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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Why is Libra the most successful Lagna in Vedic Hindu Astrology? Part II

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In the previous Blog we discussed the house owner ship of the twelve houses for Tula or Libra Lagna (ascendant). In the present article we shall see how these planets give their results in the light of rules laid down by Maharishi Parashar. These rules are given below.
1. When a planet owns the second or the twelfth house, and along with it another house; the results given by it will not pertain to the second or the twelfth house but be connected to the other house ruled by that planet. What does it mean? Let us take the example of the second house for Tula Lagna. Mars becomes the owner of the second as well as the seventh house. He shall therefore give the results pertaining to seventh house only. Similarly Mercury, who owns the ninth and the twelfth house, shall give his results connected to the ninth house alone. This rule holds true even though the Mool Trikon Rashi of Mercury falls in the twelfth house. The strength or weakness of Mars and Mercury will mainly boost or deflate the seventh and ninth house only. If Moon or Sun owns the twelfth house, the good or bad results will be dependent on their strength and placement.
2. A planet owning the Kendra houses 1, 4, 7, and 10 becomes neutral. If a malefic, he does not give adverse results and if a benefic he gives neutral results.
3. Planets owning the fifth and ninth houses give uniformly good results; this is irrespective of whether they are benefic or malefic.

4. Planets owning the third, sixth and eleventh houses become malefics. Eleventh lord becomes bad for health but not for wealth.
5. Sun and Moon are not tainted by the ownership of eighth house.
Let us now apply these rules to the nine planets and see what we get.
Sun becomes the lord of the eleventh house and if strong gives much gain from the government. This happens because sun is a royal planet and a confirmed representative of the ruling elite. The eleventh house is the eighth from the fourth and so represents the longevity of mother. A strong sun will ensure her long life.
This house also represents the elder brother, so he too will rise well in life, provided that Karak (significator) for elder brother Jupiter is also strong.
If Sun is however weak, afflicted and ill placed, gains will be adversely affected. In addition to this wife’s digestion will suffer as eleventh is the fifth house from seventh. The wife may also suffer from uterus trouble if the eleventh house is also afflicted.
Broadly speaking though, the lordship of the eleventh house by the royal planet Sun is very favorable for Tula Lagna.
Moon rules over the tenth house and like Sun, she too is a royal planet. A royal planet ruling over the house of governance and peak performance is extremely favorable for Tula Lagna.  Strong Moon greatly enhances the tenth house. If placed in the eleventh house she gives a high status and professional excellence. Similar results though somewhat weakened will accrue if moon is placed in the fourth house. 
Mars rules over the second and seventh house - Both are houses of death - but following the rules mentioned above he will give results relevant to the seventh house only. Mars is a malefic planet and a potent killer, but the sign falling in the seventh house is Aries. Mars thus becomes a neutral planet. It is this neutralization of Mars that works so well for Tula Lagna. Should mars be placed in the fourth or the seventh house, his results will be excellent. The strength of Mars has a direct bearing on the longevity and general health of the life partner.
Since Aries is falling in the seventh house, it is quite easy to see that it becomes the Lagna for the life partner. Any planet and house which is weak will create problems in that part of the partner’s body which is ruled by that planet. Mars placed in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house will be detrimental to the health of the partner.
Mercury rules over the ninth and twelfth houses; both represent spirituality. Mercury also represents ‘Lord Vishnu’ and it is for this reason that he becomes imbued with spirituality, ethics and selfless service to society. Mercury placed in Lagna or linked to Lagna Lord Venus makes a person very spiritual.
Jupiter becomes the lord of the third and sixth houses; both are houses of scarcity and insufficiency. If placed in the eighth house, he gives a great deal of money due to Vipreet Rajyog. According to Bhavarth Ratnakar, Jupiter is a beneficial planet for Tula Lagna and his aspect on the second house promotes a lot of wealth.  
Venus rules over the two houses of longevity; the Lagna and the eighth house but as the Mool Trikon Rashi falls in the Lagna her results are mostly beneficial. Venus should not be weak or afflicted as that would have a direct bearing on health and life span.
Saturn rules over the fourth and fifth houses and becomes a powerful Yog Karak. The most malefic planet thus becomes most beneficial for Tula Lagna.  If strong, he bestows power and affluence. In addition to this he gives high class intelligence and an illustrious son who proves lucky for the native.
Saturn also gives a strong liking for amusements of all kind and one spends money freely on cinemas, concerts, theme parks, casinos etc.
It thus becomes clear that all malefic planets lose their malfeasance for Libra Ascendant while the benefic remain benefics. Additionally the two royal planets become the rulers of the house of profession and house of gains. It is this that makes it the most successful Lagna of all.

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