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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Monsoon, Rainfall and Hindu Astrology – Is there a connection?


Free Vedic astrology article
Continuation of the previous Blog on Monsoon.

Signs of a successful conception of next Monsoon
We talked about an important day above. That day is Margsheersh Shukla Pratipada, (first Lunar date in the bright half of the month of November) the day when Moon enters Poorv Ashadh Nakshatra. From this day onward some atmospheric signs signal the successful conception of rain. The following observations indicate that the next Monsoon will be plentiful.
Margsheersh (November)

1.Normal easterly or northern wind.
2.Clear and bright sky with slightly more than usual brightness.
3.Occasional formation of dark clouds without rain.
4.A halo around Moon and Sun.
5.Not much drop in diurnal temperatures.
6.Vivid sunsets
In the months of Magh, Falgun and Chaitra (Georgian month of January, February and March) the following conditions, if prevailing, signify satisfactory progress of Monsoon.

Magh (January) 
1. Chilly and stiff winds
2. A slight covering of clouds over Sun Clouds at the time of Sun rise and sunset
3. Normal rainfall 

Falgun (February)
1. Dry winds
2. Cloud formation without rain.
Chaitra (March)

1. Drizzle and normal rainfall.

If the weather signs mentioned in November are seen on a given day, it can be safely assumed that there will be rainfall after 195 days from that day, when Moon again enters Poorv Ashadh Nakshatra.
It is entirely possible that the conception of rain is delayed some what and the signs of conception mentioned above are seen when Moon is in another Nakshatra. If that happens and conception takes place in Uttar Ashadh, Poorv Bhadrapad, Uttar Bhadrapad or Revati Nakshatra, the next Monsoon is widespread and plentiful.
Rain conception occurring when Moon is in Ardra, Ashlesha, Magha, Swati or Shatbhijaj causes on normal rainfall in the coming year.
Easterly wind at the time of signs of conception indicate very satisfying Monsoon in the coming year.
If the conception occurs on an Amavasya and benefic planets aspect both Sun and Moon, the rainfall occurs continuously over several days. Malefic aspects cause hailstorm and lightening strikes.
Signs of conception seen in a bright fortnight bring about rain in the dark fortnight in the coming year. Same rules apply to day or night also. Conception taking place during day time will cause first rainfall in the coming year during night.
A rain shower without any cause, within a fortnight of the conception indicates abortion of the coming Monsoon. The following conditions are an exception to this rule as these are capable of inducing rain on their own.

a. When Mercury, or Venus are very close to Sun and are Ast (combust)
b. If Saturn and Venus are exact opposite to each other.
c.  If Vakri (retrograde) Saturn changes direction and becomes Margi (direct).
d. A tectonic shift resulting in an earthquake.

All four conditions if obtaining can cause precipitation due to their own energy fields and so do not indicate an abortion of Monsoon.

To be continued

Rajiv Sethi

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Monsoon, Rainfall and Hindu Astrology – Is there a connection?

Free Vedic astrology article

Modern science tells us that primal life on earth began in water. Now that it has  evolved over millions of years it still needs water to sustain it. Without water nothing survives for long. Water is life.

And this is what one of the ancient Sanskrit text has to say about creation (Taittriya Upanishad)

The decreasing dominance of the constituents of this universe starting from universal spirit is as follows.
Universal spirit – space – air – fire – water – Earth – herbs – food grains – Humans & amp; animals.

The energy that pervades our earth is of three types. The first kind is the fire contained in the Sun itself. The second type of fire resides as magma with in the earth. The third type of fire is the one that is spread throughout the atmosphere and is the underlying cause of wind and ocean currents. Indeed, Yajurved tells us that in order to unearth the secrets of nature we must study these three types of fires in detail.

Sun is the prime mover of the Monsoon system. Solar radiation heats up the water on earth which turns into vapor and climbs up into the sky making clouds. As the clouds rise they cool and lose the energy that keeps them in vapor form. As the latent heat of the vapor is lost it condenses back to liquid form and falls down to earth as rain. Solar heat and the heat contained with in the atmosphere keeps the weather system going.

If solar heat is absent water will freeze and there will be no rainfall. This is the reason why the ancient Rishis (realized masters) said that fire is the root cause of water. In chemical terms too, the burning of Hydrogen produces water. Whenever a water molecule is formed, heat is an integral part of the chemical process.

Ancient Hindus had a highly advanced and radically different view about the science of weather or metrology. They talk about the concept of ‘Samvatsaragni’ (Samvatsar = year, Agni = Fire or heat absorption in a year) which is the quantum of heat that our earth absorbs from solar radiation in one year. The weather pattern and rainfall in a year is directly proportional to the solar heat absorbed by earth. Summer, rainy season and winter are intimately interconnected; the prime mover of the system being the rainfall.

Samvatsaragni and global warming

This ancient concept of Samvatsaragni gives us a clue to Global warming. As million of tons of fossil fuels are burnt everyday, they add heat to the atmosphere. This increases the quantum of heat absorbed by earth in a year. There was a buffer capacity in the earth ecosystem that could take care of the extra man made heat. That limit is now crossed resulting into polar ice melt and increasing sea levels.  

Estimation of the yearly rain fall

The assessment of the rainfall in the coming year starts immediately after Diwali which falls in the month of either Kartik or Margsheersh (Georgian October or November).
These months are considered to be the months when earth becomes pregnant with rain.
After Margsheersh Shukla Pratipada, (first Lunar date in the bright half of the month of November)) the day when Moon enters Poorv Ashadh Nakshatra, is taken to be the foundation for the rainfall of the next year.

It is important to know that modern meteorology takes cognizance of this period though in a different form. They call it El Nino effect. El Nino is a shift in ocean temperatures and atmospheric conditions in the tropical Pacific that disrupts weather around the world. It is a poorly understood recurrent climatic phenomenon that primarily affects the Pacific coast of South America, but has dramatic impacts on weather patterns all over the world. (excerpt from

To be continued......

Rajiv Sethi
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Future In The Second Half Of 2010 and Beyond - Part IV

Free Vedic astrology article

Continuation of the previous Blog. Beyond 2012

When predicting world events, Hindu astrology has some other tools which it uses with advantage. One of these is the study of Solar and Lunar eclipses. It is seen that eclipses are generally 177 days apart. That means that an average year will have two solar eclipses. This is considered normal and the good and bad results of the eclipse are limited to mainly humans. There are however abnormal years when three and sometimes even four solar eclipses take place. These years are considered very inauspicious especially for the countries where these are visible. These eclipses leave long lasting impressions that may run for decades.

We can go back in history and take a look when more than two eclipses took place in a year. In the year 1953-54 there were as many as six solar eclipses. Ten years later 1964 had four eclipses. Some major events that happened during these years were invasion of Tibet by China, China- India and the India-Pakistan war. Assassination of John Kennedy in Texas and widespread famine in Asia were some other effects connected to unusual number of eclipses.

In 1971 and 1973 there were three solar eclipses. This resulted in second India-Pakistan war, bifurcation of Pakistan and birth of Bangla Desh. Thousands of Bangla Desh refugees that took shelter in India never went back. That is still a festering problem that is time and again swept under the carpet.

1982 had four, 1992 three and 2000 four solar eclipses. This brought about Khalistan related terrorism, immense damage to life and property through bombs and Kalashnikovs, operation Blue Star, assassination of two prime ministers, Ayodhya Ram Mandir dispute and Kargil war. We were seared deeply by these fires and their embers though dormant, are still live.

There are respectively four, three and three solar eclipses in 2011, 2018 and 2019. In 2028 there is Shravan Adhik Mas and the 2029 there are four solar eclipses again. The next twenty five years will prove to be a momentous period in the history of humankind. The changes that take place now will fundamentally alter the way we live, think and behave in the twenty first century.

One can safely expect deep-seated changes in the power structure of the nations and the ability of the west to dominate and orchestrate world events will be gone for a very long time to come.

It is interesting to note that the depiction by Mayan civilization of the scenario that unfolds in 2012 mirrors precisely what Hindu astrology predicts.

Rajiv Sethi


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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our Future in the second half of 2010 - Part III

Free Vedic astrology article

In the previous Blog, we talked about the Varsh Pravesh Lagna Kundli (horoscope). It is a horoscope cast for the time when the last Amavasya of the year ends. There is another very important point of time which occurs when Sun enters Mesh or the first sign Aries. The horoscope made for this time is called Jagat Lagna Kundli or world horoscope. This is also known as solar return chart for the world. This amplifies the results shown by Varsh Pravesh chart and the two are used in tandem.

Traditionally, the Rashi (sign) of USA is taken as Gemini. In the Jagat Lagna Kundli of 2010, the sign Gemini is occupied by Ketu, while Saturn and Jupiter aspect it. Jupiter rules over foreign policy and governance of US this year. Saturn has ownership of the eighth and ninth houses which rule over national mourning and foreign policy. A worrying note here is the combined aspect of Saturn and Mars on tenth lord Jupiter. In the context of US, the tenth lord Jupiter denotes the president and the aspect of two most damaging malefic planets does not augur well for his safety.

US will be forced to reevaluate its policy towards Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan. It will also recalibrate its relationship with Islam as a religion. Sanctions against Iran will not prove successful, and will end up forcing the liberal factions toe the hardliner’s policies. This is the most inopportune time for US to think about Iraq like intervention in Iran. It is best left alone.

In President Barak Obama’s birth chart, Transit Mars and transit Saturn both get together in Virgo from July 20 to September 05. Then from February 15 to May 2011 Mars first gets into 6-8 and then 1-7 alignment with Saturn. These are unfavorable transits and add an unnecessary element of aggression to his mental processes. The president will have to be extremely cautious in his foreign policy. Saber rattling may cause more problems than it can solve, and US is certainly not in a position to fight another war so soon.

His personal security is under threat during these periods from extremist groups which may or may not be Islamist, and may not necessarily be foreign.

In the 63rd solar return chart of India for Thursday 15th August 2010, the Lagna or Ascendant falls in Gemini and its lord Mercury becomes Varshesh (or the lord of the year). Mercury is extremely powerful and according to the classic, Tajik Neelkanthi gives uniformly good results. India is therefore assured of good education for its children as well as victory, wealth, comforts and honor for its citizens.  

The economy will make rapid progress and become a thing of wonder for the rest of the world, especially Europe and US. Worried because of their flagging economies, these countries will invest greater amounts in India.

There will be some original and fruitful research in the medical field. In the times of crisis help will be available from close, tested and trusted friends.

The fourth house represents the land mass of the country as also the opposition parties. One Neech benefic – Venus; and two malefics – Saturn and Mars occupy the fourth house. Nepal, Pakistan and China borders become sensitive and sudden sharp clashes are quite possible. This is truer of Pakistan and China and less of Nepal. 

Lagna and fourth lord Mercury is extremely powerful and shows a determined opposition from parties not in power to the pusillanimous policies of the government in power. A lot of heat is likely to be generated on key provisions of nuclear liability bill, which has been considerably diluted at the behest of US. America wants to wriggle out of any legal and fiscal liability towards Indian citizens should there be a Bhopal gas leak type disaster in a nuclear power plant manufactured in US and installed by a US company in India.

To be continued.

Rajiv Sethi


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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Future in the second half of 2010 - Part II

Free Vedic astrology article

Before we proceed with our analysis of the coming six months, we must take a look at some terms used in this article.

Varsh Pravesh Lagna
The point of time when the last Amavasya (no Moon day) of a year ends is taken as the time of birth of the New Year. Chaitra Amavasya (no Moon day falling in the Hindu month of Chaitra) ended on March 15th at 2.31 Am and so it is taken as the beginning of the New Year.

Mal Mas
The Hindu calendar year Vikram Samvat 2067 (Georgian 2010-2011) has an extra lunar month and will have thirteen instead of usual twelve months. According to Jyotish savant Bhaskaracharya, a month in which Sun does not change signs is called a Mal Mas – an extra month. It is also known as Purushottam Mas. Any year with a Mal Mas is considered unfortunate as it brings war and famine to the general public.

Khappar Yog

Khappar is Mother Kali’s drinking bowl made from a human skull. Whenever a month gets to have five Sundays, five Tuesdays or five Saturdays, there is great unrest due to violence, explosions, and accidents. This phenomenon also disturbs the normal rainfall and leads to reduced crop yields.

Vishvaghras Paksh

A lunar Paksh of only 13 days is considered highly inauspicious and brings in its wake loss of life due epidemics, soaring prices, natural calamities, violence, explosions and change of national leadership due to unexpected events. This occurred between May 14 to May 27 and caused the Air India Dubai-Mangalore flight to crash on May 26th.

Let us now analyze the rest of the year in the light of facts mentioned above.

In the Hindu month of Jyeshtha (Georgian May 28 to June 26) there is a Khappar Yog due to five Saturdays falling in the same month. We can safely expect increase in fuel and electricity prices with attendant spiraling increase in general cost of living.

In the next Hindu month of Ashadh (Georgian June 27 to July 26) also we have five Sundays in one month and we shall see the continuation of the misery of the common man. The situation in Muslim nations will be unstable and the general unrest will peak between July 27 and August 04 as Mars crosses over Saturn on July 31 this year. Pakistan and Afghanistan are two failed states in our neighborhood and both will see an exceptional eruption of violence and consequent loss of life.

The Amavasya (No Moon day) in August falls on a Tuesday and fans the flames of unrest in the Muslim world.

A little later, Sun crosses over natal Saturn on September 25 in the Varsh Pravesh Chart and joins transit Saturn on October 01. This will bring about sectarian violence causing a huge loss of life in Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Iran and Middle East will also experience varying degree of misery.

Saturn and Jupiter come to a sixth-eighth house alignment on October 28 and remain so until December 06. This will keep the pot boiling and not allow any respite to these hapless nations.

Rajiv Sethi


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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What do the planets say about our future in the second half of this year? Part I

Free Vedic astrology article

The branch of Vedic astrology that deals with the events connected to nations and humanity is called mundane astrology. It is similar to the usual predictive astrology but the twelve houses assume a somewhat different character. Here is the list of what each house stands for.

First house: General situation of the country, its psyche, health matters of the public, sanitation and pollution. It also governs the ministry of home affairs.

Second house: Finances of a country, stock exchanges, banks, in our case, the Reserve Bank of India, trade and commerce, food, national wealth. It rules the ministry of finance

Third house: Communication and road transport, railways, postal services, TV and radio, telephone and internet services, news papers and neighboring countries.

Fourth house: Land, buildings, agricultural farms, cabinet and opposition party. (Cabinet is also seen from 1st & 8th houses)

Fifth: Education, students, children, cultural and creative activities, planning commission, stock exchanges, ambassadors and birth rates.

Sixth house: Debts, disease, territorial fight, defense, labor, strikes, sanitation, service industries, serving classes.

Seventh house: International relations, treaties and pacts with other nations, disputes, divorce rate and marriages.

Eighth house: Death rate, deaths from epidemics and disease, underground wealth, medical research, national mourning, ministry of health.

Ninth house: Religion, judiciary, law ministry, courts, international court of justice, foreign affairs, teachers and highly educated classes, science and technology.

Tenth house: Ruling party, government, president, prime minister, governors, stability and condition of the government.

Eleventh house: Revenue, acts of parliament, notification of election.

Twelfth house: Investments, charitable institutions, foreign countries, secret plots against the country hatched beyond the borders. It also represents spies from enemy nations.

Just as Vedic astrology has many Yog that indicate good or bad events in a horoscope, so too in the mundane astrology a number of Yog indicate the gains and losses that will befall a nation in a given year.

Since the time of birth of most nations is unknown, a horoscope is cast for the time when the Hindu New Year commences. This happens on the 15th-16th of March. This year the Hindu new year started on 15th March at 2.31 AM IST.

In the coming Blogs we will get acquainted with some Yoga and how they affect us in the next six months.

Rajiv Sethi

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Tenth house Mars and what does it mean for you – Aquarius and Pisces ascendants.

Free Vedic astrology article.

Continuation of the previous Blog.

As written earlier, Mars is a fast moving, energetic and fiery planet, who also has the potential to cause injury. He is the lord of two zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio. These rule over the head and scrotum area in the body of Kal Purush or the legendary human being.

Mars becomes exalted in Capricorn which is the tenth sign of the zodiac. The tenth house represents religious deeds, ruling powers given by government, social status, honor, deliberate actions and wealth of father. The tenth house also represents the knees of the Kal Purush.

Mars has been accepted as one of the Karak planets of the tenth house and his presence there is considered good for professional prospects of an individual. In this last part we take a look at Mars in the tenth house for Aquarius and Pisces ascendants. In this article we shall examine all Lagna from Aries to Pisces and find out what promises does Mars hold for each of these.


Mars who is the natural Karak for younger brothers becomes the third lord. A strong Mars gives many younger brothers. Mars is also the tenth lord and so a strong Mars gives a liking for active participation in affairs of state. An Aquarius person with Mars in the tenth house will surely make a go at political office. One becomes rich, happy and intelligent. There are gains from journeys connected to profession.

If Mars is strong one gets high social status and honor.  The placement of the tenth lord in the sixth, eight or twelfth houses in Navansh Chart, renders the native’s career routine and ordinary. If three other planets join the tenth lord in the tenth house, the native becomes an ascetic. 

Such a person has middle stature, and is aggressive, proud, haughty, clever and diplomatic. He indulges his senses, and is positive in his approach. He is tenacious, skilful and has danger from weapons, fire and poison.

Affliction to ascendant lord and Mars can give a criminal career. One can become the leader of a gang of robbers.

Since Aries falls in the third house, it becomes the complete representative of younger brother. The third house will therefore represent the head of the brother. Successive houses will represent different body parts of the younger brother.


Mars the second lord also becomes the ninth lord. The house of wealth and good fortune thus become linked. A strong Mars (in eleventh) therefore gives wealth beyond expectation. The government and bureaucracy are also very helpful to him in his acquisition of wealth. A weak Mars gives losses from the same sources. The younger brother of the wife becomes the cause of his downfall. (Third from seventh i.e. ninth).

Mars in the tenth house makes one very famous and powerful. He is generous and occupies a post of authority. One acquires a lot of wealth and enjoys. He is also a righteous and law abiding person.

A Pisces ascendant with Mars in the tenth house usually has different types of vehicles. His life partner is loving and devoted. He himself is famous, frank and pleasure loving. Mars gives impatience and a severe nature. If in the army, he chooses cavalry branch.

Rajiv Sethi

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