spread of the disease as it causes the toxins to spread in the body through blood. These toxins accelerate the abnormal growth of certain body cells leading to malignancy.

Astrology of Cancer
Cancer is a slow and stealthy disease and is directly connected to slow moving malefic planets like Rahu and Saturn. Rahu is considered to be a major contributor and his union with a house, house lord and the Karak of that house often leads to cancer in the part of body connected to that house.

For example if the second house or its lord are afflicted by Rahu and Saturn, the Karak Jupiter is weak and badly placed in sixth eighth or twelfth houses, the part connected to the second house – the mouth – can become cancerous.

The lord of the sixth house rules over disease. If this planet is placed in the Lagna, eighth or tenth house and makes a union with Rahu, it indicates the possibility of cancer. Rahu’s aspect or presence in 6, 8, 12 houses and the lord of the Trik houses uniting with the Bhav, Bhavesh and Karak of causes cancer in the part connected to that house.

·Different planets act as Karak or significator for different houses. For example, Affliction of Sun indicates cancer of digestive system and brain.

·Afflicted Moon causes Leukaemia and breast cancer.

·Mars gives cancer related to bone marrow, uterus and reproductive system

·Mercury causes cancer of nose, navel and mouth.

·Jupiter produces cancer of ears, tongue, liver and thigs.

·Venus gives cancer of reproductive system

·Saturn that of gums legs and hands. If Saturn and Mars are connected in some way and Saturn is also connected to the eighth house, possibility of cancer increases.

To be continued…………

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sri Lanka are favorites in the India Sri Lanka T 20 match 14th February 2016 at 19.30 Pm

India and Sri Lanka play their third and final T-20 match in VDCA Stadium today. In a keenly contested match, Sri Lankans are favorites and most likely to win the game.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hanumanthappa Survival - Yoga Plays a Role.

Lance Naik Hanumanthappa Koppad's miraculous survival in an avalanche in Siachin glacier is the talk of the nation these days. He was trapped under thirty five feet of snow in -45°Celsius temperature for five days when an avalanche hit an Indian Army post in Siachen at an altitude of 19,600 feet. He battled high altitude pulmonary and cerebral oedema which basically means accumulation of fluid in lungs and brain. He also suffered from hypothermia which is the loss of body heat and leads to frost bite. He also faced lack of oxygen known as hypoxia.

The remarkable thing about him is not that he survived but the fact that he was in command of his abilities throughout and neither lost hope nor clear thinking. He was acutely conscious of the need to draw attention to himself so he kept making noise by banging together some gear in the tent that he was trapped in.

Imagine being trapped in pitch darkness with nothing but snow all around you. Imagine too losing all sense of up, down right or left. Most of us feel claustrophobia when stranded in a lift but this remarkable man kept his cool and did not panic.

Not many people know that Hanumanthappa was a Yoga instructor in the army and it was this that helped him a great deal. By daily practice of Yoga the body becomes strong and the mind becomes stable and rooted to reality. Yoga also helps a person to master his breath. Although the pocket of air that was trapped around him was big it was not limitless and certainly did not have oxygen for five days. It is quite likely that control of breath and meditation kept his mind and body strong. It must be remembered that statistically his chances of survival were zero.

Extreme cold and altitude have caused medical problems in his lungs and brain. He is battling for life in the best army facility in India in New Delhi. The prayers of the whole nation are with him and they cannot fail. The final decision however is in the hands of God.  All I can say to Hanumanthappa is “Bravo, very well done. You are in inspiration to millions who fight their daily battles against their problems.”

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Astrology of Travel Abroad and Migration - Is it a Boon or a Curse?

Expectation of resources drives migration in men and beasts
Expectation of resources drives migration in men and beasts
To the human mind, the distant pastures always appear greener. Most of us therefore hanker after far away destinations. Since independence,the westernized and educated elite have tried to migrate to the west where they think the utopia exists. Whether they find what they seek and whether they are able to adjust to foreign lifestyle, customs and mores is totally another thing.
                In this article we shall astrologically examine the factors that determine movement of a person from the place of birth to another country.
The fourth house in a birth chart signifies the house, home and hearth of an individual. The eighth house signifies journey overseas. The ninth house rules over the good fortune due to past life Karma, the tenth house indicates success in profession and the twelfth house signifies the foreign land, foreign people, foreign culture etc. Influence and afflictions of these houses and house lords tell the story of how a person will fare in life. A relationship formed between the twelfth house of foreigners and the other house mentioned above gives a pointer to travel abroad and permanent settlement there.
                   The eighth house represents travel overseas. Placement of the eighth lord in the twelfth house indicates travel abroad and settlement there. The placement of the ninth house lord in the twelfth house indicates that one would travel abroad and may settle there for a while. Same is true of the fourth house and its lord. A Yoga between fourth house, its lord and twelfth house and its lord indicates a permanent stay in a foreign country. Placement of the tenth lord in the twelfth house usually indicates success in a faraway place. Lagna Lord in the twelfth house gives identical results.
The real possibilities of foreign settlement are best gleaned from the birth chart. If you wish to settle abroad you might want to have your chart examined by an expert astrologer.
                 Most people when they consider migration to another country, only look at the glitzy life style that they have seen in movies. The reality abroad is often very different. Very few people are able to adapt it in their life style. This is the reason why most Indians end up forming small "Little India" groups and socialize amongst themselves. This is good as far as it goes but there are other factors that they can not reconcile themselves to. The difference between parent child relationship in India and in the west are huge and glaring. The average age at which girls and boys become sexually active in US is twelve years and less. Very few Indian parents can live comfortably with that. The complete freedom that an average American kid desires and gets is unthinkable in Indian context. Migration is a weighty resolve and must be thought through before implementation. It often is not a boon that it appeared to be.

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