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Friday, June 4, 2010

Tenth house Mars and what does it mean for you – Aquarius and Pisces ascendants.

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As written earlier, Mars is a fast moving, energetic and fiery planet, who also has the potential to cause injury. He is the lord of two zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio. These rule over the head and scrotum area in the body of Kal Purush or the legendary human being.

Mars becomes exalted in Capricorn which is the tenth sign of the zodiac. The tenth house represents religious deeds, ruling powers given by government, social status, honor, deliberate actions and wealth of father. The tenth house also represents the knees of the Kal Purush.

Mars has been accepted as one of the Karak planets of the tenth house and his presence there is considered good for professional prospects of an individual. In this last part we take a look at Mars in the tenth house for Aquarius and Pisces ascendants. In this article we shall examine all Lagna from Aries to Pisces and find out what promises does Mars hold for each of these.


Mars who is the natural Karak for younger brothers becomes the third lord. A strong Mars gives many younger brothers. Mars is also the tenth lord and so a strong Mars gives a liking for active participation in affairs of state. An Aquarius person with Mars in the tenth house will surely make a go at political office. One becomes rich, happy and intelligent. There are gains from journeys connected to profession.

If Mars is strong one gets high social status and honor.  The placement of the tenth lord in the sixth, eight or twelfth houses in Navansh Chart, renders the native’s career routine and ordinary. If three other planets join the tenth lord in the tenth house, the native becomes an ascetic. 

Such a person has middle stature, and is aggressive, proud, haughty, clever and diplomatic. He indulges his senses, and is positive in his approach. He is tenacious, skilful and has danger from weapons, fire and poison.

Affliction to ascendant lord and Mars can give a criminal career. One can become the leader of a gang of robbers.

Since Aries falls in the third house, it becomes the complete representative of younger brother. The third house will therefore represent the head of the brother. Successive houses will represent different body parts of the younger brother.


Mars the second lord also becomes the ninth lord. The house of wealth and good fortune thus become linked. A strong Mars (in eleventh) therefore gives wealth beyond expectation. The government and bureaucracy are also very helpful to him in his acquisition of wealth. A weak Mars gives losses from the same sources. The younger brother of the wife becomes the cause of his downfall. (Third from seventh i.e. ninth).

Mars in the tenth house makes one very famous and powerful. He is generous and occupies a post of authority. One acquires a lot of wealth and enjoys. He is also a righteous and law abiding person.

A Pisces ascendant with Mars in the tenth house usually has different types of vehicles. His life partner is loving and devoted. He himself is famous, frank and pleasure loving. Mars gives impatience and a severe nature. If in the army, he chooses cavalry branch.

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  1. Excellent and compelling reading - as usual.
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  2. nice!!! nice inforamation provide about the relation of the mars to the sign of zodiac. in astrology everything in universe related to each other and impact everybodies life.



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