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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nakshatra – The Template of Our Lives - Part VI

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Krittika (Etatauri Alcyone)

Krittika born have a well built, powerful body and a commanding appearance. They have a strong and well-developed ego. There is an intense desire to move ahead in life, and rule over others. They are witty and popular and love to eat. They can easily end up eating  more than they should and get into trouble. There is a weakness for women and also for gambling. Normally they are placid characters but constant frustration can cause them to heat up. Once that happens, they become violent and dangerous.

Their profession takes them away from their place of birth. They derive maximum benefit from business connected to medicines, yarn exports and decorative industries. Married life is generally good but ill health and other circumstances mentioned above may cause separation.

 Women have an excellent figure that men drool on, and like their male counterparts, they too have a voracious appetite for food and sex. Their impatience, selfishness, ego and love of luxuries may land them in bad company and spoiled reputation. They like to be flattered, and this along with dinner in a swank restaurant is the key to their heart. They are loyal and once they like someone, they are ready to sacrifice everything for him.

 Both  men and women may suffer from Malaria, Smallpox, arthritis, burns, boils and skin ulcers. They may suffer from insomnia and injuries caused by accidents.

 Rohini (Aldebaran)

People born in Rohini love luxurious living. They are social, soft-spoken persons and like clean surroundings. They are good looking, truthful and grateful persons. Outwardly they look fine but their constitution is usually not very strong. They are darlings of their parents but are quick to find faults in others. Life is full of ups and downs. They spend everything for the sake of today without a thought for future. A little restraint on their emotions and impulsiveness can take them far. Period between 18-36 is troublesome. They make good chemical engineers and may also benefit from dairy and confectionery business.

 They need to be very careful about choosing their friends and partners and should never disclose any secrets to them.

 Women are usually a little on the plump size but are cuddly and beautiful. Their eyes are very attractive. They have a special attraction for the  of pomp and show as also the lime light. There is a natural talent for fine arts and they can become expert musicians, singers or actors.

 An overwhelming majority of Rohini born complain of acne, headaches, manic depressive tendency, irregular menses and pain in the feet.

Rajiv Sethi

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