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Monday, June 6, 2011

How is June 2011 for you?

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This month will see at least one festive occasion in your life. Financial gains and good fortune will be available throughout. Some happy news from abroad is very likely. A new project will take shape though you may have to do a lot of running around. Sudden expenses are likely on the last two dates of the month.

Ketu and Venus transit this sign from June 06 onwards. Success is likely after some hard work and struggle. Business remains average but money will be available for all expenses. Sudden expenses will cause dismay.


Saturn’s tenth house aspect on this sign causes mental tension and sagging health. Financial gains fall short of expenses. You will have to find solutions to complex and tedious problems. A shelved project might get restarted. Sudden gains towards the end of the month are also foreseen. The recitation of Hanuman Chalisa and Shani Stotra will be very helpful.

This sign is coming under the aspect of Saturn from the very beginning of the month. This has the capacity to throw a spanner in smoothly running affairs. You might encounter career related problems and be tense about your future. An antagonistic situation is likely towards the third week. Situation improves towards the end of the month. Recital of Vishnu Sahastranaam Stotra will prove very helpful. 
You are passing through the Sade-Sati or the seven and a half year transit of Saturn. This causes unnecessary running around. Expenses outstrip income causing agitation. You are dismayed at the obstacles that you face in the accomplishment of your plans. Shani Stotra recital will help a great deal.

There is a mismatch between income and expenditure. You will feel agitated and the possibility of loss of self control is high. A quarrel between you and your siblings is not ruled out. Money supply is indeed tight but the beneficial aspect of Jupiter brings about the required money through hard work. You need to be really careful when driving.

You are undergoing Sade-Sati or the seven and a half year transit of Saturn. As a result you shall face financial problems and wobbly family relationship. There will however be enough money to meet the usual expenditure. Parents will pitch in with financial help. Social status looks upwards but unexpected expenses will complicate social and professional life. Recital of Shree Sookt will be beneficial.

Some new plans will take off this month. Financial gains and sale/purchase of real estate is likely. Saturn’s aspect pushes up expenses. Anger and agitation hover in the background throughout. Recital of Hanuman Chalisa will be beneficial.

Professional situation remains average. Life however becomes busier than usual. Contact with a foreign person is a possibility. There are some obstacles in the path of earning money which necessitate needless travel. Health is average at best. Domestic peace and happiness remains at a premium.


The month begins with some extra expenditure or loss of money. You may antagonize a well placed official. Health remains below par and causes mental tension. There are obstacles in your path this month. Situation improves in the second half, and you make some easy money. A meeting with an old friend or a sibling causes joy.

Mars and Jupiter transit the third house in the first half of the month leading to happy tidings. A stalled project gets rejuvenated with the help of a friend. Domestic happiness is on an upward path. The second half causes financial worry and unhappy relations with siblings.

Expenditure easily outstrips income this month. This is mainly due to what you spend on comforts, festivities and charity. Blessings of a preceptor or spiritual persons are likely. 27-28 are favorable despite some struggle. Recital of Aditya Hridaya Stotra will prove very beneficial.

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