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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Monsoon, Rainfall and Hindu Astrology – Is there a connection?


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Continuation of the previous Blog on Monsoon.

Signs of a successful conception of next Monsoon
We talked about an important day above. That day is Margsheersh Shukla Pratipada, (first Lunar date in the bright half of the month of November) the day when Moon enters Poorv Ashadh Nakshatra. From this day onward some atmospheric signs signal the successful conception of rain. The following observations indicate that the next Monsoon will be plentiful.
Margsheersh (November)

1.Normal easterly or northern wind.
2.Clear and bright sky with slightly more than usual brightness.
3.Occasional formation of dark clouds without rain.
4.A halo around Moon and Sun.
5.Not much drop in diurnal temperatures.
6.Vivid sunsets
In the months of Magh, Falgun and Chaitra (Georgian month of January, February and March) the following conditions, if prevailing, signify satisfactory progress of Monsoon.

Magh (January) 
1. Chilly and stiff winds
2. A slight covering of clouds over Sun Clouds at the time of Sun rise and sunset
3. Normal rainfall 

Falgun (February)
1. Dry winds
2. Cloud formation without rain.
Chaitra (March)

1. Drizzle and normal rainfall.

If the weather signs mentioned in November are seen on a given day, it can be safely assumed that there will be rainfall after 195 days from that day, when Moon again enters Poorv Ashadh Nakshatra.
It is entirely possible that the conception of rain is delayed some what and the signs of conception mentioned above are seen when Moon is in another Nakshatra. If that happens and conception takes place in Uttar Ashadh, Poorv Bhadrapad, Uttar Bhadrapad or Revati Nakshatra, the next Monsoon is widespread and plentiful.
Rain conception occurring when Moon is in Ardra, Ashlesha, Magha, Swati or Shatbhijaj causes on normal rainfall in the coming year.
Easterly wind at the time of signs of conception indicate very satisfying Monsoon in the coming year.
If the conception occurs on an Amavasya and benefic planets aspect both Sun and Moon, the rainfall occurs continuously over several days. Malefic aspects cause hailstorm and lightening strikes.
Signs of conception seen in a bright fortnight bring about rain in the dark fortnight in the coming year. Same rules apply to day or night also. Conception taking place during day time will cause first rainfall in the coming year during night.
A rain shower without any cause, within a fortnight of the conception indicates abortion of the coming Monsoon. The following conditions are an exception to this rule as these are capable of inducing rain on their own.

a. When Mercury, or Venus are very close to Sun and are Ast (combust)
b. If Saturn and Venus are exact opposite to each other.
c.  If Vakri (retrograde) Saturn changes direction and becomes Margi (direct).
d. A tectonic shift resulting in an earthquake.

All four conditions if obtaining can cause precipitation due to their own energy fields and so do not indicate an abortion of Monsoon.

To be continued

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  1. Terrific post, as usual.
    Gives one pause, especially when thinking of all the current "natural" and "unnatural" disasters.
    Thank you for your knowledge!

  2. Thanks for sharing such type of awesome and interesting information.

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