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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nakshatra – the template of our lives Part X

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Poorva Phalguni (Delta Leonis)
 Poorva Phalguni people are attractive, well dressed, sweet to talk to, philosophical, intuitive, artistic and famous. They aim for the top, and can never take up a subordinate position for long. They are thoroughly scrupulous and can never watch quietly any illegal activity. This lands them into trouble every time.

They love social status and will always prefer a higher title to higher salary. They have a way with weapons and can become very good shooters. They reach very high posts in their life. The married life is happy, their life partners and children give much joy.

Women have usually a longish nose over a round face. The figure is well proportioned and attractive but not voluptuous. They are fashion conscious and like to move around. They work very hard and are popular. Their main problem is their showy and supercilious nature. It can become their greatest obstacle. They are generally happy, and lend a helping hand to those who approach for help.
They suffer from dental diseases and abdominal complications. Menstrual disorders, asthma, jaundice and breathing troubles are some other problems that may bother them.
Some famous Poorva Phalguni people are Leo Tolstoy, Dalai Lama, Mahesh Yogi and Madonna.

Uttara Phalguni (Denebala)
Tall and heavy built with a long nose, They are usually happy and lucky persons. They eat little but eat well. They are hot tempered, and when they flare up, they don’t know where to stop. They need to develop tolerance. They never admit their fault even when they are wrong. They have an independent frame of mind.

Inherently honest, they neither deceive nor like to be deceived. They are successful in public dealings and earn well out of commissions. They are very hard working people. Period up to the age of thirty two is like a black hole. Nothing happens despite their best efforts. The graph creeps up slowly until the age of thirty eight and then shoots up well into sixties.

Married life is good, and they are contented. Both sexes get very efficient life partners.

Women have a soft body and medium height. They are cultured and popular. May have a mole or mark on the face.

Likely diseases are dental, gastric and menstrual troubles. Migraine cause a lot of discomfort during early part of their life.

George Washinton, Subhash Bose, Sharmila Tagore, Serena williams, Swami shivanand are some famous people born in Uttar Phalguni.

Excerpts from my book "How to make Saturn your friend- Things you should know about Saturn but don't."

Remedial measures for Sade Sati

1. Recitation of Pipplad Uvaach, a four line Sanskrit hymn in praise of Lord
Saturn is very helpful in overcoming
the problems caused by him.
2. The Shani Mantra recited 108x3 times
every day is also very helpful. The
easiest mantra is OM PRAM PREEM
3. Offerings of mustard oil, Urad Dal,
iron implements, raw sugar, and
black sesame seeds every Saturday is
very effective.
4. Praying in a Shiva temple every
Saturday and offering milk-water
mixture while chanting OM NAMAHA
SHIVAYE works wonders.
5. Fasting on Saturdays and eating one time meal without spices and salt
also helps.
6. Wearing an iron ring made from a horse shoe removed from the right
front foot of a black horse is another excellent remedy.
7. The ring can also be made from a nail removed from the bottom of a
There is nothing to be afraid of a Sade Sati. Ups and downs are a fact of
life. We all learn from adversities and they are a harsh but effective
teacher. Life is a journey best traveled by keeping eyes wide open, mouth
firmly closed and mental filing system busy.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

"How to make Saturn your friend- Things you should know about Saturn but don't."

Saturn is one of the most important planets in Vedic astrology. He is a malefic planet, but when he becomes a Yog Karak, he has the capacity to single handedly lift a person from mediocrity to a high status.

Saturn aspects the third, the seventh and the tenth houses from where is placed in the birth chart.
All these houses suffer to varying extents from his separation causing tendency. The damage doesn’t stop here; all the houses that fall in the sixth house from birth Saturn and the houses aspected by him also suffer losses. At any given time eight houses become affected by Saturn.

The same effects continue when Saturn transits the zodiac. With every house he transits eight other houses become affected. Saturn transiting through the fifth and the eighth houses causes significant losses; and most people become worried at the prospect of coming Sade Sati (the 7½ year transit of Saturn through twelfth, first and second houses.)

Saturn is a planet that brings home our bad Karma to us. He confronts us with what we did in past lives so we may learn appropriate lessons from it. There is not a single event that can happen without Saturn’s permission and Jupiter’s blessings. Unless Saturn illuminates a house with his gaze in unison with the aspect of Jupiter, results of that house can not come to pass.

Saturn’s tendency to cause problems in the daily life of humans is the subject of many anecdotes in the Hindu pantheon. Puran and Upanishad (ancient texts) of Hindu philosophy c
ontain many Mantras, Stuti and Stotra (hymns) that provide relief from the ill effects of Saturn. The ceremonies and chants connected to pacification and propitiation of Saturn are scattered all over the Hindu literature.

Now here is a definitive book on Saturn that brings all the pieces together in a composite whole. It is written in a simple to read language which can be understood easily. This is a list of what the book contains.
  • Saturn’s origin.
  • All popular stories connected to Saturn.
  • Relationship of Saturn and astrology
  • Results of transit of Saturn through different houses
  • Results of transit of Saturn through different Rashis (signs)
  • Results of Saturn Maha Dasha (major period of Saturn)
  • Every conceivable Mantra, Stuti and Stotra connected to Saturn in original Sanskrit with their transliteration.
  • All known rituals to alleviate the pain of Saturn
  • Saturn Yantra
  • Click and play Sound files of important Stotra and Mantra
Everything is covered in great detail and explained with appropriate pictures. It is a must read book that will give you a precise idea of what you are dealing with when some one says you have Saturn trouble in your chart.

I will not assert that this book is miraculous, but I will certainly make this claim, if you pick up even one remedial chant given in this book and follow through with it diligently, you shall feel a huge relief in your life. It will bring happiness, prosperity and contentment in your life. Failing relationships will slowly regain momentum and the harried look on your face will be replaced by a contented smile.

These remedies have been used for thousands of years and they work.

This complete and definitive book on Saturn is very economically priced at only Rs.500. or USD15.00 Go get it now. Follow the remedies and see your life change before your eyes! You will be glad you did!!

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nakshatra – the template of our lives Part IX

Free Vedic astrology article

Ashlesha (Zeta Hydrae)

Ashlesha born are generally stoutly built, and may project an aura of toughness. Inside they are quite hollow. The body may be hairy. They are not grateful for anything to anybody. Outwardly they are very sincere. Inside they don’t mean a word of what they say. They have the gift of the gab which they use to take advantage of others. There is an insatiable desire to reach the top and for them, the end justifies the means.
Zeta Hydrae
They make good politicians because of these mental qualities. Men display a strong attraction towards the opposite sex. For them women are mostly sex objects. They have no hesitation in associating themselves with criminals and use these contacts to arm twist their opponents. One curious thing about Ashlesha born is their tendency to never help those who really need it. Their favors are reserved for people who have no need for them. They never trust any body or anything. All their friendships are geared for taking advantage of the moment. There is usually a heavy loss of money around 35th year of life.

Women display the same characteristics as men. They can be described as not so attractive to plain looking but Mars placed here gives a good figure. They are hard hearted, love latest fashions, and are easy going and sensual. They run their house efficiently. Professionally they remain on the middle rung.
Likely diseases for them are joint pains, hysteria, dropsy, jaundice, drug addiction and all lifestyle diseases.
Indira Gandhi, Bansi Lal, Lata Mangeshkar, Doctor Manmohan Singh, Jawahar Lal Nehru and Mao Tse Dong are some famous Ashlesha born.
Magha (
Regulus Roleonis 
Regulus Roleonis)

Magha born have a facial expression of innocence. They have a prominent neck and hairy bodies. Height is medium. They are forthright and honest individuals. Their knowledge about various subjects is encyclopedic and they are honored in society because of this. They are sensual characters but are usually under the thumb of their female. They understand their responsibilities and honor their elders. They are hot tempered and this coupled with their honesty and love of truth makes many secret enemies. They are able social workers, and very often good sportsmen too. They normally have great wealth and many servants working for them. They rise to top posts in private and public enterprises. Married life is happy and they are blessed with healthy and happy children.  One peculiar thing about them is that they have to bring up younger brothers and sisters as their own children.

Women are gorgeous, loyal wives who stand by their family through turbulent times. They are inclined towards religion and spirituality. Their hardworking nature and altruism sets them apart. Very often they marry big industrialists or highly placed officials.

Kumar Mangalam Birla, Doctor Murli Manohar Joshi, Lala Charat Ram, Margaret Thatcher, Doctor Radhakrishnan are some famous Magha born.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nakshatra – the template of our lives Part VIII

Free Vedic astrology article

Punarvasu (Beta Geminorum) Males are handsome, with long thighs and long face. They are deeply religious and have great faith in God. They lose temper quickly and one must be careful when dealing with them. They are scrupulously clean and honest people who walk the straight and the narrow path. They take it upon themselves to prevent others from being dishonest and may end up making enemies they could do without.

They usually do not  amass great wealth because the trickery and diplomacy of business is unknown to them; consequently they have a frustrated and innocent expression on their face. They can be good writers and actors. Married life is not very happy. There can be a divorce or a living together with another partner while the first marriage is still alive. Their wife may have delicate health. Relations with close relatives may be strained leading to mental agony. They drink a lot of water.

Women have curly hair, a high nose and are charming and polite individuals. They are argumentative and very often have friction with close relatives and neighbors. They may have many people working for them. They are fond of music and dance and can be surprisingly good dancers. They usually end up marrying very attractive men. Married life is blissful if married to a male born in Hasta Nakshatra

Punarvasu people can suffer from lung related diseases like Pleurisy, T.B. and pneumonia etc. Goiter is another possible disease.

Steve Forbes, Raman Maharishi are examples of the Punarvasu born.

Pushya (Delta Canceri) They display no special body type. They are very timid and weak hearted and find it very difficult to reach any decision. With their introvert nature and inferiority complex they usually find it hard to trust people. They doubt every one, even their immediate family.

They don’t have any respect for others but expect others to respect them. They seldom make strong attachments because of their mistrust of people. Their ego balloons with compliments and a sycophant can make a complete fool of them. They are ever mindful of the remarks and slights of others. There is usually an attraction for the company of bad characters. This is to cover up for their inherent weakness.

They like to dress nattily. Unless they assesses their strengths and weaknesses utter failure stares them in their face. They suffer from poverty for the first sixteen years. Life after the age of thirty two is fairly smooth. They depend on others in childhood for support and so grow up to be fiercely independent individuals.

Women are generally well proportioned and good looking. Ravishing beauties are not seen in this Nakshatra.

Pushya born may suffer from gall stones, gastric ulcers, jaundice, cough, breast cancer, eczema etc.

Sanjiv Kumar, Ghanshyam Das Birla, Raj Kapoor are some famous Pushyans.

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nakshatra – the template of our lives Part VII

Free Vedic astrology article

Mrigshira (Lambda Orionis)

Mrigshira born people are even tempered, fond of traveling, sensual and ostentatious. They become exited quickly, have a boisterous nature and like to blow their own trumpet. Egotism and unethical nature leads to losses and health issues. They do not hesitate to employ underhand methods to amass money. At the same time, they want to gain public recognition by donating to charity etc. They are practical, enthusiastic, and thoughtful as well as easily scared people. They have leadership qualities and a retentive memory. Brothers are a constant source of trouble to the The Mrigshira born. Married life is usually not very happy.

Women born under this Constellation are tall and have a sharp look about them. They have low vitality and suffer from bodily discomforts and ill health. They like to be leaders but miss their chances because of their timidity. They like to actively participate in religious and social functions. Emotional nature and ego cause them mental agony.

The likely diseas that they can suffer from are acne and pimples, cold and cough, diphtheria, frequent constipation, nosebleeds and obstruction in the urinary system.

Ardra (Gamma Geminorum)

These are healthy and attractive people. Men are handsome and women good looking. In public gatherings and at work place they keep others in good humor. They usually have a joke or a quote for every occassion. That said, they are not constant towards their friends and relatives. They are very knowledgeable in almost all subjects but unable to get any fame or reward from this knowledge. They are however successful in business. They do not confine themselves to only one activity, they always have more than one iron in the fire. Success comes to them late and they bloom only after the 32nd year of life in a place far away from home. Married life starts late, but he/she will always be under full control of the spouse. No matter what happens in the marriage, outsiders never get even a hint of what is going on.
Women are well proportioned and good looking with a prominent nose. They are cultured, well educated and can attain scholastic success. Married life is not happy. Divorce and widowhood may cause anguish.
Ardra born are likely to suffer from paralysis, heart trouble, dental problems, menstrual and uterus troubles, esonophilia and dry cough. Menstrual process is very painful for Ardra women.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nakshatra – The Template of Our Lives - Part VI

Free Vedic astrology article
Krittika (Etatauri Alcyone)

Krittika born have a well built, powerful body and a commanding appearance. They have a strong and well-developed ego. There is an intense desire to move ahead in life, and rule over others. They are witty and popular and love to eat. They can easily end up eating  more than they should and get into trouble. There is a weakness for women and also for gambling. Normally they are placid characters but constant frustration can cause them to heat up. Once that happens, they become violent and dangerous.

Their profession takes them away from their place of birth. They derive maximum benefit from business connected to medicines, yarn exports and decorative industries. Married life is generally good but ill health and other circumstances mentioned above may cause separation.

 Women have an excellent figure that men drool on, and like their male counterparts, they too have a voracious appetite for food and sex. Their impatience, selfishness, ego and love of luxuries may land them in bad company and spoiled reputation. They like to be flattered, and this along with dinner in a swank restaurant is the key to their heart. They are loyal and once they like someone, they are ready to sacrifice everything for him.

 Both  men and women may suffer from Malaria, Smallpox, arthritis, burns, boils and skin ulcers. They may suffer from insomnia and injuries caused by accidents.

 Rohini (Aldebaran)

People born in Rohini love luxurious living. They are social, soft-spoken persons and like clean surroundings. They are good looking, truthful and grateful persons. Outwardly they look fine but their constitution is usually not very strong. They are darlings of their parents but are quick to find faults in others. Life is full of ups and downs. They spend everything for the sake of today without a thought for future. A little restraint on their emotions and impulsiveness can take them far. Period between 18-36 is troublesome. They make good chemical engineers and may also benefit from dairy and confectionery business.

 They need to be very careful about choosing their friends and partners and should never disclose any secrets to them.

 Women are usually a little on the plump size but are cuddly and beautiful. Their eyes are very attractive. They have a special attraction for the  of pomp and show as also the lime light. There is a natural talent for fine arts and they can become expert musicians, singers or actors.

 An overwhelming majority of Rohini born complain of acne, headaches, manic depressive tendency, irregular menses and pain in the feet.

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