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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Why is Libra the most successful Lagna in Vedic Hindu Astrology? Part I

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Starting with Mesh or Aries and ending with Meen or Pisces, there are twelve zodiac signs in Hindu astrology. Each of these signs is ruled by a planet which is called Rashi Pati or sign lord. Sun and Moon own one sign each while all other planets own two Rashis or signs.
The following list giving planets against the signs makes it clear. Aries-Mars, Taurus-Venus, Gemini-Mercury, Cancer-Moon, Leo-Sun, Virgo-Mercury, Libra-Venus, Scorpio-Mars, Sagittarius-Jupiter, Capricorn-Saturn, Aquarius-Saturn, Pisces-Jupiter.

Of the nine planets mentioned above, Jupiter and Venus are benefics, while Mars and Saturn are malefic planets. Sun is taken to be a stern task master or a cruel planet. Moon can be beneficial or malefic depending upon how far she is from the Sun. The farther she is the more beneficial she becomes. Mercury is neutral and gives the results of the benefic or malefic planets he associates with.

Let us now analyze the house ownerships for Libra ascendant based on what has been written above. The first house representing self, health, body structure and personality is ruled by the prime benefic Venus. Venus also represents the 8th house of losses, accidents, death, destruction and dishonor. Foreign travels, legacy, wills, insurance, and drowning are also represented by this house. In addition to this suicide, natural or unnatural death, miseries, misfortunes, worries, privation, delay, dejection, disappointment and defeat all fall under the domain of the 8th house.

The second house representing family, education, face, food, wealth and ruling powers is owned by Mars. Mars also owns the 7th house of male female relationship, private parts, semen and its use, impotency etc.

The third house of self initiative, leadership, brothers, friends, arms, communications etc. is ruled by Jupiter; who also rules the sixth house of enemies, injuries, theft, violence and fear from thieves.

The fourth house ruling over mother, mind, property, and vehicles as also comforts, progress, lungs, chest, and the masses in general is ruled by Saturn. Saturn also rules over the fifth house of progeny, power to advise, the emotional nature, romance, amusements and amusement parks etc. The belly, and in female charts the uterus also falls under the domain of the fifth house.

The ninth house of good fortune, spirituality, father, pilgrimage, favors from the government etc, is ruled by Mercury. Mercury also rules over the 12th house of expenditure, wastage, over use, losses and separation. Enjoyment of luxuries, sexual union and sleep also fall under the 12th house.

The tenth house for Libra ascendant is ruled by the royal planet Moon and under its domain fall the government, ruling powers, professional status and dignity. Fame, ambition, promotion, employer, superiors, pilgrimage and honours from the government also fall under this house.

The eleventh house ruling over income, victory in litigation, speculation, pleasure, prosperity, easy gains, dawn of fortune, gold, adopted children and step children is ruled by the father of all planets Sun. Sun gives excellent results if placed in this house.

In the sequel to this Blog we shall use some dicta laid down by Maharishi Parashar and apply these to the chart.

To be continued……

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