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Sunday, August 22, 2010

What is Prana and how does it work Part II
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The modern science is finally comprehending what Hindu philosophy has always known! The universal Prana is therefore Para Prakriti or Pure nature which is derived from infinite spirit and which permeates and sustains the world.

On earth, Prana becomes the sustaining life force of all living organisms.
Our body is a marvel of mechanics. Our circulatory and respiratory system are basically mechanical processes. Our limbs that provide locomotion and ability to perform work also are mechanical in nature.

Our body is a chemical factory as well. Our digestive tract, liver and glandular system are all chemistry based. Be that as it may, there is an intangible factor which allow these processes to start and then continue. If this is withdrawn, the mechanical and chemical processes cease. This intangible force is Prana and its cessation is more commonly known as death. Prana is life. It’s absence is death.

The analogy of a cell phone perfectly describes this process. A brand new instrument with fully charged battery and a sim card will not function unless there is some credit left in the sim card. The cell phone is completely dependent upon this invisible entity which governs the radio transmission that connects the phone to the service providing network. The phone works during the duration of the credit. When credit is over the phone dies. Our body behaves in a similar fashion. Prana is the credit based on our actions performed during previous incarnations, and our body is the handset.

So Prana is needed for a living organism to sustain and grow. This Vital energy actually utilizes the mechanical and chemical processes to keep an organism alive. The individual cells have distributed intelligence and Prana organizes and coordinates this intelligence for building and repair of the body. This is an important concept and must not be lost sight of. Each cell and the organ made from cells have individual intelligence and memories. Prana uses this intelligence to sustain and govern individual body organs.

To the modern medical science which traditionally believes only brain to be the seat of human intelligence, this was pure bunkum, and worthy of derision. Then came heart transplants and the statements of the heart recipients that they could tap into the emotional memories of the donor. It will be interesting to see how the scientist sees this one out.Most likely they will call it some psychological problem.

Prana is intelligent force but it has no consciousness of its own. In that respect it resembles a computer process control software. Soul on the other hand is the spark of divine intelligence which provides the consciousness to an organism and gives it situational awareness. Prana obeys soul and is lodged between the soul and matter. Through it’s help soul makes the matter do its bidding.

At the time of conception, the soul-causal body-astral body system gets encased in a fertilized egg. Soul directs the Prana to subdivide the single cell repeatedly until the body of an infant with all limbs and internal organs is formed. Without the guidance of the soul the process of subdivision will not proceed smoothly. This is very important and essential as our body and our looks are completely dependent upon our Astral Karmic past.

Body gets it’s nourishment through food and drink, which is digested through the force of Prana. Prana enters the body through Medulla and gets stored in the cerebrum and in the spinal centers called Chakra. 

Prana exists in five different forms. As Prana itself and as Apan, Vyana, Saman and Udan. This is how these function.

To be continued. . .

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