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Monday, November 22, 2010

Nakshatra – the template of our lives Part XVI – Uttar Ashadh & Shravan

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Uttar Ashadh (Sigma Sagittarii)

Uttar Ashadh born people have a tall well proportioned body and tend towards being lean. They are long nosed and bright eyed persons, and have a natural grace. They are quite uncomplicated people and live a simple life even when they attain a high rank. They are usually deceived by their partners and it is important that they screen them thoroughly before entering into any relationship.

Uttar Ashadh people usually attain success after the thirty eighth year of their lives. The married life is usually very good, but may be marred by the health of the spouse who may suffer from stomach and uterus troubles. Children may be a cause of concern to these people.
Women have attractive eyes and teeth as well as a wide forehead. They are obstinate and blissfully unaware of what to say and when. They usually are teachers, employed in banks, or connected to publishing.
Likely diseases for these people are stomach and reproductive health problems, hernia, eye defects etc.

Swami Vivekanand, Karishma Kapoor, Madonna, Indira Gandhi, Shivaji Ganeshan are some famous Uttar Ashadh people.

Shravan (Alpha Aquarii)

Shravan born are middle statured, but very attractive people. They are sweet spoken individuals who like neatness in everything. Sloppiness is intolerable to them, and if they spot it, sweet tongued or not they will let the culprit know about it. They walk the middle ground in life and will neither reach the top nor be relegated to the bottom during their life.

Period till the age of thirty is full of changes, from thirty to mid forties is a stable and prosperous period. Technical and engineering careers suit them. Petroleum and its products are also a source of benefit.

Married life is very happy but an occasional extra marital fling is not ruled out.
Women are very attractive. The front two teeth are prominent and have a gap between them. The are chatterboxes and have no control over their tongues. They demand perfection, don’t usually get it and so encounter friction in their daily lives.

Likely diseases are eczema, skin diseases, pus formation, T.B, rheumatism. Even leprosy of low intensity can not be ruled out.

Jai Prakash Narayan, Krishna Moorti, Shah Rukh Khan, Sadhna, Sumitranandan Pant and V Shantaram are some famous Shravan born.

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