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Friday, April 1, 2011

Who will win the 2011 Cricket world cup?

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The Chart created for 02/04/2011 for the time of toss at 1400 hrs at Bombay is as given below.

In the chart, the ascendant always represents the home team. The seventh house stands for the opposition which in this case is Sri Lanka.

Lagna lord Moon is very weak with only 80% of the minimum required strength. This is basically because of the fact that Amavasya – no Moon day – falls on the third April. Sri Lankan team is represented by Saturn who is retrograde and therefore powerful. The Shad Bal of Saturn is very high at 140%. Saturn is thus much stronger than Moon tilting the balance in favor of Sri Lanka.

In the chart, Moon and Saturn are right opposite to each other. Moon is conjunct with malefics and these same malefics also afflict Saturn by their seventh house aspect.

In the Moon chart, Lagna lord Jupiter is placed in the Lagna itself, and is Neech in the Navansh chart. Mars, Sun and Mercury are also placed there. Unfortunately Jupiter is only 70% strong and it is a big problem. The only glimmer of light in an otherwise gloomy scenario is the presence of two strong malefics Sun and Mars in the ascendant in the Moon Chart. These along with the prayers and energy of a billion Indians can turn the tables. It will however remain an uphill task.

Summing up, Sri Lankan team is the clear favorite in the world cup. However should the toss take place a little later – say at 3 Pm – It will change the Lagna to Leo which will bring Venus in the seventh house and give India a clear shot at winning the cup.

Rajiv Sethi

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