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Monday, November 8, 2010

Nakshatra – the template of our lives Part XII. Swati & Vishakha

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Swati (Alpha Bootis/arcturus) 
Swati born are well built individuals with high arched and attractive feet. They are lucky, philosophical and clever. Though competent debaters, they like building castles in the air. 

There is likely to be an attraction for substance abuse. They are independent people and may lose temper easily. Control over their emotions becomes very important for them as it has a direct bearing on their career. 
Alpha Bootis
They make the best of friends and the worst of enemies. The basic nature is revengeful. Childhood is generally speaking, an unhappy period. There is financial and mental suffering till the age of twenty - even if the person is born into a rich family. 

Best period of life is between thirty and sixty. Married life is not happy though they don’t let outsiders know this. They can earn through the professions related to drugs, chemicals and gold or as a travel agent.

Swati women are slow walkers. They live a clean life and have a number of good friends. If employed they will reach enviable heights and their job may entail quite a bit of traveling. They usually enjoy a very high social position. Spirituality attracts them strongly.  Likely diseases for Swati people are connected to heart, abdomen, broken ankles and pain in the breasts.

Vishakha ( Alpha Librare)
Vishakha people have an attractive personality, and a bright and round face. Some of them can be lean and thin while some others can be corpulent. They are usually brimming with vitality as well intelligence. They are good orators and debate their point quite well. 
They usually don’t get any happiness from their mother. It is either due to the death of the mother or due to separation from her. The father - although distinguished in his field - is also not of much help to the native. 
Vishakha born are usually quite involved in extra marital sex. They are also easily attracted to drugs and alcohol. This causes problems, and their married life can become troubled as a consequence.  Women are normally very beautiful. They attract men in droves. They have a charming and attractive speech but live a simple life. They are easily attracted to the opposite sex. They are smart but have a covetous nature. 
Likely diseases for the Vishakha people are paralytic attacks, kidney troubles and goiter.

Some excerpts from my E-BOOK on Saturn -- Chapter 2

Stories connected to Saturn

1. Pipplad Muni and Shani (Saturn)

Pipplad Muni's (ascetic) father used to live along with his wife and son on the bank of Yamuna river. Due to some negative deeds done by him in the past lives, Saturn - whose job it is to make a person experience to himself the pain that he inflicted on others - first made him sick and destitute and then caused his death. Pipplad was an infant when this happened.

His mother was very distressed and often in tears at the death of her husband. When Pipplad grew up to be an adolescent he once asked his mother about her great sorrow and also about his father. The heartbroken mother told him in detail the whole story and how it was Saturn who was responsible for his father's death.
Pipplad was enraged and left his house at once in search of Saturn. After a while he located him on the branch of a Peepal tree. Through the Yogic powers acquired by him in previous lives Pipplad could easily perform miracles. He materialized a Bramhadand (divine staff) and hit Saturn hard on his legs. By the energy contained in the staff, both the legs were fractured immediately and caused him great suffering and agony. He cried out for help.

Lord Shiva heard the cries and appeared near his disciple. He addressed Pipplad and asked him to be kind to Saturn as he was under his protection. Pipplad was embarrassed that his treatment of Saturn had caused Lord Shiva himself to intervene. He begged forgiveness and asked Shiva to instruct Saturn to keep away from innocent people. Now that Saturn's legs were broken he would never be able to move fast, and would be known as Mand or slow moving. Pipplad further took a promise from Saturn that anyone who worships Pippleshwar Mahadev will remain immune from the deeds of Saturn

. Saturn agreed immediately.

At this, Lord Shiva returned to his abode on mount Kailash. Even today anyone who listens to this story on a Saturday and offers water and raw sugar to a Peepal tree before sunrise, gains immunity from the negative results of Saturn.

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