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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Astrology Of Spirituality - Why some people renounce the world and become monks?

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Life is an unending attraction for an overwhelmingly great majority of people. We are all fascinated by the daily soap opera that is dished out to us by our Karmic script. Those of us who have good parents, good relationships and a rewarding career are happy. Dearth of love, caring, money, shelter and food make us sad. We remain completely enmeshed in this bipolar world until our last day on this earth. Then we depart. 

Happiness and sadness comes to us in varying measured based on the Karmic script we wrote for ourselves in our past lives. There are those who might object to this and say, there is no proof of past lives. To those I would humbly like to submit that this article is not meant for them. 

That past life exists is an awareness, and not a conclusion arrived at through conjecture and argument. There is no proof for it. This awareness may come to them in this life or it may not. If it does, the solution to the riddle of life will be one step closer. If not there is always another life.

An extremely tiny minority of people are radically different from most of us. For them the drama of life and its vagaries have no meaning. They watch it but are not attached to it. This tiny group renounces the attraction of home, domestic life, money, luxuries and power. Some may choose to live in the society but remain completely aloof; others may leave their homes and head for secluded place. The sole aim of these people is to connect to the universal spirit and become one with it. Once that goal is achieved one becomes blissful, desire less and any action that s/he performs is not binding. The generation of Karma stops and the endless merry go round of birth and death also comes to a complete stop. 

In India such people are known as Rishis and they have existed in every age throughout the history of time. The opulence of our culture is mainly the gift of these extraordinary men and we owe them a lasting debt of gratitude.

In this article we shall take a look at the astrological reasons for renunciation of society and complete devotion to the universal spirit. We shall start by looking at the jurisdiction of some houses over some specific areas of human life.

The second house in a horoscope represents family, domestic happiness and wealth. 

The fourth house rules over home and hearth, happiness, real estate, mother, masses and society. 

The seventh house represents conjugal happiness through sex. 

The twelfth house represents the specific enjoyment of the pleasure of the bed.

In addition to this, the ninth house rules over spirituality and its lord along with Jupiter and Sun has a big role to play in propelling a person towards renunciation.

If Jupiter influences all the rest of the eight planets through aspect or association, he gives a strong inclination towards spirituality. A retrograde Jupiter will aspect the fifth, seventh and ninth houses from the previous house as well.

Rajiv Sethi

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Written: June 17, 2011. New Delhi India

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