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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nakshatra - the template of our lives Part V

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In the previous Blogs we have talked about what Nakshatras are and how they work. In this and the coming Blogs we shall study their direct effect on human body and mental characteristics.

Ashwini (Beta Arietis)

Ashwini born are very calm and quiet people who get their work done without any fanfare. They are inflexible and stubborn and if the ascendant falls in a Sthir Rashi, they may be unbearable. They are very loyal people and stick by their friends and family. Usually they are reticent and patient, but a devil when provoked. Their actions are slow and deliberate and take place after a careful look at all facets of a problem.

They are spiritual by nature but they are not religious. They are intelligent but lack mental peace. Association with malefic planets, can make them indulge in smuggling, deceit, and trickery. They are usually not successful before their 30th year. There is continuous progress thereafter. They love their family but usually this love is not reciprocated. The root cause of this is their inflexible nature. There is generally no help and benefit from the father. Maternal side and outsiders however step in with help. Health is generally good.

Women are well endowed and have a figure which is a sight for sore eyes. They like elegant jewelry and clothes. They are adept in the art of love making and are very enthusiastic about it. For a successful and happy life, they need to curb their impatience, ego, temper and tongue.

Likely diseases for the Ashwini born are migraine, fever, head injuries, insomnia, epilepsy, malaria and smallpox.

Bharani (41 Arietis)

People born in Bharani are of medium height, have thin hair, a large forehead, bright eyes, bushy eyebrows and well set teeth. Face and neck are long. Head is broad at the forehead and tapers to a narrow chin. If the birth takes place around noon, they may be quite tall. They have a well developed appetite for sex, and are keenly interested in art, photography, and religion. Bharani born can have friends who belong to the riff-raff of society and thus may invite unwanted trouble for themselves. They are however adept at defeating the designs and machinations of their enemies.
Women are generally beautiful and have a voluptuous figure. They are bold and direct and come straight to the point. They are successful business women and do very well running their own show. They often outshine their husband. They may gain excess weight because of their tendency to tickle their taste buds. It is very difficult for a Bharani woman to go shopping and come back without indulging her taste buds. They are very fond of luxuries and material gains and may stop at nothing to attain their goal. This can become a source of trouble and notoriety. One interesting thing about Bharani women is their liking for expensive lingerie. They have a nice collection of it and know how to use these to maximum advantage.

Likely diseases for Bharani born are high fever, influenza, skin diseases, nervousness and phlegm related diseases. Women may have some problem with their reproductive system.

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