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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jupiter and Saturn In Hindu Astrology

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Jupiter and Saturn are two massive planets of our solar system. Both are slow moving and both have a deciding influence on our lives. Saturn takes roughly 30 years to go around its orbit. Jupiter does the same in twelve months. 

Jupiter is the planet of spirituality and wisdom. The Sanskrit name for Jupiter is Guru which translates as large and also as the teacher or preceptor. Jupiter represents Brahmins, finance, expansion, comforts, sons, husband, liver, governmental favor, revenues, elder brother and law of the land. Jupiter has been envisaged as a Brahmin, or some one with pure thoughts and deeds. Jupiter is also the significator of finance and when strong, blesses one with affluence and prosperity. In addition to this Jupiter also signifies male child and husband in a female chart. Weak and afflicted Jupiter in a woman's chart will bring about great misery and unless other planets are strong, the life will be intolerable.

In certain charts Jupiter can become the combined ruler and significator of a house, in which case he has a huge influence on a person. Take for example Aquarius ascendant. Jupiter becomes the lord of the second house of wealth and the eleventh house of income. He thus rules over both houses of value. Now being the significator of money, he becomes a complete representative of the financial situation for Aquarius ascendant. Powerful Jupiter will make such a person hugely affluent. An afflicted Jupiter will do exactly the opposite.In addition to this which ever house lord is associated with Jupiter will also become valuable, or in other words gain in value.
Let us consider a female chart with Gemini or Virgo ascendant. In both these cases, Jupiter becomes the lord of the seventh house and represents the husband. Jupiter is also the significator of husband; he therefore becomes a complete representative of husband. If in these two ascendants, Jupiter is strong, well placed and well connected, the marriage will take place to an affluent, loving, kind and considerate person. Afflictions to Jupiter will cause unhappy marriage, and in extreme cases would lead to widowhood. 

Saturn is a planet that brings the results of the past lives Karma to one's doorstep. In many ways it is the exact opposite of Jupiter. Saturn represents darkness, nerves and nervous system, legs, separation, restrictions, renunciation, land, farming and mining. He also represents the masses. For Taurus ascendant Saturn becomes the lord of the 9th and tenth houses and becomes a Yog Karak planet as he rules over a Kendra and Trikon house simultaneously. Similarly for Libra Ascendant Saturn rules over the fourth and fifth houses and becomes a strong Yog Karak. If strong, well placed and well connected, he gives excellent results for these ascendants. (Libra being a little bit more favored one)

Jupiter and Saturn are both very important planets in Hindu astrology. They have a strong influence on humans and they both move slowly. That means that they spend longer times in a Rashi and so their results – whether good or bad – last for longer times. Jupiter gives excellent results in the second, fifth and ninth houses counted from the Moon. Saturn gives favorable results in the third, sixth and 11th house from Moon. There are some periods in life when the results of both these planets are in resonance. When both planets are transiting favorable houses, there is great happiness, celebratory events, high income and enjoyment of life. One literally floats on air. The reverse is also true. With both planets in the unhelpful houses, one feel down in the dump. There is frustration, anger, dejection and sometimes depression. Nothing works smoothly and oftentimes there are problems from the government bureaucracy.

Since Jupiter and Saturn are both very powerful planets, when ever their combined energies fall on a house, that house becomes active and pliant for a change.

Take a look at the horoscope given on the right. On 9 September 2009 Saturn entered Virgo. Jupiter Entered Pisces on 2 May 2010. After this date, Jupiter and Saturn aspect the first and seventh house respectively. The first house already has transit Saturn placed there so it becomes energized due to the combined energies of these two planets. Same thing happens with the seventh house, and both become ready for a change. Now the question is what kind of a change is possible? The first house represents the self and the seventh house the sex partner. Together they represents conjugal happiness. In India where living together is not an accepted social practice, this means marriage; provided that the Dasha Bhukti supports it. The other condition is that two other planets intimately connected to sex – Mars and Venus – are also supportive by doing what ever Jupiter and Saturn have done. Finally the connection between the four planets mentioned above and the fifth house of Poorv Punya and the ninth house of good fortune must exist. At the same time the Dasha and Bhukti - Major and sub periods must be conducive to marriage. If these conditions are fulfilled the marriage will materialize otherwise it will be a brief interlude of consensual sex.

Third house aspect of Saturn falls on Scorpio in the third house. Jupiter also does the same with his 9th house aspect. The third house too thus becomes energized and pliant for a change. What does the third house represent? It represents friends, cousins, self effort and self confidence. It could be that a friendship gets converted to something more intimate. It could also mean that a new relationship is facilitated by a friend or a sibling.
This rule is universal and can be applied to any house that gets painted by the energies of the two slow moving planets. The Dasha Bhukti running in the chart will be a pointer to what kind of changes can take place.

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