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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Checkout my new website

Hi! I have launched a new website Unlike my current website which is linked to Wordpress Blog, the new site is a stand alone site and provides a better browsing experience. It is an independent site free from all restrictions.
Remedial measures are an integral part of Vedic astrology and almost all of these require chanting of Stotra and Stuti (odes and hymns) to various planets and deities. It is often quite difficult to pronounce the Sanskrit words correctly. True there are videos available on the You tube but searching for them can be a time consuming activity. The new website therefore has a dedicated video page where I am constantly putting the relevant videos from the You Tube. Now you can get everything together on one page with one click of the mouse.
The site has dedicated pages for yearly, monthly and weekly predictions. For the moment only the monthly predictions are available but soon the other two will also be available. I have done my best to make the site as user friendly as I could.
Please check out the new site and send me your questions, comments and feedback. It would help if you send the link to you’re your friends as well. Without your help this new site will not reach anywhere near
I look forward to your emails. The E-Book on Saturn is nearing completion, and will be available by month end.
Rajiv Sethi 

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