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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Monsoon, Rainfall and Hindu Astrology – Is there a connection?

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Modern science tells us that primal life on earth began in water. Now that it has  evolved over millions of years it still needs water to sustain it. Without water nothing survives for long. Water is life.

And this is what one of the ancient Sanskrit text has to say about creation (Taittriya Upanishad)

The decreasing dominance of the constituents of this universe starting from universal spirit is as follows.
Universal spirit – space – air – fire – water – Earth – herbs – food grains – Humans & amp; animals.

The energy that pervades our earth is of three types. The first kind is the fire contained in the Sun itself. The second type of fire resides as magma with in the earth. The third type of fire is the one that is spread throughout the atmosphere and is the underlying cause of wind and ocean currents. Indeed, Yajurved tells us that in order to unearth the secrets of nature we must study these three types of fires in detail.

Sun is the prime mover of the Monsoon system. Solar radiation heats up the water on earth which turns into vapor and climbs up into the sky making clouds. As the clouds rise they cool and lose the energy that keeps them in vapor form. As the latent heat of the vapor is lost it condenses back to liquid form and falls down to earth as rain. Solar heat and the heat contained with in the atmosphere keeps the weather system going.

If solar heat is absent water will freeze and there will be no rainfall. This is the reason why the ancient Rishis (realized masters) said that fire is the root cause of water. In chemical terms too, the burning of Hydrogen produces water. Whenever a water molecule is formed, heat is an integral part of the chemical process.

Ancient Hindus had a highly advanced and radically different view about the science of weather or metrology. They talk about the concept of ‘Samvatsaragni’ (Samvatsar = year, Agni = Fire or heat absorption in a year) which is the quantum of heat that our earth absorbs from solar radiation in one year. The weather pattern and rainfall in a year is directly proportional to the solar heat absorbed by earth. Summer, rainy season and winter are intimately interconnected; the prime mover of the system being the rainfall.

Samvatsaragni and global warming

This ancient concept of Samvatsaragni gives us a clue to Global warming. As million of tons of fossil fuels are burnt everyday, they add heat to the atmosphere. This increases the quantum of heat absorbed by earth in a year. There was a buffer capacity in the earth ecosystem that could take care of the extra man made heat. That limit is now crossed resulting into polar ice melt and increasing sea levels.  

Estimation of the yearly rain fall

The assessment of the rainfall in the coming year starts immediately after Diwali which falls in the month of either Kartik or Margsheersh (Georgian October or November).
These months are considered to be the months when earth becomes pregnant with rain.
After Margsheersh Shukla Pratipada, (first Lunar date in the bright half of the month of November)) the day when Moon enters Poorv Ashadh Nakshatra, is taken to be the foundation for the rainfall of the next year.

It is important to know that modern meteorology takes cognizance of this period though in a different form. They call it El Nino effect. El Nino is a shift in ocean temperatures and atmospheric conditions in the tropical Pacific that disrupts weather around the world. It is a poorly understood recurrent climatic phenomenon that primarily affects the Pacific coast of South America, but has dramatic impacts on weather patterns all over the world. (excerpt from

To be continued......

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