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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nakshatra – the template of our lives Part XVII – Dhanishtha and Satabhishaj

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Dhanishtha (Beta Delphini)

No marked and prominent features mark the Dhanishtha born. They may display varied body structures. They are extremely intelligent and possess all round knowledge. They do well in scientific research, secret service, and as secretaries to the top executives. Law is another good area for them.

Beta Delphini
Married life is usually happy and the spouse is a source of much material gain. This does not mean that the natives of this constellation get huge dowries, on the contrary they do not get much material benefit from their parents in law. Their spouse is very lucky for them. They are able to make steady progress from their twenty fifth year onwards. Relatives are often a source of social embarrassment.

Dhanishtha women are beautiful and always look young. It is not uncommon to find a Dhanishtha woman who looks half her age. They have great expectations from their lives. They are generally spendthrifts. They should curb their tendency of being strict disciplinarians.

Likely diseases for Dhanishtha are anemia, whooping cough, Uterus disorders and irregular menstrual blood flow.

Satabhishaj (Lambda Aquarii)

Satabhishaj born are aristocratic looking individuals. The body is soft, the forehead wide, the eyes attractive and the face bright. They are ferocious when provoked but their anger doesn’t usually last a long time. They are full of erudition. Psychology, astrology and medicines are apt fields for them to explore. They have a retentive memory and can attain very fine education.

Mother is usually a source of comfort and solace while the father and brothers are not very helpful. They may even create problems.
Married life too is not very happy. Up to the age of thirty four they usually struggle as professionally they are not well settled. Thereafter there is a steady rise. They usually have extramarital affairs but these are a closely and well guarded secret. They are prone to troubles arising out of exposure to cold weather.

Women have fleshy and full lips and prominent cheeks. The buttocks are heavy. They are attractive and elegant . They are hot tempered.
Likely diseases for Dhanishtha are urinary diseases, diabetes and breathing troubles. Colic pains and problems related to the jaw bone may be there.

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