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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nakshatra – the template of our lives Part XIII. Anuradha & Jyeshtha

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Anuradha ( Delta Scorpi)
Anuradha born have bright eyes and a bright face. They have a strong, determined  and revengeful nature. They are usually hard hearted. There is a liking for good food.

Life is full of obstacles and constant frustrations leave their mark on the face. Despite this they always reach their goal as they never give up. They make usually successful businessmen. They start earning when quite young. Life till the age of forty eight is full of struggles. After that they make rapid progress. There is generally no benefit from brothers and sisters. There may be frequent friction with father. Their married life is generally satisfactory.

Women have an innocent expression. Their most attractive feature is their waist, which is very narrow and alluring. They have a full figure. Anuradha women can shine in social and political field. They are adept dancers and musicians.  They have irregular menses and suffer a lot of pain during the process. Menstruation takes place with frequent breaks.

Likely diseases are asthma, cough and colds, sore throat, constipation and dental troubles.

Jyeshtha (Antares)
Attractive personality and very good physical stamina mark Jyeshtha individuals. Despite this they can be lazy and hasty. The teeth are defective. They have many friends but are often deceived by them. They may have a penchant for writing and journalism. They are vivacious and quick witted.

Sound sleep may be a problem for them. Relatives do not help in times of need. The first twenty six years are very troublesome. The next twenty four years are marked by slow but steady progress. From the age of fifty onward they consolidate their gains and become successful. Mother is not a source of help to these people, neither are their co born. Married life is happy but the spouse may put up spirited resistance to  their independent style.

Women have long arms, broad face and curly hair. They are strongly emotional and are active sport persons. They normally are home makers and if possible remain away from taking up a job.

Likely diseases for Jyeshtha born are  cough and cold, dysentery, pain in arms and legs, uterus and prostrate gland problems.

Excerpts from my book "How to make Saturn your friend- Things you should know about Saturn but don't."

Results of placement of Saturn in twelve houses

The results given below are generalized and indicate the tendency of Saturn to act in different houses. These are not set in stone and will be altered by the placement of other planets in the horoscope which may accentuate or alleviate what Saturn intends to do. A verbatim and literal application can produce wrong results.

Lagna, ascendant or the first house
The first house stands for everything pertaining to birth. It represents the color
and stature of the body, and also represents wealth, honor, status and life
span. It stands for the self of human beings and is used to determine the source of livelihood.

Lagna Saturn gives favorable results only for Libra and Aquarius ascendants. For other signs the results are mixed and usually unfavorable. Foreign customs are easily assimilated. If Saturn is unafflicted, or aspected by benefics, there is much consideration for the welfare of others. Self confidence is well justified. Moral stability is quite marked. The nature is calm, grave and serious. The body is weak and thin. Progress in any project is slow but sure. There may be some aversion for shouldering responsibility.

Saturn in Lagna
makes habits inactive. The subject is able to drop any habit by her will power.
Losses through negligence or letting an opportunity escape are possible.
Childhood is unhappy due to some reason. Such a person is usually withdrawn
and an introvert. He is adamant, shy, selfish and somewhat greedy. He does not trust people easily, and his religious beliefs are different from those held by majority. Lagna Saturn also gives self confidence and a desire to help people at large.

The person easily adjusts to foreigners and foreign languages etc. Marriage is usually delayed. Saturn placed in fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
gives an outgoing nature but also makes one aggressive.

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