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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nakshatra - the template of our lives Part III

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The best use that Nakshatras are put to is in making predictions, using the minute descriptions that they give about the nature and characteristics of people born in those Nakshatras. When we say people born under a Nakshatra, we mean people whose birth Moon is in that particular Nakshatra. We shall use an analogy to make this point a bit clearer. 

Believe it or not, for a large majority of human beings their residential address defines their social status. It gives a lot of information about the income potential and their place in the social hierarchy.

If you are a close friend of the guy who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, number 10 downing street or that large palatial estate at Raisina hill in new Delhi, you are surely an exalted person. If you know all three, you are bound to be some one special living at a special address yourself. Addresses may not make human beings but they sure define them.

Now it is true that people living in a given locality will be of diverse colors, age groups, professions, religious and political views but they have all a common thread running through them. They are similar in many ways and will have similar income levels. This will be true for the majority. We are not considering the exceptions.

This is true of the Nakshatras as well. The moment you know a person’s Nakshatra, you know a lot about him/her right away. Without looking at the horoscope, you can access a lot of information about them. This happens because people born in a given Nakshatra display a number of characteristics that are similar. It is true that different ascendants and the placement of planets in the chart will influence the individuals a great deal but the basic pattern will not differ.

Let us randomly take Ashlesha Nakshatra which is the last Nakshatra of the first group and ends with the last degree of Cancer. They are generally not very pleasant people and are not grateful to anyone, not even those who have really helped them in their times of need. Their outward show of sincerity is just that – a show. There is a strong desire for leadership and power and they do not care how they attain it. They are talkative and have a way with words. Is it any wonder they become very successful politicians.

Another characteristic of these people is that they keep good relationship with the local thugs, and do not hesitate to use them if an occasional arm twisting is required.

This is a thumbnail sketch of Ashlesha and is an accurate description for an overwhelming majority of Ashlesha born. It will be difficult to find an Ashlesha born who differs very much from this template. The apple never falls very far from the tree.

Let us take another example; this time of Ardra Nakshatra. These people are highly  responsible. Any work given to them will be done exactly as it was meant to be. They are humorous and witty and have the knack of keeping people happy. Their relationship with their friends and relatives is very cordial. Despite all these good qualities they are thankless to those who have helped them. They have a changeable nature and are best as print, radio and TV journalists.

They are highly intelligent people and their knowledge is encyclopedic. They know something about every subject. However this quality remains useless as they neither are able to earn money nor fame because of this. They are very sincere in whatever they do, so much so that any problem which prevents them from giving their best is a source of mental anguish to them.

Married life is generally not very happy. It is generally delayed. If it takes place early then either job compulsions or difference of opinions between husband and wife cause separation. One thing is however definite. Whatever happens, no hint of their marital problems is visible to an outsider. Their spouse rules over them.

We mentioned three characteristics above. Sincerity, intelligence and unhappy marriage. This is the common thread running through all Ardra people. There is a fourth one. They are financially comfortable but real wealth eludes them. The template of life called Ardra will show these qualities every time.

In the next Blog; thumbnail sketches of Nakshatras.

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  1. Hmmmm.....I methinks that I see myself in one of those descriptions.
    As always, thank you for the fabulous post!
    As far as address goes, what does my address of "Penny Lane" say about me?


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