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Saturday, August 28, 2010

What is Prana and how does it work Part III

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Prana is the prime force that brings all body functions into being, and is mainly responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of physical bodies. 

Apana is the power of excretion. It scavenges the body of all waste matter and expels it through various outlets. Without Apana the body organs entrusted with the task of producing, sweat, urine, stools will not work.

Vyana is the power of circulation and is responsible for circulation of body fluids. It keeps the heart beating and sending blood through its circuitous route throughout the body.

Samana is the assimilative or digestive force and is responsible for digestion of food and extracting all nutrients from it. It powers the stomach and intestinal system.

Finally Udan is the power that makes the cells differentiate and grow in to specific organs like eyes, hair, nails, skin etc. The regeneration of cells is the prime function of Udan Vayu.

These five Prana are essentially one though they act in distributed ways. The primary seat of Prana is the nervous system and the cerebrospinal system. This is where it resides like the software in a RAM chip, when body needs to move its limbs to do something, it springs to life  by instructing the cells to perform the required action. 

Of the five life giving currents mentioned above the Prana and Apana are intimately connected to consciousness. Apana starts from the point between the eyebrows and flows to Coccyx (Mooladhar Chakra). Along the way it is distributed to the sensory and motor nerves. This Pranic current is restless and keeps the mind centered on the body and sensory experiences. It is devoted to the inputs coming from the five senses and does not allow the consciousness to rise above the material world.

Prana is its exact opposite. It rises from the coccyx and flows towards the point between the eyebrows. It is calm by nature and withdraws the consciousness  inwards, away from the three dimensional world. During the meditative state, it allows the soul to be united with the universal spirit.

Apana as mentioned is a downward flowing current and unites the consciousness to the sensory pleasures. The cells, muscles and organs of senses use up this current like electrical appliances consume electricity. This process of consumption is however not without its drawbacks. It generates waste. Over a period of time the channels become clogged and the organs become exhausted due to overuse.

Prana repairs the damage caused but in the process creates its own waste. This is carried by the blood stream to the lungs where oxygen converts it to carbon dioxide. This process of waste removal is called breath.

The opposite pulls of Apana and Prana create inhalation and exhalation and breathing occurs. As long as Prana keeps pulling  the breath into the lungs, a body remains alive. When the time of death approaches, Apan becomes more powerful than Prana and the body is no longer able to pull the breath into lungs. At this point the death occurs and Apan pulls the astral body out of the physical body. The physical body slowly disintegrates on earth while the astral body flies to an astral world which is in keeping with its karma performed on earth. People with a lot of good Karma go to higher astral worlds where they are conscious of their astral bodies and are able to enjoy their stopover in these worlds. People with inferior Karma go to the astral worlds where they remain in a stupor until the time has come for them to return to earth.


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