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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What do the planets say about our future in the second half of this year? Part I

Free Vedic astrology article

The branch of Vedic astrology that deals with the events connected to nations and humanity is called mundane astrology. It is similar to the usual predictive astrology but the twelve houses assume a somewhat different character. Here is the list of what each house stands for.

First house: General situation of the country, its psyche, health matters of the public, sanitation and pollution. It also governs the ministry of home affairs.

Second house: Finances of a country, stock exchanges, banks, in our case, the Reserve Bank of India, trade and commerce, food, national wealth. It rules the ministry of finance

Third house: Communication and road transport, railways, postal services, TV and radio, telephone and internet services, news papers and neighboring countries.

Fourth house: Land, buildings, agricultural farms, cabinet and opposition party. (Cabinet is also seen from 1st & 8th houses)

Fifth: Education, students, children, cultural and creative activities, planning commission, stock exchanges, ambassadors and birth rates.

Sixth house: Debts, disease, territorial fight, defense, labor, strikes, sanitation, service industries, serving classes.

Seventh house: International relations, treaties and pacts with other nations, disputes, divorce rate and marriages.

Eighth house: Death rate, deaths from epidemics and disease, underground wealth, medical research, national mourning, ministry of health.

Ninth house: Religion, judiciary, law ministry, courts, international court of justice, foreign affairs, teachers and highly educated classes, science and technology.

Tenth house: Ruling party, government, president, prime minister, governors, stability and condition of the government.

Eleventh house: Revenue, acts of parliament, notification of election.

Twelfth house: Investments, charitable institutions, foreign countries, secret plots against the country hatched beyond the borders. It also represents spies from enemy nations.

Just as Vedic astrology has many Yog that indicate good or bad events in a horoscope, so too in the mundane astrology a number of Yog indicate the gains and losses that will befall a nation in a given year.

Since the time of birth of most nations is unknown, a horoscope is cast for the time when the Hindu New Year commences. This happens on the 15th-16th of March. This year the Hindu new year started on 15th March at 2.31 AM IST.

In the coming Blogs we will get acquainted with some Yoga and how they affect us in the next six months.

Rajiv Sethi

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