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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nakshatra – the template of our lives Part VII

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Mrigshira (Lambda Orionis)

Mrigshira born people are even tempered, fond of traveling, sensual and ostentatious. They become exited quickly, have a boisterous nature and like to blow their own trumpet. Egotism and unethical nature leads to losses and health issues. They do not hesitate to employ underhand methods to amass money. At the same time, they want to gain public recognition by donating to charity etc. They are practical, enthusiastic, and thoughtful as well as easily scared people. They have leadership qualities and a retentive memory. Brothers are a constant source of trouble to the The Mrigshira born. Married life is usually not very happy.

Women born under this Constellation are tall and have a sharp look about them. They have low vitality and suffer from bodily discomforts and ill health. They like to be leaders but miss their chances because of their timidity. They like to actively participate in religious and social functions. Emotional nature and ego cause them mental agony.

The likely diseas that they can suffer from are acne and pimples, cold and cough, diphtheria, frequent constipation, nosebleeds and obstruction in the urinary system.

Ardra (Gamma Geminorum)

These are healthy and attractive people. Men are handsome and women good looking. In public gatherings and at work place they keep others in good humor. They usually have a joke or a quote for every occassion. That said, they are not constant towards their friends and relatives. They are very knowledgeable in almost all subjects but unable to get any fame or reward from this knowledge. They are however successful in business. They do not confine themselves to only one activity, they always have more than one iron in the fire. Success comes to them late and they bloom only after the 32nd year of life in a place far away from home. Married life starts late, but he/she will always be under full control of the spouse. No matter what happens in the marriage, outsiders never get even a hint of what is going on.
Women are well proportioned and good looking with a prominent nose. They are cultured, well educated and can attain scholastic success. Married life is not happy. Divorce and widowhood may cause anguish.
Ardra born are likely to suffer from paralysis, heart trouble, dental problems, menstrual and uterus troubles, esonophilia and dry cough. Menstrual process is very painful for Ardra women.


  1. I am far behind on my blog reading!
    I am enjoying this series on Nakshatra. Despite the methodical and quite logical presentation of the material, I admit that much is lost on me!
    I must re-read (ok - several times!).
    Thank you, Raj for your dedication and devotion in sharing your considerable knowledge!

  2. I agree *VERY* accurate indeed!
    Thank you, Rajiv!


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