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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nakshatra – the template of our lives Part VIII

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Punarvasu (Beta Geminorum) Males are handsome, with long thighs and long face. They are deeply religious and have great faith in God. They lose temper quickly and one must be careful when dealing with them. They are scrupulously clean and honest people who walk the straight and the narrow path. They take it upon themselves to prevent others from being dishonest and may end up making enemies they could do without.

They usually do not  amass great wealth because the trickery and diplomacy of business is unknown to them; consequently they have a frustrated and innocent expression on their face. They can be good writers and actors. Married life is not very happy. There can be a divorce or a living together with another partner while the first marriage is still alive. Their wife may have delicate health. Relations with close relatives may be strained leading to mental agony. They drink a lot of water.

Women have curly hair, a high nose and are charming and polite individuals. They are argumentative and very often have friction with close relatives and neighbors. They may have many people working for them. They are fond of music and dance and can be surprisingly good dancers. They usually end up marrying very attractive men. Married life is blissful if married to a male born in Hasta Nakshatra

Punarvasu people can suffer from lung related diseases like Pleurisy, T.B. and pneumonia etc. Goiter is another possible disease.

Steve Forbes, Raman Maharishi are examples of the Punarvasu born.

Pushya (Delta Canceri) They display no special body type. They are very timid and weak hearted and find it very difficult to reach any decision. With their introvert nature and inferiority complex they usually find it hard to trust people. They doubt every one, even their immediate family.

They don’t have any respect for others but expect others to respect them. They seldom make strong attachments because of their mistrust of people. Their ego balloons with compliments and a sycophant can make a complete fool of them. They are ever mindful of the remarks and slights of others. There is usually an attraction for the company of bad characters. This is to cover up for their inherent weakness.

They like to dress nattily. Unless they assesses their strengths and weaknesses utter failure stares them in their face. They suffer from poverty for the first sixteen years. Life after the age of thirty two is fairly smooth. They depend on others in childhood for support and so grow up to be fiercely independent individuals.

Women are generally well proportioned and good looking. Ravishing beauties are not seen in this Nakshatra.

Pushya born may suffer from gall stones, gastric ulcers, jaundice, cough, breast cancer, eczema etc.

Sanjiv Kumar, Ghanshyam Das Birla, Raj Kapoor are some famous Pushyans.

Rajiv Sethi
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