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Monday, November 1, 2010

Nakshatra – the template of our lives Part XI

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Hasta (Delta Corvi)
Tall and well built, the men have small hands. They have a magnetic smile and it is difficult to remain unaffected by it. They ttract women easily and so start on the sexual path quite early. They have a selfless and helpful nature and as a consequence get honor and recognition in society. Life for them is a roller coaster ride. They are strict disciplinarian at the work place and shoulder a lot of responsibility. Period from 30th year onwards till the middle forties proves to be the golden period of life. They do not get much help from their parents and may grow up to be hard hearted and rash individuals. Married life is happy.
Women have very beautiful eyes and ears, and are in a class of their own. The shoulders are round and the body is soft. They have a good figure and appear very elegant. They are respectful to the elderly but this does not prevent them from being outspoken in their views. They are very often married to rich people.
Likely diseases for the Hasta individuals are cough, cold and asthma. They also suffer from watery nose, sinus trouble and high blood pressure.
Some famous people born in this Nakshatra are Swami Vivekanand, Madan Mohan Malviya, Madhu Bala, and K P S Gill.
Chitra (Virginis Spica)
Their lean body and magnificent personality is easily identified in a crowd. They are courageous, learned, art lovers, troubled by enemies, astute, intuitive, ambitious and popular. In case there is Saturn and Moon conjunction or opposition, they can be very selfish and cunning. Life is uneasy till the age of thirty two, thereafter till mid fifties they have their golden period. There are usually no benefits from Father and brothers. Father may be a famous man. Married life is generally not very happy with daily friction taking its toll.
Women are tall and voluptuous and draw men like moth to a flame. They want excessive freedom which makes their life complicated. They can be greedy and amoral and have very few or no friends. Their married life is unhappy. The partner is likely to die unless proper matching is done. Divorce is an ever present danger. Childlessness is another possibility.
They suffer from kidney and bladder troubles, inflamed uterus and brain fever.
Benazeer Bhutto, George W Bush, Jamshed Tata and Shashi Kapoor are some famous people born in Chitra.

Some excerpts from my Book "How to make Saturn your friend - Things you should know about Saturn but don't"

Chapter 4

Results of placement of Saturn in twelve houses
The results given below are generalized and indicate the tendency of Saturn to act in different houses. These are not set in stone and will be altered by the placement of other planets in the horoscope which may accentuate or alleviate what Saturn intends to do. A verbatim and literal application can produce wrong results.

Lagna, ascendant  or the first house
The first house stands for everything pertaining to birth. It represents the color and stature of the body, and also represents wealth, honor, status and life span. It stands for the self of human beings and is used to determine the source of livelihood.

Lagna Saturn gives favorable results only for Libra and Aquarius ascendants. For other signs the results are mixed and usually unfavorable.

Foreign customs are easily assimilated. If Saturn is unafflicted, or aspected by benefics, there is much consideration for the welfare of others. Self confidence is well justified. Moral stability is quite marked. The nature is calm, grave and serious. The body is weak and thin. Progress in any project is slow but sure. There may be some aversion for shouldering responsibility. Saturn in Lagna makes habits inactive. The subject is able to drop any habit by her will power. Losses through negligence or letting an opportunity escape are possible. Childhood is unhappy due to some reason. Such a person is usually withdrawn and an introvert. He is adamant, shy, selfish and somewhat greedy. He does not trust people easily, and his religious beliefs are different from those held by majority. Lagna Saturn also gives self confidence and a desire to help people at large. The person easily adjusts to foreigners and foreign languages etc. Marriage is usually delayed.
Saturn placed in fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius gives an outgoing nature but also makes one aggressive.

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