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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How to Make Saturn Your Friend - Things we should know!

Saturn is one of the most important planets in Vedic astrology. He is a malefic planet, but when he becomes a Yog Karak, he has the capacity to single handedly lift a person from mediocrity to a high status.

Saturn aspects the third, the seventh and the tenth houses from where is placed in the birth chart. All these houses suffer to varying extents from his separation causing tendency. The damage doesn't stop here; all the houses that fall in the sixth house from birth Saturn and the houses aspected by him also suffer losses. At any given time eight houses become affected by Saturn.

The same effects continue when Saturn transits the zodiac. With every house he transits eight other houses become affected. Saturn transiting through the fifth and the eighth houses causes significant losses; and most people become worried at the prospect of coming Sade Sati (the 7½ year transit of Saturn through twelfth, first and second houses.)

Saturn is a planet that brings home our bad Karma to us. He confronts us with what we did in past lives so we may learn appropriate lessons from it. There is not a single event that can happen without Saturn's permission and Jupiter's blessings. Unless Saturn illuminates a house with his gaze in unison with the aspect of Jupiter, results of that house can not come to pass.

Saturn's tendency to cause problems in the daily life of humans is the subject of many anecdotes in the Hindu pantheon. Puran and Upanishad (ancient texts) of Hindu philosophy contain many Mantras, Stuti and Stotra (hymns) that provide relief from the ill effects of Saturn. The ceremonies and chants connected to pacification and propitiation of Saturn are scattered all over the Hindu literature.

Now here is a definitive book on Saturn that brings all the pieces together in a composite whole. It is written in a simple to read language which can be understood easily. This is a list of what the book contains.

  • Saturn's origin.
  • All popular stories connected to Saturn.
  • Relationship of Saturn and astrology
  • Results of transit of Saturn through different houses
  • Results of transit of Saturn through different Rashis (signs)
  • Results of Saturn Maha Dasha (major period of Saturn)
  • Every conceivable Mantra, Stuti and Stotra connected to Saturn in original Sanskrit with their transliteration.
  • All known rituals to alleviate the pain of Saturn
  • Saturn Yantra
Everything is covered in great detail and explained with appropriate pictures. It is a must read book that will give you a precise idea of what you are dealing with when some one says you have Saturn trouble in your chart.

I will not assert that this book is miraculous, but I will certainly make this claim, if you pick up even one remedial chant given in this book and follow through with it diligently, you shall feel a huge relief in your life. It will bring happiness, prosperity and contentment in your life. Failing relationships will slowly regain momentum and the harried look on your face will be replaced by a contented smile.

These remedies have been used for thousands of years and they work.

An excerpt from the book

Results of placement of Saturn in twelve houses

 The results given below are generalized and indicate the tendency of Saturn to act in different houses. These are not set in stone and will be altered by the placement of other planets in the horoscope which may accentuate or alleviate what Saturn intends to do. A verbatim and literal application can produce wrong results.

Lagna, ascendant or the first house

 The first house stands for everything pertaining to birth. It represents the color and stature of the body, and also represents wealth, honor, status and life span. It stands for the self of human beings and is used to determine the source of livelihood.

Lagna Saturn gives favorable results only for Libra and Aquarius ascendants. For other signs the results are mixed and usually unfavorable. Foreign customs are easily assimilated. If Saturn is unafflicted, or aspected by benefics, there is much consideration for the welfare of others. Self confidence is well justified. Moral stability is quite marked. The nature is calm, grave and serious. The body is weak and thin. Progress in any project is slow but sure. There may be some aversion for shouldering responsibility.

 Saturn in Lagna makes habits inactive. The subject is able to drop any habit through will power. Losses through negligence or letting an opportunity escape are possible. Childhood is unhappy due to some reason. Such a person is usually withdrawn and an introvert. He is adamant, shy, selfish and somewhat greedy. He does not trust people easily, and his religious beliefs are different from those held by majority. Lagna Saturn also gives self confidence and a desire to help people at large. The person easily adjusts to foreigners and foreign languages etc. Marriage is usually delayed. Saturn placed in fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius gives an outgoing nature but also makes one aggressive.

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Friday, February 13, 2015

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