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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fine remedies for nine planets Part - II

Free Vedic astrology article

Favorable periods and times
For a person who is intent upon rewriting the Karmic script brought forward from past lives, the following periods will prove generally more helpful than others.
1.    The waning Moon fortnight
2.    the fourth or the eighth lunar date in the above period
3.    Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays
4.    Bharani Nakshatra
5.    Solar or lunar eclipses (should be visible in the area)
6.    One’s own Birth Nakshatra (The Nakshatra occupied by the Moon at birth)
7.    Bhadra, Vaidhriti, Vyatipaat or Krantisaamya
8.    Sankranti or the day on which Sun changes sign in the Hindu Panchang.

The days when most of these parameters are available will prove very helpful. For example the fourth or the eighth lunar date of the dark fortnight which happens to be falling on a Tuesday, Saturday or Sunday when an eclipse is taking place will prove very good. The power will improve further if the Nakshatra prevailing on that day happens to be Bharani or one’s own Nakshatra. Bhadra, Vaidhriti, Vyatipaat or Krantisaamya on such a day will increase the potency even more.

Practically speaking days like this will be extremely rare. One should therefore look for convergence of as many factors as possible. Such days are best for removing problems caused by the planets placed adversely in the birth chart. Natural malefics like Mars, Ketu, Saturn and Rahu may or may not fall in the category of a malefic planet depending upon their placement and the prevailing Lagna in a given chart.

Hindu scriptures say that the elimination or control of the bad results originating from adverse planets can be effected by the following actions.

1.    Jap (chanting) and Havan (fire ceremony)
2.    Jap and Stuti (a verse extolling the virtues of a deity)
3.    Donation of appropriate items connected to the planet
4.    The Yantra, gemstone and herbs connected to the planet
5.    Pooja of Lord Vishnu and Shiva
6.    Respect and honor to elderly and erudite people
7.    Honor to the deities, people, animals represented by that planet. For example if Saturn is giving bad results in a horoscope, respect and due wages to servants and poor people will make Saturn happy and reduce the severity of the problems caused by him.

Temporal and transcendental deities

Sun, Moon, air, water and earth are temporal deities and one must never desecrate these. Throwing body waste into water bodies causes problems connected to Moon and water signs. Unnecessary and deliberate pollution of earth and air brings needless problems in one’s daily life.

Sun and Moon can be made favorable by honoring parents and people in the age group of parents. Violence and cruelty (whether physical or mental) as also jealousy increase the adverse results of these two deities.

Control over aggression and inherent negativity of one’s temperament please Sun and Moon. Same results are obtained by giving appropriate respect to women.

Rajiv Sethi

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Fine remedies for nine planets

Free Vedic astrology article

It is an accepted fact of Hindu philosophy that our existence on earth is very largely dependent upon the Karma (actions) performed by us in the past lives. Good Karma generates pleasurable experiences while bad Karma does exactly the opposite.

Karma is classified into three categories.

1.    द्रिढ़ मूल Dridh Mool or those with strong and deep roots
2.    अद्रिढ़ मूल Adridh Mool or those with weak and shallow roots
3.    द्रिढ़ अद्रिढ़ मूल Dridh Adridh or those with a mixture of the above two.

The first category can be controlled and removed only through deep meditation, self control, self sacrifice and sterling character. The second type is amenable to the use of appropriate gemstones and herbs connected to problem causing planets. The third category requires the use of Mantra, Stuti स्तुति, Yagya यज्ञ (fire ceremony) and donation दान .

It is an accepted tenet of Vedic astrology that dualities like gains and losses, health and disease, victory and defeat, wealth and poverty etc. are indicated by the appropriate planetary combinations or योग that occur in a horoscope. These combination give their good or bad results during the planetary periods of the Yog causing planets. If a दुर्योग or unfavorable combination exist in the birth chart, it becomes very important for the individual to propitiate the planets that are causing the problem.

Similarly, if a favorable Yoga exist, it is an excellent idea to fortify the planets involved so that they may be able to give their best possible results.

Saturn, Mars and Rahu are usually found to bring unpleasant results to people. In some horoscopes they may become Yog Karak or benefit producing planets. In both cases it becomes essential that they be propitiated and pacified so one gets uniform and beneficial results throughout.

Planets which become lords of the sixth, eighth or twelfth houses, especially those which simultaneously own two दुस्थान or bad houses give extremely bad results. For example, Mars becomes the simultaneous lord of two houses of poverty the third and the eighth for Virgo ascendant. Mars thus gives extremely bad results for the Virgo born. This is accentuated by the fact that Mars is a natural enemy of Mercury - the ruler of Virgo. The same is true of Venus for Pisces ascendant.

People born with Virgo ascendant should always propitiate Mars through Fasting व्रत, donations दान, Mantra and Stotra मन्त्र और स्तोत्र. This will bring prosperity and health. One must however never wear Mars’s gemstone Coral, as it will strengthen Mars and invite calamity.

Every planet has a deity, or an avatar of Universal spirit connected to it. Regular chanting of appropriate  Mantra and Stotra connected to these deities attracts happiness, peace and prosperity.
Lord Shiva rules over Sun and Saturn. Moon and Venus are pacified through the worship of Durga or divine mother. Mars is connected to Ganesh while Mercury and Jupiter to Vishnu. Rahu and Ketu are ruled by Hanuman.

Rajiv Sethi

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nakshatra – the template of our lives Part XVII – Poorva Bhadrapad, Uttar Bhadrapad and Revati

Free Vedic astrology article

Poorva Bhadrapad (Beta Pegasi)

Broad cheeks and fleshy lips mark those born under Poorva Bhadrapad Nakshatra. They are simple people and dress rather carelessly. They have voracious appetites and may be champion eaters. They always extend a helping hand to others but get only ingratitude in return. Governmental and bureaucratic jobs are suitable for them and they usually get unexpected benefits from their jobs. Period between 24 to 33 is extremely good, while between 40 and 54 is golden.

Banking, and large business organizations are best suited to them. The father of the natives may be famous person and they are proud of this fact.

Happiness from mother is generally not there. It could be due to separation from her.

Women are beautiful and have average height and weight. They are born leaders and usually are honest and sincere. Power and authority sit well with them. They are the eternal optimists and are a source of strength and encouragement to those around and under them.

Likely diseases are paralytic attacks, diabetes, gastric troubles, uterus troubles, dropsy etc.

Uttara Bhadrapad (Gamma Pegasi)

Most attractive and innocent looking persons are born under this constellation. Their smile is captivating and can snare the unwary without any trouble. These people have friends across the whole spectrum of the society, ranging from very rich to very poor. They carry their anger at the tip of their nose.

They are eternally loyal friends and never back down in the time of need. They love the company of the opposite sex and their silver tongue ensures that they have a large number of female friends. They are generally very intelligent and erudite people. Well read and wise they can dazzle people with their intellectual achievements. They are relentless workers. They invariably vanquish their enemies. Progress and marriage are synonyms. Father is not a source of happiness and help to them.

Married life is full of happiness and children are a constant source of joy and happiness to these natives.

Women have large eyes and tend to be heavy. They are very lucky for their spouses in every way.

Likely diseases are constipation, flatulence, rheumatic pains and hernia .

Revati (Zeta Piscicum) 

Very good physique and symmetrical body marks the Revati born.. They are independent characters and do not pay much heed to what others say. They are hot tempered, and this coupled with their independent nature can cause resistance and hurt feelings from their close friends and family.

They are ambitious and adamant and apt to draw premature conclusions. They can not keep any secret. Failure of their plans gives them mental torture.

They make good historians, astronomers and astrologers. They settle quite far from their place of birth. They change their jobs quite often. Period between twenty six to forty two is financially, mentally and socially adverse. Father and relatives are not of much help. As if to compensate for this the spouse is of an adjusting nature and married life is generally happy.
Women are very beautiful and stand out in any crowd. Their mien and bearing is regal. They are stubborn, highly superstitious, and orthodox. Their married life is very harmonies but they should not marry those born in Ardra Nakshtra. (Constellation)

Likely diseases are intestinal ulcers, deformity of the feet, fevers, dysentery, and dental troubles.

Rajiv Sethi

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