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Thursday, October 20, 2011

How is Saturn’s transit through Libra for you? – Taurus

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The transit of Jupiter in Aries and Saturn in Libra is a rare event that happens only once in 360 years. The last time it happened was when the British were setting up shop in India. In 1650 Gabriel Boughton an employee of the East India Company obtained a license for trade in Bengal. An English factory was set up in 1651 at Hugli. We all know what happened after that.

The accepted practice while delineating the effects of planetary transits is to consider these from the birth Moon. It is true for Saturn as well. I am however giving the results of the combined transit of Jupiter and Saturn from the birth ascendant also, and this needs some clarification. 

Jupiter opposite exalted Saturn is always a momentous event because Jupiter who represents the divine law gets in a sign exactly opposite to Saturn who delivers justice. Since Saturn is transiting the sign of scales and is exalted, the justice is fair, just and complete. It is for this reason that I am giving the transit effects of these two planets both from the ascendant as well as the Moon sign or Rashi.

Taurus ascendant 

For Taurus ascendant, the third house aspect of Saturn falls on the eighth house and causes some health issues but these are resolved easily. The eighth house also comes under the aspect of Jupiter in Aries and painted by the combined energies of two massive planets indicates some changes connected to this house. Foreign travel, death, dishonor and scrotum fall under the domain of the eighth house. Depending upon the placement of planets in the horoscope and the Dasha Bhukti in operation, one or more of these effects will manifest. Those desiring travel abroad may find the going easier.
The seventh aspect falls on the twelfth house and promotes prosperity by curtailing expenses.
The tenth house aspect falls on the third house and gives interesting results. The third house is the eighth house from eighth and hence represents poverty. Saturn’s influence thus promotes wealth.
Jupiter is at this point of time is transiting the twelfth house and the sixth as well as the twelfth houses are energized due to the combined energies of Jupiter and Saturn. Both of these thus become ready for a change. Innocent people who have been framed and are languishing in prison will have relief as new evidence is unearthed proving their innocence. Those who have somehow escaped the law will now find a secure place behind the bars.

Relief from some chronic disease is likely for those who have been suffering for long. This may happen as new drugs and procedures are invented. 

Jupiter is a planet of spirituality and twelfth house represents the after world. This transit of two major planets thus signifies some distinct spiritual progress. Saturn represents renunciation and the twelfth house amongst other things signifies Moksha. This will result in an active involvement with Vedanta and Hinduism. Ketu’s movement into Aries in January 2013 will accentuate this trend.

Taurus Rashi- Moon in Taurus

For those who have Moon in Taurus, Saturn transits the sixth house from Moon. Sixth house represents loans, sickness, enemies and scarcity, and Saturn is a planet of separation. His transit therefore removes these negatives and brings in wealth, prosperity and happiness. Victory in legal matters and acquisition of Real estate is acquired during this phase. excellent health. Enjoyment of the company of the opposite sex cause happiness.

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