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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What is a Mantra and how does it work? Part -II

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Continuation of the previous Blog. . .

This is true of all Mantras. This is the reason why the early Indophiles and Indologists who translated the Vedas to English found the verses to be unsophisticated. Their real meaning however can only be understood by a person who has reached a certain level of self realization and has attained freedom from the slavery of the five senses.

The Yogis who have achieved self realization have existed in India through the ages. Such exalted personages live amongst us even now. They shall gladly explain any Mantra or Stotra to an inquiring mind. The only condition is that one approach them with humility, respect and a genuine need for enlightenment. The early Europeans who were translating the texts did not have any of these qualities, so by simple law of attraction they attracted only those who themselves had little or no knowledge of the essence of the scriptures.

As science progresses, it is realizing that matter and energy are interchangeable and this exchange is a continuous process. This is what Hindu philosophy taught thousands of year ago. It explained in detail how starting from Om - the basic vibration of the universe – energy condenses and gets converted to the material world. The modern string theory is nothing but the Vedic theory of creation by another name.

The theory of Causal, astral and physical bodies and the concepts of Gyanaindriya, Karmendriya and Tanmatra explain the basic principles of creation, while the concepts of Kosha explain its development. The Yug system explains the rise and fall of human consciousness with the passage of time. The theory of everything has been available all along, only the modern scientist has been searching for it in the wrong places.

Mantras are powerful tools to achieve good as well as bad results. Tantra deals with Mantras extensively and categorizes these as Vashikaran (captivating), Mohan (attracting), Uchchatan (rendering powerless) Stambhan (creating obstacles) and  Maaran (inflicting death).

The Mantra and Stotra are excellent remedial measures for badly placed planets in a birth chart. They require no expenditure on gemstones or rituals, and work extremely well. One’s own energy and devotion is all that is needed. Mantras have been effectively used in India for thousands of years. If chanted with diligence and faith they can transform one’s life.


Rajiv Sethi


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