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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our Future in the second half of 2010 - Part III

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In the previous Blog, we talked about the Varsh Pravesh Lagna Kundli (horoscope). It is a horoscope cast for the time when the last Amavasya of the year ends. There is another very important point of time which occurs when Sun enters Mesh or the first sign Aries. The horoscope made for this time is called Jagat Lagna Kundli or world horoscope. This is also known as solar return chart for the world. This amplifies the results shown by Varsh Pravesh chart and the two are used in tandem.

Traditionally, the Rashi (sign) of USA is taken as Gemini. In the Jagat Lagna Kundli of 2010, the sign Gemini is occupied by Ketu, while Saturn and Jupiter aspect it. Jupiter rules over foreign policy and governance of US this year. Saturn has ownership of the eighth and ninth houses which rule over national mourning and foreign policy. A worrying note here is the combined aspect of Saturn and Mars on tenth lord Jupiter. In the context of US, the tenth lord Jupiter denotes the president and the aspect of two most damaging malefic planets does not augur well for his safety.

US will be forced to reevaluate its policy towards Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan. It will also recalibrate its relationship with Islam as a religion. Sanctions against Iran will not prove successful, and will end up forcing the liberal factions toe the hardliner’s policies. This is the most inopportune time for US to think about Iraq like intervention in Iran. It is best left alone.

In President Barak Obama’s birth chart, Transit Mars and transit Saturn both get together in Virgo from July 20 to September 05. Then from February 15 to May 2011 Mars first gets into 6-8 and then 1-7 alignment with Saturn. These are unfavorable transits and add an unnecessary element of aggression to his mental processes. The president will have to be extremely cautious in his foreign policy. Saber rattling may cause more problems than it can solve, and US is certainly not in a position to fight another war so soon.

His personal security is under threat during these periods from extremist groups which may or may not be Islamist, and may not necessarily be foreign.

In the 63rd solar return chart of India for Thursday 15th August 2010, the Lagna or Ascendant falls in Gemini and its lord Mercury becomes Varshesh (or the lord of the year). Mercury is extremely powerful and according to the classic, Tajik Neelkanthi gives uniformly good results. India is therefore assured of good education for its children as well as victory, wealth, comforts and honor for its citizens.  

The economy will make rapid progress and become a thing of wonder for the rest of the world, especially Europe and US. Worried because of their flagging economies, these countries will invest greater amounts in India.

There will be some original and fruitful research in the medical field. In the times of crisis help will be available from close, tested and trusted friends.

The fourth house represents the land mass of the country as also the opposition parties. One Neech benefic – Venus; and two malefics – Saturn and Mars occupy the fourth house. Nepal, Pakistan and China borders become sensitive and sudden sharp clashes are quite possible. This is truer of Pakistan and China and less of Nepal. 

Lagna and fourth lord Mercury is extremely powerful and shows a determined opposition from parties not in power to the pusillanimous policies of the government in power. A lot of heat is likely to be generated on key provisions of nuclear liability bill, which has been considerably diluted at the behest of US. America wants to wriggle out of any legal and fiscal liability towards Indian citizens should there be a Bhopal gas leak type disaster in a nuclear power plant manufactured in US and installed by a US company in India.

To be continued.

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  1. Excellent post.
    I am particularly enjoying the correlation of the posts to current and global events.
    Keep up the good and meaningful work, Rajiv!


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