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Friday, August 6, 2010

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According to Matsya Puran a really long time ago at the beginning of this creation, when the universe was coming into being, Sun had two wives and a total of nine children. Saturn was born from the second wife known as Chhaya. She is also credited with giving birth to two daughters Tapati and Vishti.

From his childhood Saturn was the strongest of all nine children and also the most unmanageable. He did not get along with his siblings and was a loner. The story goes that Sun divided and distributed his work load amongst all his children. While every one accepted her role gladly, Saturn was the exception. His desire was to become the most powerful of all and be able to do what he desired.

Saturn started a Tapasya (extreme meditative practice) to please Brahma (the creator) and was successful in getting his desired boon from him. This made him even more insolent than he previously was and he even started revolting against the wishes of his father. Disappointed, Sun approached Lord Shiva and told him about Saturn's transgressions.

Lord Shiva sent his army along with Nandi to take care of Saturn's misdeeds. However due to the boon attained from Brahma, Saturn easily defeated Shiva's army. This angered Lord Shiva and he opened his third eye to incinerate Saturn. Saturn's power though not equal to Lord Shiva was still considerable and he used his own gaze to neutralize Shiva's energy. The merging of these two energies gave rise to the famous bands around Saturn.

Lord Shiva being stronger slowly overpowered Saturn and he fainted due to overexertion and depletion of all his strength. At this, Sun approached Lord Shiva and asked him to spare the life of his son. Shiva relented and resuscitated Saturn. He finally understood the limitations of his powers and begged Shiva to forgive him and make him his disciple.

Lord Shiva is easily pleased and he accepted Saturn as his devotee. He also assigned him the task of bringing home the bad Karma generated by people to them. Ever since then Saturn makes people come face to face with their misdeeds done in previous lives. He does this during is Mahadasha, Antar-Dasha (Major and Sub periods) and transit through the twelve houses.

Saturn's gaze is still very powerful and when ever it falls in anger at a house, the denial of the good results connected to that house are certain. Saturn's job is to maintain Dharma by punishing the wrongdoers. It is for this reason that during the Major or Sub periods of Saturn or during his adverse transits, it never pays to adopt shortcuts and try to wriggle out of the situation. The only way out is through penance.

Rajiv Sethi

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  1. Saturn is a stern taskmaster.
    Once again, thank you for another informative and extremely interesting posy.


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