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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Shri Shiv Proktam Suryashtkam is an ode to Surya Dev. It is beautiful verse comprising of eight Sanskrit Shlokas in praise of the father of the universe. Listening to it daily improves one's life in every which way. It increases self confidence, promotes spirituality and improves one's health. Sun is the significator of soul, father, eyes and stomach and his Stuti removes all problems connected to this list.

This video appearing below is sung by Shobha Mugdal. She has a powerful voice that does complete justice to the energy of the verses. That she is a masterful classical singer is already well known. I would therefore stop right here and let you enjoy the video.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Why Some Marriages Die?

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While it is true that failed marriages are often a result of bad choices made in an emotional state, it is also equally true that some horoscopes are simply fated to have bad and tragic marriages. In these cases one partner is either cruelly snatched away by fate or lives an invalid’s life; unable to perform the role desired. This happens because of some adverse placements of Mars in the horoscope. This defect is called Manglik Dosh or Kuja Dosh in India and is one of the main factors in matching charts for marriage. We shall simply call it Mars defect.

The seventh house deals with male-female relationships, and in the Indian context, with marriage. For a marriage to be successful; the seventh house and its lord should be strong. Significators for marriage – Jupiter for females and Venus for males should also be strong. Any weakness in any one of four factors will reduce marital happiness.

Mars as we all know is a potent Marak (killer) and kills quickly. There is no lingering death where Mars is involved. If the four factors mentioned above come under the influence of Mars it is quite likely that marriage will be cut short due to sudden death of one of the partners.

Mangal Dosh is a flaw which occurs when Mars occupies 1,4,7,8, 12 in a horoscope. Some astrologers also include second house in this list.

Mars aspects the fourth, seventh and eighth house from where he is placed. When placed in Lagna, he aspects the seventh through his seventh aspect. Fourth house Mars harms the seventh house through his fourth aspect. In the seventh house the damage is done by the very placement of Mars. The eighth house aspect falls on the second house. Mars when placed in the eighth house aspects the second house which is the house of longevity of the life partner and shortens his/her life span. In the case of twelfth house the eighth house aspect falls on the seventh house.
When Mars falls in any one of the houses mentioned above, one needs to be very careful in matching charts of two people. Any carelessness can cost the couple dearly.

When matching compatibility between two charts, the presence of Manglik Dosh acts as a deterrent. If its cancellation does not happen, it can be a folly to proceed with marriage. It must be pointed out here that in determining marriage compatibility, there are several other factors which are much more important than badly placed Mars. However the complications arising from Mars can and do ruin a marriage.

Exceptions and exemptions to Mangal Dosh

•    Mars in 2nd house is not bad provided sign placed there is Gemini or Virgo.

•    Mars defect due to placement of Mars in the 12th house is cancelled provided that the signs occupying the 12th house are Taurus or Libra.

•    Mars defect due to placement of Mars in the 4th house is cancelled provided that the sign occupying the 4th house is Taurus or Libra.

•    For the 7th house exceptions are Capricorn and Cancer.

•    For the 8th the exceptions are Sagittarius and Pisces.

•    The defect is nullified by the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter, Mars and Moon and by the presence of Venus or Jupiter in the Lagna (ascendant).

•    If in the horoscope of the life partner, Saturn is in first, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth houses the defect due to Mars is cancelled. If any strong malefic planet (Saturn or Mars) is in the same house of the female chart in which Mars is placed in the Male chart, Then Kuja Dosha is cancelled.

•    If the Sign lords are friends, and the number of points in the eightfold matching system exceeds thirty, then too Kuja Dosha becomes ineffective.

•    If the seventh lord and the significator for seventh house (either Jupiter or Venus) are strong, Mangal Dosh loses its sting.

•    If Mars is placed in the second house in his own house – Aries or Scorpio – then too the Dosh is cancelled as Mars actually strengthens the house of marriage.
Association and aspect of Saturn weakens Mars and cancels Manglik Dosh.

•    Another factor that cancels this Dosh is an extremely high matching of charts in the Asht Koot system; the seventh lord however should be strong.

What one should not do in the case of Manglik Dosh.

One must never wear a Coral under any circumstance. This will reinforce Mars and actually increase the extent of the problem. The remedy lies in propitiation of Mars through Mantra, fasting and donation, and strengthening Jupiter and seventh lord through appropriate Mantra.

Manglik Dosh or Mars defect is  something that should be carefully examined in the horoscope of both parties. It is a serious but not dreadful occurrence. Astrologically it gets cancelled in many ways, and remedies in the form of Mantra and rituals are available.

All one needs to do is to keep an eye open for it and take appropriate measures.

Rajiv Sethi

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A prayer from Durga Sapt Shati

I apologize for being a little tardy in posting new articles on the Blog. This is mainly due to the Book on Saturn that I have been writing. The book is a complete treatise on Saturn in Hindu Vedic astrology and looks at his spiritual, anecdotal, astrological and remedial issues. Here is an excellent rendering of Devi Stuti from the fifth chapter of Durga Saptshati Shati from Shlok number 9 to 80. 81 and 82 Shlok seems to have been left out due to ten minute limit on You Tube videos. I must admit that I have never before heard such perfect and effortless singing of this Stuti. The singer has matched the spiritual out put of the Mantra Drashta rishi with her perfect singing. It is a pity that her name does not appear on the video. Here it is then, the stream of nectar.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Monsoon, Rainfall and Hindu Astrology – Is there a connection? Part IV (concluded)

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continuation of the previous Blog
Ardra Pravesh Lagna (horoscope cast for the time when Sun enters Betelgeuse constellation)
The exact local time when Sun enters Ardra Nakshatra is noted and a horoscope made for that moment. The lunar date, day, Lunar Nakshatra and planetary combinations prevailing at that time give holistic information about coming weather patterns.
If the entry of Sun in Ardra Nakshatra happens after a sunset and before the next Sun rise, it is good for rainfall and weather. All other times are considered inauspicious. Solar entry in Ardra Nakshatra between sunrise and 12 noon is especially bad and points towards coming famine and other calamities.

In sharp contrast Sun entering Ardra during late evening or night indicates widespread and plentiful rainfall leading to good crops and easy availability of food grains.

Ardra Pravesh in India took place exactly at 17.27 hours on June 22, 2010 when Moon was in Swati Nakshatra in Libra. According to classics this indicates almost normal rainfall. I qualify it with almost because the Scorpio ascendant and its lord Mars belong to fire element and Mars is placed in Leo in the tenth house, and Leo is a fire sign as well.

The Lunar date on June 22nd is 13, and the day is Thursday. The result for thirteenth lunar date are described as floods in major rivers. Thursday indicates ample productions of food grains. Similar results are foretold for Moon in Swati Nakshatra. The fact that Moon is in Libra and Jupiter in Pisces also indicates plentiful food production.
As we can see, except a few, the majority of indications are favorable and it can be safely predicted that rainfall will be normal and the crops bountiful. Whether or not the government takes correct decisions to maximize gains for the nation is another matter altogether.

We have studied only the formation of monsoon and attendant rainfall in the past three Blogs. There are other factors which have a deep effect on the economy of a nation.

The king of this year is Mars and he also rules over four more offices of the celestial council. This indicates air accidents, increase in terrorist activities and general unrest. Despite dark and multi layered clouds, the rain fall will be deficient. The ruler of the nation will betray impotence in tackling important issues.

We can only pray to God for his blessings.

Rajiv Sethi

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