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Monday, August 16, 2010

Nine Gems that can make or mar your Life

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Gems are mineral crystals of different types that were formed millions of years when the molten rocks or Magma was cooling down to form earth's crest. As the earth cooled, the crystals formed and got attached to other rocks and minerals that were being formed at the same time.   Minerals like Corundum or Aluminum Oxide is pure while in color but may often be colored differently due to the impurities caused by other metal compounds. On the right is a picture of a Corundum crystal that is colored slight blue and is known as Neelam or Sapphire. This crystal may appear red due to the presence of Chromium salts.

These crystals are mined and then cleaned before being sold to people who cut and polish them to make the gems that we use in jewelry.
Gems and their characteristics

Ruby is the representative mineral of Sun on earth. Chemically speaking it is a crystal of Aluminum oxide which is represented by the chemical formula Al2O3. Aluminum oxide is also known as corundum and physically is a very hard crystal second only to a diamond in hardness. Corundum is white in color but appears red due to some impurities caused by chromium salts. A single crystal of red corundum may exhibit different shades of red due to varying amounts of other salts.
Rubies may therefore vary in color from pinkish to violet/purplish red in color. In strong light they appear brighter. Sun is the king and the father of the solar system and represents the ruling class as also the people with authority and power. Like Janma and Chandra Lagna, Sun too is considered a Lagna in it self. Sun therefore represents self, ego, father, body, skeletal system, bones and general health. If Sun becomes the lord of Lagna, fifth or ninth house, he becomes very helpful and in such cases one can wear a ruby without a second thought. In other cases, a ruby should be worn keeping in mind the strength of Sun in the birth chart and whether or not his Maha Dasha is running.

Pearl or Muktak represents Moon in Vedic astrology and is easily the most valued of the organic gems. It is formed when a small speck of sand falls in an oyster shell and begins to irritate the mollusk living inside it. To stop the irritation the mollusk tries to coat the
speck with its secretions called nacre. In time the size of the nacre grows and becomes a round pearl. A pearl is a therefore a very special and exclusive gift of nature. The most valued pearls come from the ocean and have a visible luster or sheen with the most common being white or cream with a rose overtone. Pears from the gulf of Basra on the Iraq coast are world famous.

These days pearls are cultivated artificially by deliberately adding small bits of crushed pearls to mollusk colonies which are grown in sea water in cages. The mollusks are harvested periodically and the pearls removed. Japanese pearls which are grown using this technique are superior to the Chinese variety.

Moon represents, the mind, emotional nature, affluence and public. Every one can and should wear a pearl. There are no astrological restrictions connected to it. Wearing a Pearl brings harmony and stability to mind. Pearl is especially recommended when Moon is in the grip of Saturn, Rahu or Sun, singly or in varying degrees of collectivity. For astrological remedies, pearl should be as close to a sphere as possible. It should not have an oval shape and the nacre should be without any indentations. The preferred size is at least ten millimeters.

Coral or Vidruma is another organic gem that comes from the sea. Corals are colonies of tiny living animals found in marine waters containing few nutrients. Most coral reefs are built from stony corals and are formed by polyps that live together in groups. The polyps secrete a hard carbonate exoskeleton which provides support and protection for the body of each polyp.

The most valued coral is the noble red coral on the left. (Corallicum rubrum). The color is uniform throughout with no pits or color streaks. Polished coral has a vitreous luster. Due to pollution, coral is an endangered species.

Coral represents Mangal or Mars who rules over activity, energy, courage, ambition, sports, property, strength, military, technical ability, mechanical aptitude, forcefulness and bravery. In Jyotish, Mangal is known as the commander-in-chief, because of his ability in organizing and managing direction in all activities. Mars behaves like a General with his focus on precision and power in all activities.

When ever Mars rules over the first, fifth or the ninth house, he becomes capable of producing benefits. For Cancer and Leo ascendants Mars becomes a Yog Karak planet. In such cases wearing a Coral rings brings about very favorable results.

If Mars is adversely placed in the horoscope, one must never wear a Coral. It will increase the problems. Similarly Coral is not a remedy for Manglik Dosh.

Panna, Markat or Emerald is a variety of the mineral Beryl (Be3Al2(SiO3)6), which has been colored green by trace amounts of Chromium and sometimes Vanadium. Emeralds are known by their distinctive green color and can vary from light to dark green. All emeralds contain inclusions formed during their growth. Completely clear stones are extremely rare. Inclusions indicate that the stone is natural. The most common cut is the step or emerald cut.

Emerald represents Mercury and when worn, increases intelligence, education, speech, teaching, learning, communication, confidence, writing ability, trade, humor, wit, discrimination, diplomacy, intellect and commerce. Budh or Mercury is the prince is the planetary cabinet.

People with Gemini and Virgo ascendants are highly benefited by wearing a coral set in a gold ring. A strong influence of Mars, Rahu and Saturn on Moon, Mercury and the fourth lord causes mental aberrations. In such cases one benefits from an emerald ring.

Pushkaraj, Topaz or yellow sapphire also belongs to the Corundum family mentioned above. Their color varies from light yellow to golden and honey yellow. They have considerable luster, come in a variety of cuts and are increasing in market value.

Yellow sapphire is the representative gem of Jupiter who is the largest and the most benefic of all planets in our system. Jupiter signifies knowledge, religion, philosophy, devotion, wisdom, virtue, spirituality, truthfulness, prosperity, charity, fortune, justice, education, future children and distant travel.

People with Sagittarius and Pisces ascendant benefit most from wearing a Topaz. Those with these signs in the fifth or ninth house also profit from Yellow Sapphire.

Heera or diamond is the ultimate gemstone, and has few weaknesses and many strengths. It is well known that Diamond is the hardest substance found in nature, but few people realize that Diamond is four times harder than the next hardest natural mineral, corundum
(sapphire and ruby). But although as hard as it is, it is not impervious to force. Diamond has four directions of cleavage, meaning that if it receives a sharp blow in one of these directions it will cleave, or split. A skilled diamond setter and/or jeweler will prevent any of these directions from being in a position to be struck while mounted in a jewelry piece. It is basically an allotrope of carbon and has the same chemical composition as graphite.

Diamond represents Venus, who is a planet of beauty and grace. Diamond therefore signifies beauty, grace and sophistication. It represents sexual happiness and is the prime significator of male semen. It is for this reason that people suffering from a weak libido and sperm related issue benefit greatly by wearing a diamond ring.

People with Libra ascendant benefit most from a diamond. Those with Taurus ascendant should not wear it if Venus is placed in ascendant as it then tends to cause injury to head. Those with Libra falling in the second, fifth or the ninth house also benefit a great deal.

Neelam or Sapphire is also a gemstone of Corundum family mentioned above. In this case the pure white crystal of corundum (Al2O3) gets a bluish hue due to impurities caused by iron salts. Sapphires have striking luster and color which ranges from light to very dark blue. Blue Sapphires are given a variety of cuts; the most common being the oval cut. Because of its rarity, blue Sapphires are one of the most highly prized of the corundum species.

Sapphire represents Saturn who is the second largest planet in Vedic astrology, and signifies longevity, elders, discipline, authority, ambition, leadership, honesty, perfection, humility, denial, delays, misery, adversity, accidents, conservatism and dutifulness. Saturn is often symbolized as a servant. Saturn is a highly separatist planet and tends to separate a person from the happiness connected to the house or the house lord that he influences.

People with Libra and Taurus ascendants benefit most by wearing a Sapphire. It can also be worn when Saturn Maha Dasha is in progress. Sapphire is a potent gem and shows its result immediately. It should be worn only after a thorough study of the birth chart.

Gomedhak or hessonite is a variety of grossularite garnet. It has a good luster and looks transparent. The color is brownish-orange and is often called cinnamon stone. These gems are often given step or mixed cuts. Hessonite garnets are found especially in Sri Lanka.

Gomedhak represents Rahu, the ascending node of the moon. Rahu signifies, worldly desires, worldly benefits, laziness, sense gratification, and ignorance. It is by nature unpredictable and creates sudden changes and influences. Rahu is similar to Shani or Saturn in its nature and influence.

People with Rahu placed in the fifth or ninth house benefit most by wearing a Hessonite as in these two houses Rahu becomes a Yog Karak planet and brings about sudden and unexpected, but welcome changes in life. People with Rahu in the eighth house will attract more troubles in their life by wearing this gemstone.

Vaidurya or Cat's Eye is the name given to a variety of mineral Chrysoberyl. In Vedic astrology, Ketu is the descending node of Chandra (Moon). It's influences are

similar to Mangal or Mars and include liberation, abstract thinking, asceticism, non-attachment, healing, Moksha--enlightenment, wisdom and that which is hidden.

As with Rahu, Ketu gives best results when placed in the fifth or the ninth house. Those aspiring for Moksh would also benefit by wearing a Cat’s eye, especially if Ketu occupies the twelfth house in their horoscope.

Rajiv Sethi

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  1. Fascinating article.
    Thank you for this!

  2. Sir, very informative article. Especially regarding Rahu/ketu. although I would like to say that I have benefitted a lot from wearing coral though its placed in 8th house(leo ascendant). i dont know the reasong for this.


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