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Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Future In The Second Half Of 2010 and Beyond - Part IV

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Continuation of the previous Blog. Beyond 2012

When predicting world events, Hindu astrology has some other tools which it uses with advantage. One of these is the study of Solar and Lunar eclipses. It is seen that eclipses are generally 177 days apart. That means that an average year will have two solar eclipses. This is considered normal and the good and bad results of the eclipse are limited to mainly humans. There are however abnormal years when three and sometimes even four solar eclipses take place. These years are considered very inauspicious especially for the countries where these are visible. These eclipses leave long lasting impressions that may run for decades.

We can go back in history and take a look when more than two eclipses took place in a year. In the year 1953-54 there were as many as six solar eclipses. Ten years later 1964 had four eclipses. Some major events that happened during these years were invasion of Tibet by China, China- India and the India-Pakistan war. Assassination of John Kennedy in Texas and widespread famine in Asia were some other effects connected to unusual number of eclipses.

In 1971 and 1973 there were three solar eclipses. This resulted in second India-Pakistan war, bifurcation of Pakistan and birth of Bangla Desh. Thousands of Bangla Desh refugees that took shelter in India never went back. That is still a festering problem that is time and again swept under the carpet.

1982 had four, 1992 three and 2000 four solar eclipses. This brought about Khalistan related terrorism, immense damage to life and property through bombs and Kalashnikovs, operation Blue Star, assassination of two prime ministers, Ayodhya Ram Mandir dispute and Kargil war. We were seared deeply by these fires and their embers though dormant, are still live.

There are respectively four, three and three solar eclipses in 2011, 2018 and 2019. In 2028 there is Shravan Adhik Mas and the 2029 there are four solar eclipses again. The next twenty five years will prove to be a momentous period in the history of humankind. The changes that take place now will fundamentally alter the way we live, think and behave in the twenty first century.

One can safely expect deep-seated changes in the power structure of the nations and the ability of the west to dominate and orchestrate world events will be gone for a very long time to come.

It is interesting to note that the depiction by Mayan civilization of the scenario that unfolds in 2012 mirrors precisely what Hindu astrology predicts.

Rajiv Sethi


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  1. Rajiv,
    Excellent and well-articulated post as usual.
    I am enjoying these latest topics about current.future events.
    Thank you!


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