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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nakshatra – the template of our lives Part XVII – Poorva Bhadrapad, Uttar Bhadrapad and Revati

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Poorva Bhadrapad (Beta Pegasi)

Broad cheeks and fleshy lips mark those born under Poorva Bhadrapad Nakshatra. They are simple people and dress rather carelessly. They have voracious appetites and may be champion eaters. They always extend a helping hand to others but get only ingratitude in return. Governmental and bureaucratic jobs are suitable for them and they usually get unexpected benefits from their jobs. Period between 24 to 33 is extremely good, while between 40 and 54 is golden.

Banking, and large business organizations are best suited to them. The father of the natives may be famous person and they are proud of this fact.

Happiness from mother is generally not there. It could be due to separation from her.

Women are beautiful and have average height and weight. They are born leaders and usually are honest and sincere. Power and authority sit well with them. They are the eternal optimists and are a source of strength and encouragement to those around and under them.

Likely diseases are paralytic attacks, diabetes, gastric troubles, uterus troubles, dropsy etc.

Uttara Bhadrapad (Gamma Pegasi)

Most attractive and innocent looking persons are born under this constellation. Their smile is captivating and can snare the unwary without any trouble. These people have friends across the whole spectrum of the society, ranging from very rich to very poor. They carry their anger at the tip of their nose.

They are eternally loyal friends and never back down in the time of need. They love the company of the opposite sex and their silver tongue ensures that they have a large number of female friends. They are generally very intelligent and erudite people. Well read and wise they can dazzle people with their intellectual achievements. They are relentless workers. They invariably vanquish their enemies. Progress and marriage are synonyms. Father is not a source of happiness and help to them.

Married life is full of happiness and children are a constant source of joy and happiness to these natives.

Women have large eyes and tend to be heavy. They are very lucky for their spouses in every way.

Likely diseases are constipation, flatulence, rheumatic pains and hernia .

Revati (Zeta Piscicum) 

Very good physique and symmetrical body marks the Revati born.. They are independent characters and do not pay much heed to what others say. They are hot tempered, and this coupled with their independent nature can cause resistance and hurt feelings from their close friends and family.

They are ambitious and adamant and apt to draw premature conclusions. They can not keep any secret. Failure of their plans gives them mental torture.

They make good historians, astronomers and astrologers. They settle quite far from their place of birth. They change their jobs quite often. Period between twenty six to forty two is financially, mentally and socially adverse. Father and relatives are not of much help. As if to compensate for this the spouse is of an adjusting nature and married life is generally happy.
Women are very beautiful and stand out in any crowd. Their mien and bearing is regal. They are stubborn, highly superstitious, and orthodox. Their married life is very harmonies but they should not marry those born in Ardra Nakshtra. (Constellation)

Likely diseases are intestinal ulcers, deformity of the feet, fevers, dysentery, and dental troubles.

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