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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How will Saturn's transit through Libra affect you?

Saturn will enter Libra on November 15, 2011 at 14.28 hours and it will be a momentous event in every one’s life. For next thirty months Saturn will slowly transit through this sign. Libra is Saturn’s sign of exaltation and Saturn’s significations find their best expression in this sign.

Saturn acts as a channel that brings our past life Karma – both good and bad – to us. Since the planet is transiting his sign of extreme power, the Karma channeled to us will hit us with great force. The good results will be munificent and the bad ones excruciating.

The results of this transit are determined through the Moon chart which is nothing but the birth chart where the Moon sign replaces the birth ascendant. The rest of the signs fall sequentially. For example if Moon is placed in Scorpio, then Scorpio becomes the ascendant in the Moon Chart and the signs following, Sagittarius, Capricorn etc. are copied verbatim from the birth chart. The transit results of all planets are primarily seen from the Moon Chart.

Some simple tools are used to quantify the good and bad results of transiting Saturn. The first of these is the Charan or the feet of Saturn as he enters a house during the transit. Depending upon the fruitfulness of the visit the Charan are termed as Gold, Silver, Copper or Iron. The following table will make it clear. Paya is a synonym for Charan.

Shani Charan Vichar
Transit position


1st, 6th, 11th from Janma Chandra
Strained relations with extended family, financial drain, false accusations.
2nd, 5th,  9th from Janma Chandra
Gains of/from real estate, smooth relations with extended family, gains from government.
3rd, 7th, 10th from Janma Chandra
Receipt of happy news, success in all spheres, gains from government, financial prosperity.
4th, 8th, 12th from Janma Chandra
Domestic troubles and unhappiness, Losses in business and profession, unsound health and strained relations with relatives. Enemies create troubles.

Let us use this table for the first Rashi Aries. Saturn enters Libra which happens to be the seventh sign from Aries. From the table we see that Saturn has the feet of copper, and this transit bestows generally good results. All this will happen, but will be tempered by the Dasha Bhukti running in the horoscope at the time. The results will be augmented or weakened by the trends of the planetary period.

There is another method which uses the Nakshatra position of Saturn to gauge his results. This is more accurate as Nakshatra is a smaller segment and one can monitor the changes as Saturn moves ahead.

Find out the Nakshatra that Saturn is currently in, and calculate its distance from the Nakshatra where Moon was at birth. Then look at the result corresponding to that number.

This table is according to the rules laid down by Sripati. Some other scholars have different views.

In the mouth Peace and prosperity
In the anus
Fear of ill health, anxiety and fears
In the eyes
Anxious mind but success in all ventures
On the head
Gains, happiness and gain of status
In the arm pits
Gain of health, peace and happiness
On the Right hand
Worry, mental tension
Both feet
Physical distress
On the Left hand
Auspicious events, happiness, gains

Let us see how this is done. Let us take a horoscope where Moon is placed in Ashwini Nakshatra in Aries. On 15th November as Saturn enters Libra he will be placed in Chitra Nakshatra. Chitra when calculated from Ashwini happens to be the fourteenth Nakshatra. The table shows that from 14-17 Nakshatra the results show worry and mental tension, and these will prevail in some measure.

The results of the above two tables may seem at variance with each other but a closer scrutiny will clear the fog. The first table pertains to the two and a half year period while the second one to smaller segments of time. Saturn is constantly moving and the results will keep changing with his motion.
Generally speaking, the effects of transit Saturn are adverse during his movement through the fifth and the eighth house. Let us analyze this in greater detail.

Saturn is a planet of separation and his association or aspect on a planet or a house tends to separate a person from the things associated with that house. In the case of the transit through the fifth house, the presence of Saturn in the fifth house of children, speculation and stomach/uterus creates a problem to all these issues. Children’s health and welfare becomes a concern, and speculation of all sorts leads to losses. One suffers from wind related complaints in the stomach. In the case of women, uterus may become a problem area, and if pregnant, great care is warranted.

The third aspect of Saturn falls on the seventh house of relationships and tends to destabilize it. If married, a person will have a turbulent time. A live in relationship will capsize during this period if the Dasha Bhukti is also adverse.

The seventh aspect of Saturn falls on the eleventh house of financial gains and tends to separate a person from income of all sorts. Financially this becomes a tough time.

The tenth aspect of Saturn falls on the second house of wealth and savings and tends to deplete the bank account. Credit cards are maxed during this phase and there is a steady attrition of the bank balance. Sound sleep becomes a stranger as one gropes for a solution to make ends meet.
In the case of Saturn’s transit through the eighth house, If Saturn is not the lord of the house; this transit causes disease and accidents.

In this case, the third house aspect of Saturn falls on the tenth house and creates a wobble in the professional and social status. The seventh aspect falls on the second house of wealth and causes depletion and attrition of credit card credit and bank balance. The tenth house aspect falls on the fifth house and creates problem identical to those mentioned above. All in all this is a vexing transit.

The discerning reader will at once ask the reason for variance between what has been written here and the results given in the first table given above. The answer is that both will manifest, and the net results will be an amalgam of the two. Life is after all a patchwork quilt of varied past Karmas stitched together.

There is another feature which needs to be considered here and that is house ownership of Saturn in the birth chart, as this too influences the net effects of the Saturn transit.

In a given chart, Saturn will be a neutral, beneficial Yog Karak or inimical planet. If he is beneficial, his exalted transit in Libra will increase his beneficence. For example for Aries ascendant, Saturn placed in the seventh, fourth or the fifth house is considered beneficial. Because Saturn is transiting the sign of his exaltation, this benefit will manifest even more for the next thirty months. Same is true for malefic Saturn. These results need to be assimilated with those obtaining elsewhere.

In the next Blog we will take all signs from Aries to Pisces and assess how each sign is affected.

Rajiv Sethi

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